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Description / TPE Mini Sex Doll Suki

Anime Mini Sex Doll Suki

Soft skin, beautiful proportions, long pink hair and a face with big, expressive eyes: Suki might just be the perfect anime mini sex doll! If you’re looking for something more than just a hole to fuck, you should definitely consider a mini doll. She is fully poseable and has two tight holes for you to conquer…

Curves in all the right places

Suki has a slender body, with perky full breasts and a cute little butt. The sculpting is much more detailed than you’ll see on most sex toys for men, including such details as shoulder blades and a little bellybutton. With a chest-waist-hip measurement of 43-33-48 centimeters, Suki has a beautiful hourglass figure.

Soft TPE skin

Of course it’s not just looks that matter… The way she feels to the touch is incredibly important, too. Suki is made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). This is the same type of material that almost all onaholes are made from, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s all the same stuff: there are literally thousands of different TPE recipes, and many manufacturers have their own secret mixes. The material Suki is made of is just on the firm side of average, but still soft enough that it feels lifelike and sof when you grab her or play with her boobs. It’s a high-quality TPE which isn’t sticky or smelly.

The other option for mini sex dolls is silicone. It’s hard to say which one is better, since a lot of it comes down to preference. While silicone is a little easier to clean and holds more detail, TPE is more affordable, feels softer and is a little stretchier. Want to check out the other options? Check out our other mini sex doll

An Anime mini sex doll with poseable skeleton and fingers

Suki has a fully poseable metal skeleton, which allows you to put her in many different poses. The frame consists of thin metal rods with hinges, ensuring that it only bends in places which look and feel natural.

One uncommon feature can be found in Suki’s hands: not only are all ten fingers separate instead of a “mitt”, they also all have little nails on them for extra realism, and are poseable as well. This helps with the lifelike look, and is also great if you want to take some pictures of her! Suki’s toes have small plastic nails as well, but can’t be posed.

Size matters… Or not?

You might be doubting what’s right for you: a real-sized sex doll or a mini sex doll. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some things to keep in mind when comparing a mini sex doll to a larger one:

+ Light weight means it’s easier to lift, pose and handle
+ Small size means you can clean it in your sink or under the shower
+ Small size means you get to feel big and powerful, and can see your dick stretching her out
+ Storage is much easier
+ More affordable
- More difficult to find clothing that fits
- Looks less like a real woman because of the size

Anime mini sex doll: dress her up as your favourite character Hentai mini sex doll

Suki is gorgeous the way she is, but you might like her even better if she looks like your favourite character. Dress her up with a cosplay outfit, or even swap out her wig for a different one, it will completely change her look. You might not find the right size in a local store, but online you can find doll wigs and outfits pretty easily.

Two tight holes

Suki has two holes for you to conquer: a sweet pussy and a tight ass. Both have their own unique texture, and going back and forth between the two is a lot of fun. Make sure to use plenty of water based personal lubricant, both to make it feel better and to protect the material. As you push in, you’ll see Suki’s belly bulge out.

After use, clean your mini sex doll like any onahole. Check out our cleaning page for more details and some products which will make the process easier. Her wig can be removed and washed and combed separately when necessary.

Suki in short

This sweet anime mini doll will take you for a wild ride! Spread her legs and enjoy something that’s even better than an onahole…

  • Standing height: 88 cms
  • Weight: 7.6 kgs
  • Chest circumference: 43 cms
  • Waist circumference: 33 cms
  • Hip circumference: 48 cms
  • Vagina depth: 14 cms
  • Anus depth: 11 cms
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More Information

Number of holes 2
Product weight 1.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 140.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
Bone structure With bone structure
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