DNA - Milking Hole Wheel Onahole


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28 Oct 2020 - 30 Oct 2020

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While a “milking wheel” might not sound incredibly sexy at first, you should absolutely give this onahole a chance… Its soft material and gate-like structures will milk you to the last drop.

A wild girl

The girl on the packaging has a more Western look than most onahole poster girls: her tan skin, green eyes and blonde hair might make you think of a student on spring break, ready to experience freedom and do a little experimenting. A tiny micro bikini and some tight jeans shorts are the only things covering up her gorgeous toned body, and the little triangles of fabric are already starting to slip off...

onahole A Wheel onahole to squeeze you to the very last drop

The onahole has a sleek, streamlined design that fits perfectly in one hand. It’s a little thicker at the back and front, and some smooth lines emphasize the curvy design. The entrance has a dimple to guide you in, and a little raised ring to help form an airtight seal around your cock. At 345 grams, this is an onahole best suited to use with one hand, but it definitely isn’t flimsy: the thick walls add a lifelike “squeezing” feeling when you slide in.

But where do the wheels come in? For that, you’ll have to take a look at the inside. There are three “rooms” inside the Milking Wheel onahole, each with a circular wheel structure at the widest part. These wheels each have 8 soft, flexible fins which caress you with every thrust, giving stimulation while at the same time being gentle and yielding. Each room is a little smaller and tighter than the one before, squeezing you more tightly, and between the rooms is a narrow smooth gate for you to push through. After these three rooms you’ll enter the final part of this onahole: a narrow tunnel lined with thin ridges to slide over the top of your dick.

Combining all these structures you have an onahole that has several gates and wheel slide over you in quick succession, something that feels great whether you’re doing it slowly or pumping away as fast as you can.

Perfect for long sessions

This onahole uses soft, stretchy materials and non-irritating textures. This makes it great for long sessions, especially when combined with plenty of lubricant. Another bonus is that this onahole passed some of the strictest material tests in Japan, which means that it’s completely safe to use for however long you wish.

How to use the Milking Wheel Onahole

The finned “wheels” and ridged end make the Milking Wheel Onahole a great candidate for some experimental use: rather than simply thrusting in and out, try twisting it side to side, or combining the two movements. Switching between the two can help you with edging and building up to an explosive climax, milking you to the last drop.

Milking Wheel Onahole in Short

The Milking Wheel’s soft material and gated interior design make it perfect for long sessions where you change up the stimulation by moving and rotating it in different ways.

Onahole length: 15 cm
Onahole width: 6.5 cm
Onahole weight: 345 g
Box size: 17x8x8 cm
Made in Japan

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