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Description / Onahole Cleaner Platinum Foam

Keeping your sex toys clean

Keeping your sex toys clean is important: not only is it important for your health, it also prolongs the toy’s lifespan and prevents nasty smells. SSI has an antibacterial toy cleaner line which uses advanced technology to make the cleaning process faster and more effective.

The power of foam to clean sex toys for men

Sex toys for men like onahole and pocket pussies need some extra attention when cleaning because of the textured tunnel on the inside. While you can get a good result by rinsing, flushing, squeezing and using your fingers, using a specialized product can help ensure it is really clean and give you peace of mind.

Squeeze the pump down and the cleaning fluid will turn into a dense foam right away. You can spray it directly into your onahole’s opening. The main benefit of the foam is that the tiny bubbles are perfect for trapping dirt and germs, and letting you flush those out.

foamSpecial ingredients to sterilize and deodorize

The Onahole Cleaning Platinum Foam by SSI is more than just a foaming soap, of course. It contains several ingredients designed to clean without harming your sex toys.

Silver Ions:

The antibacterial effect of silver has been known for centuries - even Hippocrates wrote about it! It still gets used in wound dressings, antibiotic creams and other medical applications today, and is especially great because it doesn’t interact with the human body at all, just the germs. The silver ions suspended in this foam destroy any bacteria in your sex toy, safeguarding your health and preventing nasty smells.

Nano-Colloid Platinum:

The tiny, nano-sized platinum particles also help sterilize your onahole. Furthermore, they have an anti-oxidizing effect. The nano-colloid form is the most effective form there is.

According to SSI some of the silver and platinum particles will stay with your sex toy, providing a long-term protection against smells and bacteria. This effect becomes greater each time you use the foam wash spray.

How to use the Onahole Cleaner Platinum Foam

  1. First rinse your sex toy to get the majority of the lubricant and fluids out - leaving those in would dilute the sterilizing power of the foam.
  2. Then, squeeze a generous amount of the foam into the tunnel or onto the surface. Make sure it gets where it needs to by massaging it or rubbing it with your fingers.
  3. Give it a little time to work its magic: you can let it sit for a couple of minutes or actively work the foam into every surface if you’re impatient.
  4. Rinse the onahole well and dry it as usual. The foam spray is easy to wash off, and it will take the dirt and bacteria with it.

If you want to clean something which can’t be submerged, use a clean soft cloth to apply some foam and then wipe it off afterwards with a tissue.

Onahole Cleaner Platinum Foam Specs

Hand-squeeze pump allows you to get the exact right amount, every time
Plastic cap prevents accidental discharge

Contents: 80 ml
Weight: 115g
Height: 13.3 cm
Width: 4.5 cm

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Product weight 115.00 g
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