Real Body Kiwami Namachichi Infinity ∞ Extreme Raw Breasts 4kg


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Real Body Kiwami Namachichi ∞ Infinity ∞ Extreme Raw Breasts

This breast masturbator is more realistic than ever before! The size alone is enough to make this masturbator worth it, but wait until you feel them: several materials have been combined to create the perfect mix of soft and firm. Most breast mastorbators are a scaled-down version of the real thing, but the Infinity breasts aren't: at 4kg, they are comparable to real, fairly large breasts. If you want you can even put a bikini or bra on it! 

Additional Information

  1. Great for paizuri Review by Cotfan

    These boobs, while not as realistic and soft like the busty ai chan (which I own, too) are perfect for paizuri. They are slightly bigger than BAC, and the deep cleavage, combined with boobs firmness, can easily keep you "inside": one of the biggest problems with these kind of toys is that you slide out too easily while tit fucking... not with these tits! In summary, if you look for realism, go for BAC; if you want intense paizuri session, go with these. If I had to find a flaw about the namachichi, the excess skin flap of the upper chest could be removed, because it is annoying when titfucking while seated. Overall, a solid 9 out of 10 for Paizuri potential. (Posted on 8/27/2019)

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