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Description / Mil-Max

Mil-Max: A Milk Bottle Blowjob Toy

While it might not be a favorite topic for everybody, we all know someone out there who has thought about jerking inside a milk bottle or even other holes that are weird or disturbing to some.
There is a high chance you might have wondered about the same thing, too, on whether you could stroke your shaft in a warm milk bottle, but a glass bottle would not be so stimulating. Now, XTC Japan answers what many people are curious about through the milk-bottle-shaped onahole called Mil-Max.

This onahole has TPE material on the outside and inside, which makes it safe for the skin. The material is firm and elastic that allows you to stretch and thrust inside it like any other onahole or pocket pussies.
However, Mil-Max has more to it than being an onahole with an unconventional appearance.

Has a slim box packaging with a blonde cowgirl as the cover

The Mil-Max is inside a minimalistic box. On the box, you would see a ton of Japanese words explaining the product's features and instructions to use it, but what would capture your attention is a half-naked cowgirl holding a milk bottle. The cowgirl's pose tells you that, with this toy, she is ready to milk you dry and drain your balls.

Milk yourself to orgasm

You could use the Mil-Max to milk yourself to orgasm by stroking your manhood inside its tight tunnel full of massage beads. Despite having a milk bottle shape, this onahole could give you plenty of sexual stimulation. As you enter the bottle's hole and push your shaft into the bottleneck, you will feel the toy's tight inner walls enveloping your member.

Inside the Mil-Max, you would see and feel dozens of massage beads perfectly lined up behind each other so that every stroke would further stimulate your member. If you use the toy with a good lubricant, you will immediately feel the texture of a naturally-lubricating vagina. So even if the Mil-Max looks like a milk bottle, it is still one of the onaholes that will give you a sexual experience close to the real thing, but a lot tighter, thanks to its excellent internal structure.

Multiple layers of the tunnel with different textures for your sexual needs

Unlike other boring onaholes with a single layer of tunnel giving you the same tight texture, the Mil-Max has multiple textures ready to please you. Each texture features a different combination of folds and ridges that will stimulate your shaft as you stroke it inside. You could squeeze in the toy while stroking to create a pleasurable vacuum feeling for your member.

Whatever your sexual urge is, you could use the Mil-Max as a stamina trainer for a quick hard masturbation session or tight quick strokes after a stressful day at work. Simply put a few drops of lubricant, and you could milk yourself dry with this onahole.
Clean and rinse off the insides of the Mil-Max after every session and let it dry well, to maintain the durability and quality of its TPE material.


Total weight: 170 grams
Length: 147 mm
Width: 60 mm
Brand: XTC Japan

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Product weight 170.00 g
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