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REAL BODY 3D Yura Anagawa

If there’s one thing SSI is outstanding at, it’s sex doll torsos. These mini sex dolls are sometimes made life size and sometimes scaled down a little, but every time SSI manages to capture not only the beautiful curves of a sexy woman, but also the soft feeling of her skin - and of course the inside!

Yura Anagawa: 9 kilograms of fun

This new addition to the Real Body series features Yura Anagawa’s gorgeous body, with D-cup breasts and a nice little ass. The torso is about 49 cms tall, just big enough to wear real clothing in an XS or XXS size - depending on the brand, of course. You can use this sex doll torso many different ways: missionary or doggy style are possible, but you can also try cowgirl, or laying her on a desk and fucking her standing up.
The body is very detailed and realistic, so much so that we almost wonder whether it’s been modelled on a real girl.

Better-than-real tunnel design

With an outside that’s so realistic you might expect SSI to go for the most realistic inside structures as well, but they have taken a different approach. Since it’s incredibly hard to mimic a real pussy in synthetic material they opted for a design that might not look like a real pussy’s delicate folds and muscles, but is still incredibly enjoyable. Each tunnel has a dual-layer design, lining the inside with an inviting pink material that delivers the perfect amount of stimulation.

When you push into Yura Anagawa’s tight pussy you’ll encounter five different chambers, each with their own texture:

  • Gentle ridges
  • Medium-sized round nubs
  • Several ridged pleasure bumps
  • Intense ridges, arranges as rings to push past
  • Mobile block-like nubs to massage you from all sides
  • Between each chamber is a tighter area, and sliding past them one by one feels absolutely incredible.

Most ona-assholes have a similar design with many rings or undulating tunnels, but Yura Anagawa’s ass has a unique design. The top of the tunnel is lined with large, mobile nubs which slide around you and move from side to side with every thrust. The other side of the anal tunnel is lined with more subtle micro-ridges which increase this toy’s grip on you without becoming too stimulating. By flipping this torso one way or the other you can get two very different feelings out of this tunnel: try them both and see which one is best for you!

D-cup breasts with an extra layer

Breasts feel different than skin, and that’s why SSI added an extra layer to this area. Inside the breast is a soft, jiggly, squishy implant which makes these boobs feel like the real deal. The D-cup breasts can be carefully pushed together for paizuri-style sex (titty fucking), but are also great to grope, fondle and lick.

Internal skeleton structure: jiggly but not floppy

This mini sex doll has a rigid but lightweight skeleton structure which gives the toy some extra stability. This allows you to use the Yura Anagawa Real Body in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position. In a torso of this size without a bone it would simply flop over. The bone structure is present in the ribcage and has two “branches” sticking out into the hips, leaving room between them for the two tunnels.

In short...

This new Real Body toy by SSI is one of the best sex doll torsos they have made so far: the realistic body combined with better-than real tunnel designs make this sex toy stand out from the rest. The realistic size and hefty weight make it incredibly easy to lose yourself in all your fantasies.

Yura Anagawa Real Body specifications

Length: 49cm
Width: 32cm
Chest circumference: 70cm
Waist circumference: 52cm
Anal and vaginal tunnel, both dual-layered
Internal skeleton structure
Weight 9kg
Brand: SSI Japan

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