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Description / Yandere XTC

Yandere onahole

The Yandere is one of the most well known archetypes in anime and hentai: devoted, loving, intense… And more than a little crazy and obsessed. She is willing to do whatever it takes to get close to you, and won’t let you go once she has you in her grip. Thankfully, you won’t mind very much since this onahole looks and feels amazing!

Yandere onahole XTC japan

Yandere mini body

This onahole is shaped like a tight mini body: small breasts, a subtle curve for the waist, and beautifully detailed pink labia, complete with clitoral hood and clitoris. It weighs almost 700 grams, which means it’s about as big as most people can comfortably use with one hand and big enough to use with two hands if you want to try some advanced moves. 

The material feels soft to the touch and easily springs back into shape after you stretch or twist it. The labia and the inside of the pussy are made of a slightly different material: less soft, and more stimulating. This pink material is perfect for mimicking a woman’s pussy!

The Yandere has thick, squishy walls which increase the grip and sensation. With lightweight onaholes, the tunnel will stretch without much resistance no matter the material, but these thick walls will squeeze you until the very last drop.

A tunnel that won’t let go

The Yandere by XTC Japan has a simple yet effective tunnel design, as we have come to expect from this brand. Spread the Yandere’s pink pussy lips and slide in, feeling the labia wrap around you. After a subtly textured entrance the tunnel tightens and angles down, guiding you past a double g-spot, the two bumps stimulating you in all the right ways. The rest of the tunnel is made up of a large number of rings, each formed by a large number of massaging bumps. Sliding back and forth past these feels amazing, especially with her narrow passage still clamped down around your shaft.

The yandere’s design even generates a light vacuum, sucking you back in after every stroke… She does not want to let you go! To enjoy this effect to the fullest, squeeze out the air before you enter and use plenty of lube.

Yandere onahole: in short

The Yandere XTC onahole is a beautifully designed onahole with a dual-layer structure and a tunnel that’ll have you coming back for more.

Onahole length: 15 cm
Onahole width: 11 cm
Tunnel length: 14 cm
Onahole weight: 695 g
Brand: XTC Japan

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Customer Reviews

4.8/5 Based on 20 reviews
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I got this...
Review by Dek
Amazing customer service. Thank you, Motsutoys!

They made a mistake with the shipment (got delayed), and I had to contact them to checked what's wrong (I bought it during the holiday season, so I thought the delay was normal).

The delay was not a big deal to me (I wasn't really rushing or anything).

And after sorting the problem (they were polite, quick responses within less than 24 hours), I finally received Ereshkigal Cherry (6.1kg/Onahip)...


- Beginner-friendly tunnel/texture
- Stimulation level (2/5)
- Tight entrance
- Easy to clean
- Great suction
- High durability (it feels like it will last for long time)
- Little/No factory smell
- 695g feels great going up and down
- Overall rating (5/5)


- The pink colour on the vagina will fade, after using it for a couple of times (it's not a big deal to me)
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Buen primer onahole
Review by Luci
badge-check Verified Buyer
Calidad/precio este onahole es el mejor, tiene una sensación suave aunque apretado lo cual en mi opinión es excelente, ya lo tengo un par de meses y sigue como nuevo.
Respecto al servicio excelente en menos de una semana ya lo tenía.
Review helpful?
Cheap sensation
Review by Phil
badge-check Verified Buyer
The products quality in terms of durability or thickness is around 4/5 or 5/5.
The sensation on the other hand feels VERY cheap, Given i have over 20 ona's throughout the past 2-3 years it's just something you notice.

I haven't tried many other ona's around this price so it's difficult to say if its money worth or not, however i strongly recommend NUPU 3 Sujiman Realistic 2-Holed Onahole instead for the same price, While it also has the cheap material sensation its much better compared to this Ona, you also get a mouth ona that is good for its price. Although be advised it's open-ended.
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Great value
Review by M
For the price, this toy is amazing. It is quite bigger than I expected, and it feels great. I particularly like the entrance, it feels tight and unique, however it can be difficult to enter when you slip out. The tunnel feels good, however there are a few spots where it feels a little rough for some reason. Overall, I like it and recommend it.
Review helpful?
Good value
Review by M
I had a good experience with the toy. The visuals are good and it feels well made. The entrance is pretty tight. It gives a unique feeling which I liked, however it is sometimes a little difficult to enter. The feeling of the tunnel is okay. There were moments where something felt a little sharp for some reason, depending on the angle, but mostly it feels good. With such a low price, this is a really great value, I recommend it.
Review helpful?
First Onahole and it's the best!
Review by Ruka's Lover
badge-check Verified Buyer
It's tight, it's comfy, and it's erotic to look at! It's true that she doesn't want to let you go, it squeezes you dry until she's deeply used, fertilized and mated with! Her cute pink lips really enjoy kissing you and her lovely g-spot adores you until you decide to go deep into her tight love hole and make her yours! A true onahole slut that's great for your first purchase and every other time you need it!

She's easy to grip and she also grips you back, you can flip it upside down to see her cute ass bang on you with every thrust which is quite nice or if you want, you can see her lewd body work her lips on you too!

Plus, she's easy to wash out as you finger her until her insides are clean from using her constantly since it never wants to let you go!
Review helpful?
Great toy
Review by asd
Its a really great toy. Love to use it
Review helpful?
A great product.
Review by Kam
This is my first Onahole and I am very pleased with it.
I am impressed by the quality of the product for the price.
The size is great, it feel not too heavy and not too light weight either.
The entrance is quite tight, but I see it as a a good point actually,it is more stimulating.
The product is easy to clean and seem quite durable, the only downside I can think of is the pink and red colors on the lips faded away very quickly, but it is not a big deal .
Overall a great toy and a good purchase.
Review helpful?
Amazing fun
Review by Khrone
badge-check Verified Buyer
It's big and heavy and yes it's feels amazing can get me off very fast and I feel like I don't want to stop just continue. Durable but the color is fading away quick. Not sure if it's a feature but mine have a strong smell like factory even after a lot of use. For pleasure it's strongly recommended.
Review helpful?
All good
Review by NPCPVC
This is a great choice for beginners. The product's quality is excellent, providing a surprisingly sizable body for the price, making it a fantastic deal.
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 695.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 140.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

Unschlagbar in dieser Preisklasse.
Review by Warum
Schon nur wegen des Preises ist das hier eins der besten Produkte auf dieser Seite. Ich habe es jetzt bald ein Jahr lang gehabt, und es ist noch immer so gut und schön wie am ersten Tag, als ich es gekriegt hatte. Ja es verliert die rote Farbe, aber holy fuck ist alles andere hier so gut. Man könnte auch sagen, es ist ziemlich eng und deswegen nicht gut für längere Sitzungen, aber das könnte man auch einen Bonus/sind der Sache nennen.
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Angenehmes Gefühl
Review by Termon
Produkt hat zwar eine etwas engere Öffnung, ist aber im gesamt Erlebnis beeindruckend. Gewicht und Gefühl passen gut aufeinander auf und ist Empfehlenswert.
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Good toy for this price.
Review by N3at
Nice toy, especially for this price. Tight entrance and good weight. The texture inside is a bit boring though, but that's my opinion, it always depends on what works for you. Easy to clean too.

Really, especially as a beginner Toy, it's worth a buy.
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Review by T.n.T.
Tight Entrance, but all around way too soft. Its a 4/5 if its on sale, but for its OG price there are better alternatives out there.
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Preis / Leistung sehr gut
Review by Ole
Wenn dich was du auf den Bildern siehst und was hier schon gesagt wurde anspricht machste bei dem Preis nichts falsch.
Allen in allem bin ich überzeugt, kann mit teureren (~50€) mithalten. Solang der reduzierte Preis von 30€ bleibt fast schon ein no-brainer.

Der Geruch der hier bemängelt wurde war bei mir auch da, aber auch sehr schnell verschwunden.
Die rote Farbe wäscht sich schnell ab, 2-3 wäschen und es war komplett verschwunden.
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Großartiges Onahole zu guten Preis
Review by Sven
Das Yandere hat mich vollkommen überzeugt. Textur, Gewicht und Ergebnis sprechen für sich. Nur am Anfang hatte es einen sehr "starken" eigen Geruch, der jedoch schnell mit der Zeit weg ging.
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Vraiment excellent
Review by Johnmalory
La forme comme la texture sont excellents
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Lieferung sehr sehr schnell, Gefühl ist der Wahnsinn.
Review by Hijiri
Habe meine Yandere XTC vor zwei Tagen bestellt und dann war sie schon in der Packstation :) Das Gefühl ist anfangs nicht all zu arg, doch nach ca. einer Minute fängt sie an sich an dein Glied zu saugen und lässt nicht mehr los, dann dauert es auch nicht mehr allzu lange (ca 3-5 min) und der Job ist erledigt. Bei meiner Freundin brauche ich meist über einer halben Stunde :D Klare Kaufempfehlung!
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Review by President
The toy way more fun then expected.
After getting use to the weight of the toy you really see why this bit beter(this is a bigger has more space) then smaller toys.
It's easy to clean using cleaning stick.
One downside I have is that the pink color faded fast.
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Review by Echoh
It looks fantastic on the outside and feels fantastic on the inside, my only complaint is that the entrance is EXTREMELY tight which makes insertion quite hard, apart from that once inside it's just pure pleasure
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J'adore et je peux plus m'en passer!!
Review by Abderrahmane
Une fois a l'intérieur on ne veut plus en ressortir . C'est infernal le plaisir qu'on prend avec .
Un des meilleurs rapport qualité prix de chez XTC JAPAN
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