Onahole cleaning: a Brief How-To

Cleaning your onahole is important: not just because you don't want it to smell gross, but also to protect your health and protect the toy's life span. On this page we will give you a simple and straightforward cleaning guide with illustrations. Read the bold text if you only want to basic information, but if you want to get a little more in-depth you can read through the entire text for more detailed instructions as well as some of the reasoning behind what we're doing.  

Step 1: Rinse your onahole with lukewarm water

Onahole Cleaning How To

    1. Stretch the opening so the water flows in easily
    2. Squish and massage your onahole: this helps loosen lube, fluids and dirt
    3. Use your fingers or a cleaning stick to remove any remnants from hard-to-reach places

It is best to use lukewarm water because hot water makes your fluids harder to remove and weakens the material. Cold water is fine as well.

Depending on your onahole’s shape and design, this step can take more time. It is important to remove as much lubricant and bodily fluids as possible since leaving those in can cause bacterial growth or mold.
If you have a sex toy with a tunnel that runs all the way through (a “through-hole”) you can let water flow in on one side and out the other.

Turning an onahole inside out to wash or dry it may damage the material and shorten its life span as it puts a lot of pressure on the entrance. 

Step 2: Wash your onahole

Onahole Cleaning How To

    1. Rub a little toy cleaner on the outside of your onahole
    2. Rub a little toy cleaner on the inside of your onahole
    3. Rinse it well with more lukewarm water

Why use a toy cleaner? 

Toy cleaner can be used as an extra measure to ensure that your onahole is squeaky clean.  

There are many different sex toy cleaners on the market, but most work through a combination of mechanical action (removing bacteria from the surface) and chemical action (killing bacteria directly with antibacterial ingredients). This makes it much more effective than using only water. If your sex toy cleaner has special instructions on the label be sure to follow those.

If a toy cleaner isn’t available to you, you can also use a mild soap on your onahole. Soap helps remove bacteria from your sex toys just like toy cleaners do. However, since regular soap is not made to be used with sex toys they can shorten their life span, for example by stripping your onahole's oil, which makes the material more brittle and prone to damage. It can also contain smells or perfumes that cling to the material for a long time. Of course you should use a soap that's suitable for the sensitive skin of your genital region. 

Step 3: Dry Thoroughly

Onahole Cleaning How To

    1. Squeeze and shake out as much water as possible
    2. Use a drying stick or suitable piece of fabric to dry the inside well
    3. Pat the outside dry

It is important to dry your onahole well, because any leftover moisture makes it easier for bacteria to grow and multiply.

For this step you can use a special drying stick or a soft, clean absorbent cloth that leaves no lint. Insert it in the onahole as far as it will go and squeeze the onahole gently to move the moisture around and bring it into contact with your drying stick or cloth. Leave it for a minute or so to give the absorbent material time to wick the water away, then carefully remove. If your onahole has a very large or complicated outside you can repeat the drying process. Pat the outside dry if necessary.

While some websites or guides recommend turning your pocket pussy inside out to dry it, it is best to avoid this as it may cause damage to the material and shorten your toy’s life span.

Step 4: Powder and Store: the last step of onahole cleaning

Onahole Cleaning How To

    1. Apply some maintenance powder to the outside
    2. Store in a safe sex toy bag
    3. Store away from heat and UV-light

Why use maintenance powder?

Maintenance powder (also known as renewing powder) serves several purposes: tactile, anti-stickiness and long-term care.

  • The tactile aspect is very simple: a thin layer of maintenance powder makes all your sex toys feel much softer and smoother to the touch. The "grippy" nature of most pocket pussy materials feels great when it's wrapped around your dick, but doesn't feel much like skin. 
  • In addition to that, a coating of powder can keep dust, lint, hair and other stuff from sticking to your onahole's surface. 
  • A third and lesser known benefit of maintenance powder is that it forms a protective barrier that keeps the onahole's oil from seeping out over time. This natural process makes the sex toy a little more brittle and prone to tearing over time. It can't be stopped completely, but using powder helps slow it down!

You can apply maintenance powder with your hand, but a soft brush is even easier. Large make up brushes with soft bristles are very suitable! 

Why use an onahole storage bag?

Sex toy storage bags are made of a breathing, lint-free material that won’t stain your onahole. It protects your toys from dust and dirt, but also from sunlight: which can discolor and damage your onahole over time. 

Larger sex toys can benefit from being supported during storage, especially if they are made of a soft material. Often they have a plastic tray in the packaging which is molded to fit their curves. You can consider still using a storage bag with this to ensure that the plastic doesn't trap moisture - just make sure there are no big folds in the bag's fabric, if possible. 

If your sex toy’s packaging has a plastic tray you can use this for storage, too, but make sure moisture can escape.
High temperatures (over 25C) and sunlight will shorten your onahole’s lifespan. It is best to store them in a cool, dry, dark environment.

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