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Description / Venus Real

Tomax Venus Real

The Venus Real by Tomax is one of those onaholes that doesn’t aspire to be novel or complicated: it takes simplicity and does it incredibly well. Because it is available in different levels of hardness it will always suit your preferences.

Durable, odor-free and not oily: the ona-holy grail? Tomax Venus Real

One of the things Tomax is most well-known for is their incredible material. We’re not sure how they do it, but their material is definitely a few steps ahead of other manufacturers. A frequent problem with onaholes is that they have a noticeable smell. While that usually goes away after a few washes, having a masturbator that never has that odor is even better. Another issue, especially with softer or cheaper onaholes, is oiliness. That, too, Tomax has managed to reduce to a minimum.

5 levels of stimulation: which Tomax material is perfect for you?

Like all of Tomax’s onaholes, the Venus Real is available in different materials. The firmer the material, the more stimulating it is. Since the Venus Real’s tunnel is neither particularly tight nor has very large ridges, keep in mind that the softer versions are very mild on stimulation. Perfect if you want to train yourself to last longer, or if you enjoy long sessions.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Tomax onaholes are incredibly durable. With proper care, tomax onaholes will last you much longer than other masturbators. At first glance they might not be the cheapest, but if you look at how much use you get out of it, it is well worth it.

Good size with an organic structure

The Tomax Venus Real is a medium-sized masturbator and weighs around 650 grams. At this size the “walls” of the onahole or thick enough to feel realistically meaty, but the onahole isn’t so big that it becomes unwieldy or overly expensive.

This masturbator has a classic mushroom shape, with a long, easy to hold stem and a bigger front with a vulva. The delicately shaped inner and outer labia aren’t just there for looks; they also feel great when you slide them over yourself.

The internal structure is simple but very effective. Just like a real vagina, the Venus Real doesn’t have big protruding nubs or big ridges. Instead, it has a gently flowing design with an organic texture that feels a lot like the real thing. The tunnel starts off with a wider area for easy entrance, then tapers down to a narrower, S-shaped design, with a small bump for local extra stimulation in the middle.

Thanks to Tomax’s small and dedicated production facility the quality control is excellent. Their products always look absolutely flawless.

How to use and clean the Tomax Venus Real

In order to keep your onahole in perfect shape it’s important to know how to take care of it. Firstly, always use plenty of water-based lubricant. The Venus Real lends itself well for a more liquid lube, since its texture is quite subtle.

After use, rinse it out thoroughly under the tap, using your fingers to hold it open. It is important to dry the inside well, which you can do by gently inserting a lint-free absorbent cloth or with special drying sticks. If necessary, you can use some maintenance powder on the outside to make it feel extra soft and repel dust, but Tomax products often won’t need this.

When you want to store the Venus Real you can do so in the plastic blister that comes with the box or use a storage pouch made out of breathable material.

cleaning your toy

In Short…

The Venus Real by Tomax is a high-end onahole that feels realistic. Thanks to the excellent material it barely has any smell and will last a long time. The five firmness options allow you to pick one that fits your needs perfectly!

Tomax Venus Real properties and measurements

Length: 17 cms Width: 10 cms Weight: 650 grams Manufacturer: Tomax Made in Japan

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Long smooth pleasure
Review by Runkku
This toy (Rich Soft) is especially good, if you can't last long. I have used it with Insomnia, Onatsuyu and TYO lubes. They all are good, but I prefer that order. TYO gives the mildest feeling. People say that Real and Arkhe are the most realistic feeling toys there are right now. I hope that Motsutoys can get also Arkhe in stock.
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Really soft
Review by Ens
feel awesome however lack some more stimulation
Review helpful?
Big onahole, feels closer to the real thing, good for edging for hours
Review by Jsu
It's quite big and very soft. You will need baby powder or corn starch outside to avoid your fingers getting sticky

It's very mild. If you want a quick fap and feel pronounced shapes and turns, this is not for you. If you want to edge and experience your masturbation sessions slowly, then this will be a good choice

The lube that comes in the box is nothing to write home about

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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 650.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Neutral
Tunnel length 140.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

Een must
Review by john
Deze onahole is een must. Het gevoel is ongeëvenaard. Zelf heb ik gekozen voor de zachtste versie. Het bevalt mij zo goed dat ik nog meerdere hardheden ga uitproberen
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