On this page we will list some of our favourite onahole brands. Click through on the logos to see the products we carry by that brand and to read more about them! 


Onahole brands: more choice than ever before!

Sex toys for men are finally becoming more commonplace. After a long history of being banned to the darkest corners of sexshops there is now a growing acceptance of onaholes, masturbation sleeves and other male sex toys. As a result, more and more new products are being made, and it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. Finding a brand you trust and whose products you enjoy can make it much easier to decide what to get next, so on this page you can easily filter by brand.

At Motsutoys we don’t just sell any brand of male sex toys: above all, it needs to be good value for money. Cheap sex toys still need to feel good and have a certain level of quality, and when you pay more for a toy you also expect more. We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t want to use ourselves!

Over the years we’ve met with the owners and artists of several of the brands on this page, and we’ve even visited a number of factories to learn more about the manufacturing process. We can assure you that these people take their work very seriously!

While all sex toy brands here are good, they aren’t all the same. Read more about finding the brands which are right for you below:

Picking the right onahole brand for you

  • It’s impossible to rank the brands, telling you exactly which one is best and which one is the worst - not only are brands always changing and developing, but what the best brand is also depends immensely on your personal preferences.
  • High-end or budget At MotsuToys we aim for good value for money, so we have a brand for every budget.Some brands focus almost exclusively on making high-end sex toys for men, using the best materials -often developed by the brand itself- and focusing on durability when it comes to design. While these brands tend to be a little more expensive, you still get a lot of bang for your buck: because these toys are high-quality you can reuse them again and again if you take good care of them. But sometimes you don’t want to use the same onahole again and again. If you love trying lots of different things there’s nothing wrong with an onahole from a more affordable brand! They often launch a lot of new products, trying wild ideas and innovations. Your dick will never have to be bored again! Of course some brands have both budget lines and luxury ones. Do a little browsing to see what kind of products they offer and you’ll get an idea of what they sell.
  • Brands with specialties Some onahole brands have been around for a while and have developed their own specialties. For instance, Tomax is a brand which perfected the art of different material softness levels, and NPG has a ton of experience making onaholes based on real AV star’s pussies.
  • Location of the brand You might be determined to get an authentic Japanese onahole or prefer pocket pussies made in the West over those made in the East. We have brands from all over,

Do the best sex toys for men really come from Japan?

Customers sometimes ask us why we have so many Japanese sex toy brands, and the answer might surprise you!

While in the West sex toys for women have become more and more commonplace over the last decades, toys for men are still a little taboo. Many of the first Western sex toys for men were aimed at the gay scene, and while brands like Fleshlight have made a little headway we still have a long way to go. Fleshight is still focusing on straight plastic tubes with a single type of material inside, while there’s much more!

Meanwhile in Japan, the sex toy situation is reversed and sex toys for women are much more taboo, since innocence is such a big aspect of women’s sexual appeal for many. Sex toys for men, on the other hand, have been thriving for decades and can be bought almost anywhere. This is why some of our oldest and most beloved onahole brands are from Japan!

Of course the world changes, and there are many great brands from other countries now: South Korea, China, Germany, the Netherlands and many more. While Japan might have once been the world’s best onahole exporter, it has a lot of competition these days.

New onahole brands

Due to the popularity of sex toys for men new brands are popping up regularly, or old brands are making a push to grow. We’re always keeping an eye out for new brands to add to our website. Have you seen something worthwhile? Please send us a message and we’ll take a look.