SSI - High-tech ergonomic onaholes from Japan


Another well-known brand from Japan, the people from SSI don't call themselves entrepreneurs or producers: they're artists.

All their sex toys for men go through several design stages. They start with a concept, which is then built digitally in CAD. After 3D printing it at real-size, it is looked over critically by several experts. The design is updated and improved again and again until they are happy with it.

Of course, all materials used adhere to the high standards Japan sets for safety, so not only do they feel great, you also don't have to worry about irritation or other issues.

Creating movements the human body can't express

SSI develops new textures and structures through a combination of sexual science, ergonomics, sensitivity technologies, and of course customer feedback. This way, they create stimulating tunnels which often feel even better than a real pussy. They call this a "movement that the human body can't express".

Sex doll torsos: SSI's Real Body 3D

The Real Body series consists of several almost-life-sized sex doll torsos. SSI uses several materials to accurately mimic a woman's body: soft skin, squishy yet firm breasts and stimulating tunnels but also a skeleton structure to lend some sturdiness to these large sex toys for men. If you really want to blow your mind, these Real Bodies are the way to go!

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julia real body - sex doll

Real Body Julia

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Real Body 3D - Maria Nordal
Little Hip Kominato main
Little Hip Kominato main
Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy tit sex toy with packaging
RealBody Venus Namachichi breast sex toy
Nihon No Oppai tit sex toy

Nihon No Oppai


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