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Description / Orgasmic Suction Of Ryujin: Vibrating Cup With 7 Suction Modes

Give yourself the sweetest release with the Orgasmic Suction of Ryujin — this one-of-a-kind product comes with 7 powerful suction modes to mimic the feeling of a real blowjob. That's not all, it’s also fitted with 7 additional vibration modes designed to get you rock hard instantly. Who needs a girlfriend when the Orgasmic Suction Of Ryujin can suck you off anywhere and anytime. 

Powerful Vibration And Suction Modes 

Every man loves a good blowjob, and with the Orgasmic Suction Of Ryujin, you can take your pleasure to the next level. Once you’ve inserted your dick inside it, you can use any of the 7 vibration modes with varying strength levels, to stimulate and make your cock hard. However, the best part of this product is its powerful suction capability (also with 7 modes) that stimulates and blows your dick for intense and explosive orgasms. 

The seductive black box of this product is an instant turn-on — the front features the voluptuous girl holding the Orgasmic Suction Of Ryujin and making a lewd face; you already know what she wants. On the back, you can see all the information about how you can use this product for your ultimate pleasure. 

Innovative And Low-Maintenance Design 

Designed to redefine pleasure, The Orgasmic Suction Of Ryujin features a cup-style build with the outer shell made from a soft material, and the white interior features numerous bumps and ridges to offer you additional stimulation — you’ll love the sensation each and every time. 

This toy is also waterproof making it super easy to clean, and you can use a generous amount of lubricant. What's more? The Orgasmic Suction Of Ryujin has been built in such a way that water and lubricant don’t reach the motor allowing you to enjoy superb blowjobs for years to come. It’s like having a super eager low-maintenance girl that offers mind-blowing blowjobs — every man’s dream!

Enjoy The Best Blowjobs Of Your Life

The Orgasmic Suction Of Ryujin offers you a blowjob sensation that you’ve never experienced before. Thanks to the 7 modes of vibration and suction, you can experiment with the strength from gentle to powerful — whatever gets your rocks off. Want to make it sloppier? You got it! Just squirt as much lubricant as you want, and enjoy the wet and moist sensation. 

Powerful modes, superb build, easy to use and clean, and the most erotic blowjob sensations — Design Orgasmic Suction Of Ryujin is THE toy for your dick.


Modes: 7 suction and 7 vibration modes

Dimensions: 78x75x183mm 

Weight: 230g

Composition: Silicone + ABS 

Rated Voltage: 3.7V 

Operating Current: 350mAh (rechargeable) 

Waterproof Rating: IPX7 (Waterproof)

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Pretty good and simple to clean!
Review by GerHen
badge-check Verified Buyer
The suction of this device is pretty good and it's very easy to clean. You can easily remove the inner part for cleaning and fill it with soapy water to get every last nice and clean.
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Product weight 230.00 g

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Review by Martijn
Kan er niet vanaf blijven. Geweldig ding.
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Review by Martijn
Kan we niet vanaf blijven :) Geweldig ding
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