Tomax Onaholes and masturbators

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Lilith Spiral - Dots Onahole

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Lilith Spiral - Wave Onahole

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Tomax Lilith Uterus Onahole main

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Succubus Standard Ripple Onahole Main

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Tomax Venus Real Masturbator

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Succubus Bumpy Road Onahole Main

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Tomax Venus Cross Onahole with box

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Tomax Venus Clone Onahole

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Tomax Romanesco Onahole customizable pocket pussy

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TOMAX Busty Aichan Japanese Tits sex toy

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Tomax Quty Tits Breast Masturrbator

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Tomax insomnia lubricant Japanese onahole lotion
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Tomax masturbators  and onaholes

Tomax is a brand that chooses quality over quantity. While demand for their products is immense, they choose to have a small production facility with experienced workers, limiting their production but ensuring top-notch quality.

Motsutoys was able to become a distributor, making the excellent Tomax products available throughout Europe and the USA.

So what makes Tomax so good? Not only do they have a very low oil content and very little smell, they are also very durable. If you take good care of your onahole, it will last you a long time.

Tomax’s roots lie in Osaka, Japan. In this city of three million inhabitants Hisashi Hashimoto developed his special high-quality material. The recipe is, of course, secret and closely guarded. While many manufacturers have tried to copy him, none have yet succeeded.

Tomax’s Biggest Features

  • Quality over quantity: While some manufacturers release dozens of new models every year Tomax had focused on developing a limited range of products with excellent, varied designs.
  • Something for everyone: While there might not be many different designs, many are available in different levels of firmness. Soft is perfect if you get overstimulated easily or want to train endurance, and harder onaholes are great if you like intense stimulation.
  • Extremely durable: compared to other manufacturers Tomax onaholes last much longer.

Tomax masturbators: quality as a #1 priority

When Hisashi Hashimoto entered this market, he was appalled at how poor the production quality was and how easily the material got damaged or torn. He set it as his goal to make something better.

Clearly, he has succeeded. It isn’t hard to notice the quality material: from the first moment you take your Tomax onaholes out of the box you’ll feel that it’s soft, realistic, and completely smooth. The best comparison might be the skin of a young woman - you have to feel it to believe it!

This quality isn’t only because of the secret recipe. While this plays a big part in it, Tomax goes further than that. Thanks to the small-scale production facility the quality control is excellent. Each onahole is made and inspected by hand, which ensures that flawed casts or poorly mixed batches never make it to the customer.

Thanks to Hisashi Hashimoto’s dedication to quality, Tomax has become one of the world’s most beloved onahole brands. Many customers come back for more after they buy their first masturbator, which is perhaps the best proof of quality anyone could ask for

Something for everyone: Which firmness is right for you?

Because Tomax knows that when it comes to masturbators there isn’t one holy grail to please them all, they have experimented not just with different structure designs but also with different levels of material firmness. Firmness can make a huge difference in the way an onahole feels, and the final level of stimulation is a combination between the onahole’s texture and its firmness. Tomax offers five types of material, though not all are available for every masturbator.

Rich soft: smooth, pliant and soft, these onaholes almost feel like they melt in your hand. The inner structures move back and forth with every stroke, creating a “clinging” sensation. Rich Soft onaholes have a less strong vacuum, because the material doesn’t spring back into shape as strongly.

Very Soft: still very soft and gentle, but a little stronger than Rich Soft. It keeps its shape better and still clings to your skin quite a lot. Perfect if you’re easily overstimulated or want to have longer masturbation sessions.

Soft: a realistic soft material. Soft onaholes feel realistic and clingy, but because they are a little firmer you will be able to make out the interior design much more clearly. How stimulating it is will depend greatly on the onahole.

Regular: slightly firmer, this material is a little more stimulating. The shape and inner structure hold up well, allowing for a stronger vacuum. Comparable to Fleshlight.

Regular Hard: The most stimulating of the five materials, Regular Hard is perfect if you like things to be intense. Because it doesn’t stretch and squeeze as easily the inner textures will stand out clearly. Take it slowly and enjoy every bump along the way…

Not sure which one to pick? Soft or Regular are a good place to start.

An Overview of Tomax Masturbators 

Tomax has several product lines, each with different internal textures and with different material options.

Tomax Succubus

The most compact line is called the Lilith and was named after the seductive demons from the old myths. These onaholes measure about 15 centimeters from front to back and weigh around 270 grams, so they are definitely not the smallest onaholes on the market. They still have enough material to feel great and deliver stimulation, and recognizable labia and clitoris on the front are beautifully designed.

Tomax Lilith

The midrange line is called “Lilith”. Once again taking myth as their inspiration, this series is named after Lilith, a mysterious woman who according to some was Adam’s wife before Eve was, but refused to be subservient to him. The onahole in the Tomax Lilith line are a little larger: 16.5 cms and 350 grams. Be sure to check of all the different designs!

Tomax Venus

The most luxurious line is named after Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Larger than the Lilith and succubus, these onaholes have legendary reputation. Thanks to their thick, meaty walls these onaholes feel incredibly realistic. At the same time, 650 grams is not so large that it becomes unwieldy to clean or hard to store.

If you’re new to onaholes or have already tried a couple without finding that perfect one, the Tomax Venus Real absolutely deserves a recommendation. This popular onahole is almost universally loved.

Tomax Busty Aichan and Quty Tits

If you love breasts, these are the toys for you. Customers have been asking us to add it to our assortment for years, and now we have finally been able to do so.

The Aichan doesn’t just look like a beautiful pair of round, perky tits, they also jiggle and feel incredibly close to the real thing. You can use this breast masturbator for Paizuri (breast sex), but it’s also great to grab and play with.

The Quty Tits are smaller and more affordable, but still feel great. What makes these unusual is that there is no "chest" connecting the breasts; they are two separate parts. 

Tomax Lubricant

Tomax also carries one of Japan's most highly rated lubricants for masturbation: Insomnia. This lubricant is a little runnier than most japanese lubes, finding a great balance between texture and long-lastingness. Tomax Insomnia has been designed with Tomax masturbators in mind but can also be used with your hand or with a partner. 

Tomax for Europe and the USA

Tomax’s popularity is no coincidence: the beautiful designs, durable material and great stimulation make this something you have to try to believe it. We are excited to finally offer this product in the EU and the USA. because we ship from our warehouse in the Netherlands shipping times are fast and there are no extra fees or unexpected import duties. Did you know shipping is free for orders over €80? 

Do you still want to know more before you make your decision? Feel free to shoot us a message!