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Description / Tennis Girl

One thing is certain: this girl doesn’t mind getting a little hot and sweaty! The sports bra can barely contain her breasts as she runs across the tennis court, serving you hardball after hardball. After the game, it’s time to relax… Can you help her stretch? Maybe take a shower together?

 XTC japan tennis Girl onahole

Mini body onahole 

Some onaholes and pocket pussies are basically a fleshy cylinder with a pussy on one side, but this new toy by XTC Japan has a lot more detail than that. The mini body measures 15 cm in height, and weighs around 455 grams. Her body is perfectly proportioned, with a nice firm ass, a toned belly and round breasts. It even shows a sports bra being pulled up over one breast, just like in the illustration! While this onahole is too small for paizuri, the breasts are still fun to play with and they look great.

The inside of the Tennis Girl

When you spread tennis Girl’s puffy outer labia you’ll see the entrance to her tunnel, completely lined in pink. After a soft entrance with massaging bumps, you feel it tighten around you. The G-spot bump at the top presses against you, it’s suction-cup like dots providing some extra stimulation. Then, an organic texture envelops you: thick ridges swirl around the length of the tunnel, and they are lined with smaller ridges which form countless little “gates” for you to push through. The tunnel tightens towards the end, becoming a narrow passage that stretches and bounces back with every thrust.

Narrow but not too tight

While the tunnel looks incredibly narrow in the pictures it will stretch quite a lot, both in length and width, thanks to the stretchy, durable material. The narrowness of the tunnel means that every time you slide in or out, the numerous small ridges slide past you, bringing you closer and closer to climax.

Tennis Girl Onahole measurements

Length: 15 cm
Width: 9 cm
Tunnel length: 11.5 cm
Weight: 455 grams

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Customer Reviews

4.7/5 Based on 9 reviews
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The Tennis Girl feels and looks like hug and a kiss respectively!
Review by Ruka's Lover
badge-check Verified Buyer
Pretty good onahole for starters, although it's not the most stimulating, this soft toy hugs you comfortably, but staring at her body makes it look like she's kissing you under as you take her deeper!
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Tight and pleasurable great for the price
Review by SNAZZ
badge-check Verified Buyer
The feel of the inside is great the entrance is probably the best part, the initial bump providing great stimulation. The curve at the end is also quite nice. The middle part of the tunnel was somewhat boring though but still fine. I found when going fast it all felt a bit monotonous but going slow made it feel much better.

The main appeal for me was the exterior with the nicely molded boobs and butt, the sports bra half concealing the boobs was a touch I greatly enjoyed.

Overall tennis girl is a good onahole that I feel is best for shorter sessions as the stimulation can a get a bit boring after a while. The price is good so I would recommend it especially if you like the design.
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Super Product
Review by Uen
badge-check Verified Buyer
This one is not too soft but also not too hard, is has a very nice feeling even after using it several times
One downside is that it is very "oily" such that the package has some stains
Review helpful?
Ok,for the price
Review by Myojin199
It feels fine using it, not as tight as Virgin Age soft or hard, but ok,my only gripe is the lube doesn't spread well in it creating unpleasant dry spots.
Review helpful?
Small and light
Review by Noob
I'd prefer something that hold you in alot more, this one tries to eject itself off the shaft and refuses to make any vacuum. But it does a good job at finnishing you off in a match of tennis, demoralising :)
Review helpful?
Simple and intense
Review by Jan
If you are looking for a simple Onahole that can give you intense pleasure around the Frenulum (you know that part under the glans), then I highly recommend this.
Review helpful?
good onahole !
Review by Yoann
I received it this morning I tried it I was pleasantly surprised by the sensations of intense pleasure by this onahole I am very happy the delivery was fast this is my 4th onahole that I buy I recommend it :)
Review helpful?
good enough for its price
Review by Anon
Squishy thicc and if you don't put too much lotion its pretty good, the other I tried before was Sujiman Kuppa Roa hard edition, definitely lived up to its name. But in terms of noise, I'd say this one is better as you would prefer having an onahole that isn't too loud if there's thin walls around.
Review helpful?
for the price its really good
Review by nikoman31
i do not have a big experience with onaholes since its just my second one but its rly good. as long as you dont use too much lube it feels rly good, tight enough to push itself off but not too tight, recommend
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 455.00 g

International Reviews

Nice and tight onahole worth buying for that price.
Review by N3at
Nice and tight, just like the description promises. The pump at the beginning is my personal highlight, it hits just the right spot when using it upside down. It's also pretty easy to clean.

Really, just like the Yandere, you can't go wrong with this, not for 30€. If you are looking for your first onahole and don't want it to be expensive? this might be the one to get you started.
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