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Description / Nihon No Oppai

nihon no oppai japanese tit sex toy

These spectacular Japanese “Oppai” are an impressive L-cup! Round, squishy and very jiggly, the Nihon No Oppai can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways… 

L-Cup tit sex toy

There are more and more life size tit sex toys on the market, but there are a couple of things that set the Nihon No Oppai apart. Firstly, there is the super round shape, which fits with the looks of many of the most popular hentai and anime characters. The well-distributed weight also makes them move in a beautiful way. They are a little softer and jigglier than most other oppai sex toys thanks to SSI’s “marshmallow touch” material. A final point to note is that the Nihon No Oppai has a very tight cleavage, making it very well-suited to paizuri. The round breasts are pressed so close together that they form a natural channel for you to thrust in between, and you don’t have to push or deform the boobs as much as you would with some other toys.

Quadruple material construction

To ensure maximum pleasure, SSI uses four different materials for this tit sex toy:

  • Soft skin material to feel smooth and natural under your touch
  • Marshmallow material to make the boobs soft, squishy and jiggly
  • Pink nipple material that stretches well and keeps its colour
  • Firm base material to support the violent shaking of the huge boobs

Using the Nihon No Oppai

These L-cup tits can be used in several ways. They are perfect for groping and jiggling, and because there isn’t a very wide ribcage or base plate under it you can even do so while putting them on top of a poster or dakimakura. You can also lick and suck the nipples. Because they are cast in a pink material rather than painted on, the colour won’t wear off no matter how much you play with them. Lastly, the Nihon No Oppai are very well suited for tit sex or paizuri thanks to their shape and size. Apply some good lube, push them together with your hands and thrust until you spray your load all over these beautiful tits!

The Nihon No Oppai can be warmed up by placing them in a hot water bath. Use water of around body temperature, as higher temperatures can make the material wear down faster. Placing it in hot water for a little while will make them feel even more lifelike!

Nihon No Oppai in short

Width: 30.5 cm
Height: 10 cm
DepthL 16.5 cm
Weight: 2.3 kg
Material: DNA Silk Skin 2020 (elastomer)
Brand: DNA japan

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More Information

Product weight 2,300.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Open/Closed Open
Number of layers 4 layers
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