RealBody Glamorous Gothic You Youjiang

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RealBody Glamorous Gothic You Youjiang

The RealBody Glamorous Gothic You Youjiang is one of SSI Japan’s newest additions to the “RealBody” Series. The “RealBody” Series makes the ideal proportions of a woman’s body a reality by using the most advanced 3D graphic technology. The RealBody Glamorous Gothic You Youjiang is a renewal of an older model, so you can be sure that the quality is going to be high.

real body 3d The story for You Youjiang’s sex toy

The model for this Sex Doll Torso is a Chinese girl from Hong Kong named You Youjiang. She is an foreign student who has come over to your place for a homestay. She has been interested in you from the beginning, and has started to wear her attractive national outfits, displaying her voluptuous breasts as a weapon to win over your affections. Even the packaging has been designed in such a way to maximize her appeal.

Ideal sex doll torso

This torso really has the ideal proportions with its subtle waist, plump breasts, and gentle hips. The pear-shaped body has a satisfying balance between the softness and the firmness of a real body. Sink your fingers in the bust with the cherry blossom-colored nipples, which has been designed with a soft material to make the feeling even more realistic. Be sure to enjoy the paizuri/tit-job capabilities as well!

With a life-like weight of 8 kg, the torso has been made with a material that is both smooth and highly elastic to ensure your pleasure. The slim waist is perfect for hugging and accepting your love, so feel free to indulge yourself.

Internal Skeleton for extra realism

The small body was designed with meticulous care, 3D-printed and then given a ‘skeleton’ made out of a sturdy frame material. This flexible skeleton supports the sex doll torso by giving it stability. This allows you to use the RealBody Glamorous Gothic You Youjiang in many different positions without any trouble.

On top of that, you are also able to actually feel the ribcage on your fingertips as you hold on to it. This will increase the realism of your experience dramatically, especially when you combine it with VR. The RealBody Glamorous Gothic You Youjiang is extremely compatible with VR content, thanks to the realistic feeling provided by the weight and skeleton frame.

Wonderful Pussy and Ass

The exterior isn’t the only great thing about this sex doll: the interior is great as well! The inner walls of the anus and the vagina have been given separate colours and are made of a different heavy material. Because this layer is so thick the durability of this sex toy is also perfect.

The vagina has tight folds that compress and will wrap around your penis. As you thrust repeatedly, you will enjoy the wavy, tapering folds that guide your way to the deepest part. Here, in this ‘uterus pocket’, the best feeling of all awaits you. Keep your glans there until you inevitably climax for maximum pleasure.

The anal tunnel has been designed to be tremendously tight and twist-like structure. These nicely arranged countless folds stimulate you in a screw-like manner all the way to the deepest part. This small open bubble will give you a unique pleasure that cannot be described.

Two versions to choose from gothic

SSI released two different versions of this curvy sex doll torso: the Original and the New. The differences between the two are fairly small, and it appears SSI launched the New version so they can keep up with demand, as it has become a very popular torso. The Chinese factory can put out much larger numbers than the small factory in Japan.

The New version has gotten a redesign of the packaging, with a beautiful illustration of You Youjiang in traditional Chinese dress, balancing a parasol over her shoulder and reaching out to you. As a final update, the New version has soft implants in the breasts, making them a little softer and squishier. Combined with the pink nipples integrated into the body this makes for a slightly different look and feel. 

Other than that, not much has changed: the gorgeous curves are the same, the measurements are the same and even the two tunnels are the same as before. Which version you prefer is mostly down to personal preference. 

Real Body 3D Gothic OriginalReal Body 3D Gothic New
Body ShapeIdenticalIdentical
Pussy/Ass tunnelIdenticalIdentical
BreastsFirmSoft implant
MaterialDNA Silk Skin IIRegular
Made inJapanChina

Please note that not all product pictures apply to both versions of the product.

This sex doll torso in short

The RealBody Glamorous Gothic You Youjiang is large sex toy in the shape of a beautiful torso. It has both a vaginal and anal opening, allows for paizuri/titjobs, and has an internal skeleton which provides stability. This means you can use this sex toy in many realistic positions.

Specifics of the RealBody Glamorous Gothic You Youjiang

8000 grams
48 cm tall
28 cm wide
Made by SSI

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