Nurse's Special Treatment


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nurse's special treatment XTC japan

Nurse’s Special Treatment 

Hello, sir? It is time for your appointment. A special treatment from the nurse, to help make you feel better…

The Nurse’s Special treatment is a 1900 gram onahip by XTC Japan with a classic Naughty Nurse theme. The soft material is a joy to squeeze, and the shape is simple yet perfect: a narrow waist, round butt, and cute cameltoe pussy. Bounce her up and down into your lap until you reach the prescribed number of orgasms!

Her pussy will envelop you with a series of stimulating pleasure bumps, their subtle micro-ridges providing a little extra grip - and if you want, you can plunge even deeper... Push past a tighter area and past the cervix and into her womb, where the sucking vacuum will milk you for every last drop. 

Of course, the nurse also offers up her asshole as a special form of therapy. The entrance here is much tighter, grabbing around your shaft like a sphincter. The tunnel itself is wavy, with a surface covered in massaging bumps, leading you into an end chamber where a subtle texture will caress the top of your penis every time you thrust deeply. 

With her cute pussy, plump butt and two very different tunnels, the Nurse will provide you with many hours of physical therapy, and it'll never get boring ;) 


Weight: 1900 grams
Height: 20 cms
Width (hip-hip) 18.5 cm
Depth (butt-belly) 10 cm)
Vaginal tunnel: 13 cm
Anal tunnel: 12 cm

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Customer Reviews

Review by LTB
Totally happy to have bought it!
Pretty good
Review by Goomster
Very big and heavy considering the price, it's pretty much a small hip.
Tunnel entry is pretty difficult at some angles though...makes it hard to slam into properly...anal tunnel isn't the best either...
Feeling is pretty good though, definitely worth is for the price (especially for the size and weight).
Great value
Review by Bo
Delivery took one day longer than expected. The onahole is honestly great for the price. It's quite hefty, looks very appealing, is soft, and has two holes. The holes feel great.

More Information

Number of holes 2
Product weight 1,900.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 130.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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