XTC Japan

XTC Japan

XTC Japan is a trusted manufacturer of onaholes and other sex toys and accessories. They produce high-quality, durable products at great costs. With their wide assortment of designs and styles, you will be able to find the toy to your liking easily. And considering their very good prices, you may want to order more than one. Because someday you may like it rough, someday you’d prefer a more gentle experience. So, choose both and let yourself experiment.

Best Value for Your Money

You don’t have to choose between reasonable prices and high quality when shopping for male masturbation toys. With XTC Japan, you can get the best sensational orgasms again and again without breaking the bank. They are manufacturing amazing onaholes using solid realistic materials and various designs.

XTC Japan specializes in smaller onaholes and onahips. They have many traditional toys if you are looking for your first onahole. So if you want to try something simple, check out this Yandere toy, or one of the Panzer girls.

But XTC also offers excellent options for those who need another addition to their toy collection. Their Slut Angel onahole, for example, looks like a mini-doll torso that will feel very nice to slide inside. Besides onaholes, XTC also makes a famous Holy Sister Oppai tit toy to add even more variety to your masturbation routine.

Unique themes and illustrations

What we like about XTC Japan masturbation toys is that you always get even more than you pay for. Besides the impeccable quality of the onaholes and unique designs, the manufacturer took care even of the smallest details. The illustrations of the packages are so nice, colorful, and realistic that you will like the toys and start to feel hard even before you open the box. Together with the product’s name, you will immediately feel like role-playing even though the onaholes are just plain color. Whether you are into innocent nuns and brides, or dirty nurses, you will be able to find a toy that’s going to bring you your next ultimate satisfaction. Shop now!

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Nurse's Special treatment onahole
Slut Angel Onahole Divine Pocket Pussy box and onahole

Slut Angel

Regular Price: €29.95

Special Price €24.95

Tennis Girl Onahole Hentai pocket pussy

Tennis Girl

Regular Price: €39.95

Special Price €29.95

Yandere onahole box

Yandere XTC

Regular Price: €39.95

Special Price €29.95

Panzer Girls Hentai onahole Kay box packaging
Big Slut Angel Onahole with packaging

Big Slut Angel 920g

Regular Price: €62.45

Special Price €52.45

XTC Japan ToySack
NTR Bride
Standing Ruri-nyan main
Holy Nun Oppai Tit Sex Toy

I can't call you a Holy Sister with your big Oppai

Regular Price: €119.95

Special Price €99.95

Mil-Max milk bottle onahole



1 to 12 of 16 products

products per page:
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