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Description / Real Body 3D - Super Pai Kanon Kitaoji

One of the most spectacular figures in the real Body 3D series by SSI is the Super Pai Kanon Kitaoji: a narrow waist and hips are topped by very large round breasts. 

Real Body 3D Super Pai Kanon KitaojiSuper Pai Kanon Kitaoji - 10KG Real Body

SSI used their 3D modelling technology to turn their initial sketches into a design that’s perfect from every angle. The smooth skin and soft curves are incredibly seductive and while the body is a little smaller than that of most real women it's still close enough to look realistic - and the weight of 10kg definitely adds a realistic heft.

The Super Pai Kanon Kitaoji has a bunch of features:

  • Soft skin
  • Jiggly breast implants
  • Solid nipples (not painted on)
  • Skeleton structure for extra realism and sturdiness
  • Two double-layered tunnels (pussy and ass)

Read on to learn more!

K-cup breasts for paizuri and more

Super Pai Kanon Kitaoji’s most prominent feature by far, these K-cup breasts don’t only look good but also feel lifelike. A soft, jelly-like implant is at the center of each breast, making it soft to the touch and quite bouncy.

The nipples are not painted on, but have been made from a solid pink material. This makes them much more durable, so you can play with them to your heart’s content.

Most sex toys have tits which are scaled down so much that regular clothing doesn’t fit them properly, but this isn’t the case for this body: you can dress her up however you like! Bikinis or bras without an underwire tend to fit very well. Because her ribcage is very small, you won’t need a big size; size S will usually work fine.

Super Pai Kanon Jitaoji’s breasts are very well-suited for paizuri (tit fucking). Push the squishy breasts together with your hands or use a tube top, scarf, or other piece of clothing to keep them in place. Be sure to use some good lubricant for the best experience!

Super Pai Kanon Kitaoji’s pussy: exciting tunnel with womb Real Body 3D Super Pai Kanon Kitaoji

SSI designed a better-than-real tunnel for the pussy. Again using 3D software, they reached an incredible amount of detail. After the narrow entrance you enter a chamber full of subtle organic folds and bulges, but the sensation quickly intensifies as you push deeper: the tunnel tightens and flexible bumps wrap around you from all sides. This tight area grabs around your shaft as you thrust in even deeper, through a small area with more foldlike textures. This would be more than enough to satisfy most men, but if you want to, you can go even deeper… Kitaoji’s cervix can be used as a large, massaging bump to slide over the top of your dick, but you can also force your way through it and fuck her womb! If you do this, the subtle ridges of the tight cervix will stimulate the sensitive part right below the tip of your dick and bring you to an inevitable and spectacular climax.

Anal tunnel

You want even more? No problem! The walls of the anal tunnel have some really unusual structures which are very hard to create if you’re still designing them the old-fashioned way with clay.

The first chamber is lined with disklike protrusions. These thin, flexible bits move back and forth with every thrust, almost licking you like a tongue would. The tunnel then narrows, leading you through an area with round, massaging nubs that get smaller and smaller as you go deeper. Finally the tunnel opens up a little again and the massaging bumps make way for more of those little protrusions, but now they are a little shorter and thicker, and spaced very irregularly. This gives a more direct stimulation, but thanks to the flexibility of the material it doesn’t become too much. The final part of the anal tunnel consists of a tight sphincter that grants you access to a chamber lined with subtle ridges. Let it wrap around you and enjoy!

Real Body 3D Super Pai Kanon Kitaoji in short

A spectacular body, two tunnels that have been lifted to a new level of pleasure by using the newest technology, and breasts big enough to bury your face between or use for paizuri. If you love big boobs, this is a toy you shouldn’t miss out on!

Height: 45 cm
Width: 27 cm
Breast circumference: 82 cm
Waist circumference: 45 cm
Weight: 10kg
Special features: jiggly breasts, skeleton, dual-layered tunnels

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Review by Thedane
Was super excited to get this, as it was my first torso and boy did it not dissapoint. Love the big soft breasts and the softness of the body in general. the holes are also noteworthy very stimulating and nice, the pussy being a little better than the anus. 10/10 would buy it again.

ps. Breasts have a jelly inside so they are fantastic and much softer than the body.
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Very great torso
Review by Baboon
The torso is incredibly soft. Also the two holes feel amazing, they may be very tight the first few times but they loosen up a bit over time, but maintain a nice tightness.
Review helpful?
Very great Torso
Review by Francisco
The body is really well made and incredibly soft. The two holes feel amazing, they are very tight at the beginning but over time loosen up a bit, but still keep a nice tightness.
Review helpful?
Great Product
Review by Niall
Fantastic product with great quality and detail.
If you want a great looking and feeling torso with large breasts and great internals then this is worth the buy.
Review helpful?
Amazing doll for breasts lovers
Review by Happysun
Feels really good. Skin is very soft, and her breasts are huge and amazing
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 2
Product weight 10,000.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers
Bone structure With bone structure

International Reviews

Kunden Service super und Lieferung ging schnell und vertraulich.
Review by Stefan
Das Produkt ist sehr gut verarbeitet und die Oberfläche füllt sie super an,
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Very hot Toy
Review by Toylover
When you like fuck boobs thats the right one.
Also the two holes are the best i've ever fuck in a toy or a sexdoll.
And the 10kg on your dick is the best.
I choose this one because i want to easily hold the toy and fuck not to become a Bodybuilder.
At the end i can say this toy is heaven for mens body and mind.
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Too hot to keep in sight!
Review by Saruyama
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