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Description / Real Body 3D - Chaidol Rio Nikaido

Real Body 3D - Chaidol Rio Nikaido

realbody 3d

A different ideal: a beautiful flat-chested sex doll torso

Women with beach ball boobs, thicc asses or both may be the most common in sex toys and porn, but SSI knows that that’s not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s why they created the Chaidol Rio Nikaido Rio. This sex doll torso has a nearly-flat chest, with the small, perky tits just large enough to grab and squeeze. She also has a cute little butt. No exaggerated hourglass figure here: Rio Nikaido has a slender waist with subtle curves, a very realistic shape for a thin woman.

The torso measures about 47 centimeters in height, from ass to neck, and is around 32 centimeters wide. This is a little smaller than a real woman, but it helps keep the weight down: with a weight of 7kg this Real Body 3D is heavy enough to feel lifelike and big enough to have something to grab, but not so big that it’s difficult to handle.

The Chaidol Rio Nikaido was made with modern techniques. First, a 3D model was made digitally, which was then 3D printed. This print was turned into a mould, with a sturdy skeleton inset to make it feel more realistic and keep it from folding over.

Two tight tunnels

Like all Real Body 3D models, the Rio Nikaido has not one but two amazing tunnels for you to explore. The two tunnels have very different designs with very different types of stimulation. Pick whichever one you feel like that day, or switch between the two!


Push your way in through the narrow “coin slot” opening and you’ll feel the folds of this pussy welcoming you right away. This tunnel has a fairly realistic design with soft ridges and fins sliding past you with every stroke. At the entrance they are mostly vertical, then they change direction before laying lengthwise again. The tunnel ends with a womb-design; a tight cervix you have to push through to feel the tight final chamber grab around your glans.


Want something else? Try the tight asshole! The entrance squeezes around you like a sphincter muscle would, and the tunnel beyond that curves up and down, gently massaging you with a subtle texture. Deeper in, there are some more pronounced ridges which really grip on to you and create more intense stimulation - try going past these very slowly or very quickly for some variation. The end of the anal tunnel tapers down slightly, creating a deliciously tight feeling.

Double-layer design

As you can see in the product photos both tunnels are wrapped in a material of a different colour. This pink stuff looks great when you spread the toy’s pussy, but also adds to the life-life sensation: it is a little more flexible and “grippy” than the soft pale material that’s been used for the outside.

Using a sex doll torso

A sex doll torso offers some possibilities you don’t have with a smaller onahole. Grabbing her waist or hips while you thrust away makes it much easier to submerge yourself in a fantasy, as does grabbing her deliciously small perky boobs. Fuck her missionary or doggy style, or bounce her up and down in your lap. Make it even more fun by dressing her up in a cute (cosplay) outfit or some lingerie - whatever gets you going!

Like with all sex toys for men, you have to use some personal lubricant. Water-based is best, as this is safe for you, washes off easily and doesn’t damage the material. You can use a sex toy warmer to heat the tunnels up to a comfortable temperature. After use, make sure you flush, clean and dry the tunnels well. Store in a clean, breathable bag. Check out our sex toy accessories if you want to pick up some items to enjoy this sex doll torso to the fullest and keep it in perfect shape!

Rio Nikaido sex doll torso in short

With her sweet, gentle curves, AA cup boobs and two delicious tunnels, this is a mini sex doll torso that will make anyone who loves a more petite body happy.

Height: 47 cms
Width: 32 cms
Waist circumference: 52 cm
Chest circumference: 62 cms
Weight: 7 kgs
Material: DNA Silkskin II elastomer (Food grade quality)
Dual-layer tunnels and internal skeleton
Includes Rio Nikaido Life-size poster (A1 size)

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More Information

Number of holes 2
Product weight 7,000.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 3 layers
Bone structure With bone structure

International Reviews

Sehr schönes und großes Toy
Review by DuH
Das Toy hat ein Knochengestell, dadurch ist es stabil und verdreht sich nicht. Es fühlt sich sehr weich an. Man darf aber nicht vergessen, es zu pudern und zu pflegen, sonst kommen schnell winzige Risse hinein und die Oberfläche wird rau. Für die Größe und den Preis bei dem Gewicht absolut angemessen und nur zu empfehlen.
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Einwandfreier Puppentorso und top Service!
Review by P
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