Real Body 3D - Anna Kiljan


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21 Jan 2020 - 23 Jan 2020

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This new addition to SSI Japan’s Real Body line is not one you want to miss out on! This stunning mini sex doll torso weighs 6.5 kgs, has an incredibly realistic body and can be fucked three ways: her ass, her pussy, or between her large, jiggly breasts.

Multi-layer design for added realism

The Real Body Anna Kiljan uses several different materials to create the perfect sex toy for men:

  • The main material: the skin-coloured TPE that makes up the majority of this sex doll torso feels soft to the touch but still has some firmness to it, like a fit young woman.
  • The inside of the pussy and ass are lined with a pink material that has been specifically developed to develop the perfect amount of stimulation while also holding up to being fucked again and again
  • Anna Kiljan’s breasts are improved by the addition of a soft implant, just below the skin. This jiggly material makes the breasts extra soft and bouncy.
  • Because this is such a perfect toy for breast lovers, SSI wants to make sure the nipples are durable. Some toys have the nipples painted on, but this often wears off. This torso has nipples poured into the material, so you can grope and fondle to your heart’s content
  • The internal skeleton structure makes the torso a little more rigid, allowing you to use it in cowgirl position without it flopping over. Feeling the “ribcage” underneath the skin also adds to the realism.

REAL BODY 3D Anna Kiljan specifications

Width: 23cm
Weight 6.5kg
Two tunnels, each with dual-layer structure
Made by SSI Japan

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