KYO Steri Warmer

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Description / KYO Steri Warmer

Want to take your onahole experience to a level never explored before? Then you need to get your hands on the KYO Steri UV-C Warmer. This advanced device not only warms your onahole or sex toy so that you can always feel great while playing with it, but also eliminates 99.99% of all germs, bacteria, and viruses for your safety.

Warmer Stand for Ultimate Safety and Fun

The UV-C Warmer from KYO is engineered to make your experience even more realistic; all you need to do is slide it inside your favorite onahole/sex toy, and it’ll warm it up within a few minutes. The results? A warmer sensation that makes you feel like you’re in nirvana, without any freezy touches on your private parts.

Besides, with UV-C Warmer Steri, you can forget about unwanted bacteria and viruses, as it eliminates up to 99% of all of these unpleasant “guests’. So you can have the most passionate nights in your life staying calm about your well-being.

Warm and Cozy for an Ultra-Realistic Experience

Onahole and sex toys are incredibly pleasant, but they lack the warm sensation that a real pussy offers; however, you don’t need to worry about that with the Steri UV-C Warmer.
Fitted with 6 UV-C LEDs, this warmer will heat up your toy in a matter of minutes and ready it for you to slide in your cock. It also effectively cleans your onahole so that you can keep having fun with your favorite toy without any worries.

The portable and ergonomic design of the KYO Steri UV-C Warmer Standard also allows you to carry it wherever you want, ensuring that you’re never devoid of pleasure. Moreover, this warmer meticulously maintains the perfect temperature so that your onahole doesn't overheat and is free from sharp edges, while the toy's delicate structure helps to experience the best sex ever.

Explore Unparalleled Pleasure with the KYO Steri UV-C Warmer 

The KYO Steri UV-C Warmer is designed to take your self-loving sessions to the next level and ensure your health and safety.
Fitted with sophisticated LEDs, this warmer generates just the right amount of heat to warm up your onahole without overheating it, and ignites your senses for the most realistic experience.

All you need to do is slide this warmer inside your favorite toy, and you’re guaranteed a safe and sensual getaway unlike any other.


Measurement: 60x60x125mm
Weight: 40 grams
Brand: KYO

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Product weight 40.00 g
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