Real Body Kiwami Namachichi Infinity ∞ Extreme Raw Breasts 4kg

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They’re rare, but real: those girls with the perfectly round, large breasts. They can’t hide them, no matter how hard they try: those knockers will show through any shirt or sweater. The Real Body Kiwami Namachichi Infinity is an ode to those girls who turn heads wherever they go.

Real Size Tit Toy

Most breast sex toys are a scaled-down version of the real thing, but the Infinity breasts aren't: at 4kg, they are comparable to real, fairly large breasts. Did you know that C cups weigh about 690 grams (1.5 lbs) per breast, and D-cups 920 grams (2 lbs)? At 2 kgs per breast, the Namachichi toy is closest to a FF or a G cup, though the sizing isn’t consistent internationally.

The realistic size means that you can dress these tits up however you like, as real clothing will fit these tits perfectly. How about a blouse to unbutton, lacy lingerie or a cute cosplaying outfit?

The Namachichi breasts can also be used to add some realistic tits to your dakimakura pillow: simply slip them inside the pillowcase and align them with the print.

Realistic tit sex toy

Unbelievably Realistic Feeling Breasts

Shape and weight are important, but what counts at the end of the day is the way they feel - and we promise you won’t be disappointed. SSI Japan has used four different materials to create the Namachichi Infinity:

  • Sturdy base: in the deepest part of this toy you’ll find a base plate. While you won’t feel this unless you go looking for it, it lends some sturdiness and stability to the breast toy, preventing it from twisting or folding in on itself too easily.
  • Milk material: at the center of each breast SSI added the so-called milk-material: this pliable, jelly-like material makes the boobs feel like they should: soft, bouncy and jiggly
  • Skin material: The outer layer has been designed not only to look good and feel soft to the touch but also to add some durability.
  • Nipple material: The hardened nipples have been made of a pink material that melds into the breast itself. Some tit sex toys have the nipples painted on, but that colour almost always wears off over time. With the Namachichi you won’t have to worry about that: you can fondle, suck and squeeze these nipples as much as you like.

Using and Cleaning Tit Sex Toys

Tit sex toys can be used in several ways: you can fondle them while masturbate them, lick them, cuddle up to them, or use them for tit sex. Tit sex, also known as paizuri, is fucking the space between the breasts. In order to make this possible, apply a generous amount of water based personal lubricant to the cleavage and push the breasts together. You can also use tight-fitting clothing, lingerie or even bondage rope to keep them pressed together and enjoy a hands-free experience.

Cleaning a toy like this is easier than cleaning an onahole, as it doesn’t have any complex internal tunnels. You can rinse it off with lukewarm water under the tap, optionally using a soft washcloth to get lubricant and fluids off a little easier. After washing it, dry it off with a lint-free cloth or let it air-dry and apply some renewing powder. This last step isn’t essential, but it keeps dust from sticking to the surface and prolongs the lifespan of the material. It also restores the soft outer layer.

Real Body Kiwami Namachichi Infinity Breasts Properties

Measurements: 12.5*33*27.5cm
Weight: 4 kgs
Brand: SSI

Note: some dark clothing can stain the material over time. While in storage, keep the breasts naked.

Additional Information

  1. Great for paizuri Review by Cotfan

    These boobs, while not as realistic and soft like the busty ai chan (which I own, too) are perfect for paizuri. They are slightly bigger than BAC, and the deep cleavage, combined with boobs firmness, can easily keep you "inside": one of the biggest problems with these kind of toys is that you slide out too easily while tit fucking... not with these tits! In summary, if you look for realism, go for BAC; if you want intense paizuri session, go with these. If I had to find a flaw about the namachichi, the excess skin flap of the upper chest could be removed, because it is annoying when titfucking while seated. Overall, a solid 9 out of 10 for Paizuri potential. (Posted on 8/27/2019)

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