Manga Doll Izumi


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We’ve seen quite a lot of mini sex dolls by now, but never one that struck the balance between sexy and adorable this perfectly! With her killer body and sweet manga-inspired face, Izumi is irresistible.

Much more than an onahole

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going through the motions to get that physical release: grab a simple onahole, maybe watch some hentai or close your eyes and think about someone, and move your hand until you cum.

But it can be so much better still!

With a mini sex doll, you don’t just stimulate your dick. Looking at the sexy body and feeling the soft curves under your hands also really gets your imagination going. You’ll feel your heart starting to beat faster and your arousal increasing as you get ready to have your way with her. By involving not just your dick but also the rest of your body and mind, you’ll have more intense, more satisfying climaxes. And if you want more? Izumi is always up for another round.

Izumi manga hentai mini sex doll

Izumi: the perfect mini sex doll if you love manga and hentai

Many sex dolls are made to look as close to a real woman as possible, or sometimes they look very doll-like. If cute anime girls are your thing, neither of those options might really hit your sweet spot.

That’s where Izumi comes in. With her large blue eyes, pointy face, tiny mouth, and short pink hair she looks like she just stepped out of the pages of a Japanese manga. Her pear-shaped breasts, narrow waist, and round ass are beautifully proportioned. She isn’t stick-thin, like a barbie, but has a bit of “squish” to her and the white bikini that’s included fits her perfectly, squeezing her breasts and emphasizing her curves.

Pose her however you want Izumi manga hentai mini sex doll

Izumi has a strong but lightweight metal skeleton, with high-quality joints. Because she has more moveable points than most mini sex dolls you can put her in some truly beautiful and lifelike poses, as you can see in the pictures and video.

  • The Head can be turned and tilted
  • Eyes can be turned
  • Shoulders can be raised and rotated
  • Elbows and wrists can bend
  • Fingers have individually poseable wires
  • Waist can bend and twist
  • Hips can move in all directions
  • Knees and ankles can bend

Ready for you whenever you want her

Of course a mini sex doll this beautiful has a pussy to match. Behind her cute pink labia is a surprisingly long tunnel full of bumps, folds and other stimulating textures waiting for you. The soft material squeezes back against you with every thrust, intensifying your pleasure until finally you climax deep inside of her and fill her up.

Manga Doll Izumi in short

To summarize, Izumi is a mini sex doll that has it all: stunning looks, high-quality construction, amazing poseability, customization options, and of course an excellent tunnel. Treat yourself to something that's more than just an onahole and reap the benefits: more pleasure and an even better climax!

Izumi's Measurements

Length: 80cm
Head circumference: 33.5cm
Chest circumference: 48cm
Waist circumference: 30cm
Hip circumference: 51cm
Inner leg length: 39cm
Foot length: 10cm
Pussy tunnel length: 15.5cm
Weight: 6.3kg
Material: Premium TPE

Care note: like with all heavier products with a skeleton, we recommend handling Izumi carefully and using her on a soft surface, especially in poses where she is kneeling or leaning on a joint. Otherwise, the soft material may get damaged.

Additional Information

Number of holes1
Number of layers1
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureWith bone structure
Tunnel length155mm
Product weight6300gram
  1. Good quality overall, feels good Review by LLLLL

    It feels robust in general and poseability is surprisingly good. The sculpting(molding?) of the body is also very detailed with a bellybutton, slight recession along the spine and even visible clavicles! A point of complaint would be that the paint used on the crotch is already peeling off, and I got it today. No big deal, but it looks cheap
    Rolling shoulders and a joint in the middle of the back were both unexpected and welcome, they make a big difference in how you can move it. Some joints are stiffer than others on mine; the right arm takes a bit of force to move while the left arm can't hold itself in the air. Not a big deal for me. What is a slightly bigger deal for me is that the fingers seem to be normal steel wire, which easily warps. I haven't dared do much with them so far.

    Actually using it has been nice, close to exactly what I wanted. It's large enough that it makes a big difference from normal onaholes and trying poses is fun. The tunnel is long enough to not bring me to an abrupt stop and it's not unnecessarily intense inside. The entrance is tight, but the tunnel opens up right past it.

    I like it so far! Maybe long-term problems will show up, but the first impression has been good. (Posted on 12/1/2021)