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Description / PureSan Sterilizing Pouch - 99.9%

How to really, truly clean sex toys

There are a lot of ways to clean sex toys: you can use toy wash, boil them, use chemicals like bleach… But there’s a new option on the market! UV-C light is incredibly effective against bacteria, viruses and even mold, and can safely be used with all materials.

Scientifically proven: kills 99.9% of germs

This UV-C cleaning technology has been tested rigorously, and it is supported by several high-quality scientific papers. For example, it has been tested in hospitals, where it prevented bacteria from being transmitted through shared keyboards. At the wavelength and intensity the PureSan has it kills 99.9% of bacteria, mold and viruses in only 90 seconds. It works even on really resilient germs which are immune to heat or antibiotics! Viruses are usually hard to remove; research has shown that even after washing a sex toy with water and soap, some of the virus is still present.

UV-C cleaning is more effective than using toy cleaner, and you don’t need any chemicals or hot water. It’s about on par with a bleach wipe, but without the bleach. Or the wipes.

Efficient • Cutting-Edge Tech • Portable • Easy to use • Safe for you • Safe for your Products  •  Long Life Span

So how does PureSan clean sex toys? Sex Toy Cleaning UV-C technology

The PureSan technology works because of the wavelength of the UV-C light, which is 260-280nm. This wavelength effectively destroys DNA and viral RNA, which kills all microorganisms. It’s an incredibly effective way of targeting and killing them without damaging anything else or using chemicals. The sun emits this kind of light as well, but our atmosphere keeps it from reaching the earth’s surface.

The same property that makes UV-C so dangerous to germs makes it almost entirely harmless to people: its wavelength is so short that it won’t penetrate through skin. Long-term exposure has some risks, so you shouldn’t be using it to clean your hands, but as long as you follow the manual it won’t be an issue.

Using the PureSan is easy: put the toy you want to clean in the pouch, close the drawstrings, and start the cleaning process. When the light stops blinking, the cleaning cycle is done! There’s a small window in the side so you can make sure the UV-C lights are coming on. The PureSan comes with a manual in four languages (English, German, Dutch and French) that goes into more detail.

Perfect to clean butt plugs, dildos and other sex toys

PureSan is safe to use with all materials, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind if you want it to work at its 99.9% efficiency.

Since PureSan kills germs using a type of light, it is important that that light can reach the surface that needs to be disinfected. The inside of the PureSan pouch is covered with reflective material that bounces the light around, but if you’ve got a toy with a hidden interior, like an onahole, the light won’t be able to disinfect that. Some masturbation sleeves can be turned inside out to mitigate this problem, but there are some toys where that isn’t possible.

If there are any fluids, lube, or anything else on your toy, you’ll need to wipe those off, too: the PureSan isn’t designed to get rid of that.

The PureSan is absolutely perfect to sterilise butt plugs, prostate massagers, dildoes, vibrators and similar toys.

Reusable and Portable cleaner

The PureSan comes with a powerful Power Bank, which is good for many uses. This makes it perfect to take along on a holiday, to a festival, or just to put it next to your bed, of course. When it’s empty, you use a microUSB cord to charge it again.

PureSan F.A.Q.

  • What can the PureSan UV-C cleaning pouch kill? The UV-C light's wavelength is perfect for killing bacteria, viruses and mold. Even those that are resistant to toy cleaner, heat or antibiotics can't withstand this. As long as the light can reach them, it can kill them!
  • Can I use PureSan to clean other products? Of course! It doesn't target sex-toy-bacteria specifically, so you can use this same pouch to sterlize your phone, your keys, or your toothbrush. 
  • How often should I use the PureSan? Since it's so quick and won't damage the material, you can use the PureSan as often as you want. 
  • Is the PureSan safe for me? Yes. Long-term exposure to high doses of UV-C light can cause some issues, but you'd have to try really hard to get that from the PureSan. Use it as instructed and there won't be any issues whatsoever. 
  • How do I clean the pouch? If the inside or outside gets dusty or dirtly, gently wipe it with a soft damp cloth. 

PureSan in Short

The PureSan in reusable, portable and kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mold in only 90 seconds, which makes it perfect to clean your sex toys anywhere, any time! If you want peace of mind when you use or share sex toys, UV-C cleaning technology is the way to go. 

Height: 24 cms
Diameter: 10 cms
UV-C LED wavelength: 260-280nm
Outside material: vegan leather (synthetic)
Includes 1400mAh rechargeable Power Bank
Includes Micro USB cable
Includes manual in four languages (English, German, Dutch and French)

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Great product
Review by TMG
It's a must have if you have insertables, especially for the discounted price.
Review helpful?
Just buy some cleaner
Review by AZ
Not intended to use with onahole for sure, cuz the bacterial killing light can't get in to the hole, more for dildo, buttplug,etc.
Review helpful?
Rather small, she said
Review by JK
It kills 99,9% of germs on your stuff, that's great. There's nothing much to say about it outside this. I could say that the faux-leather is pretty nice, that the lace feels a bit cheap and the strings that keep the bag closed are just crummy and prolly are the first things to break, but that's beside the point. It's useful little tool to kill germs on things like earbuds and smartphones.
As for sex toys, it's a mixed bag. It's clearly meant for dildos and plugs, so it doesn't accommodate larger onaholes. Meiki onaholes and anything else with a banging big head at the front will have a hard time getting in, and even then the hole will get all shut because you've just shoved a five-inch rubber fucktoy into a figurative four-inch hole.

Outside the bigger onaholes not fitting in properly and can't be irritated from the inside, smaller pocketpussies work just fine, and transparent toys like KYO Crystal mouth work the best. Just let few extra cycles do their job to penetrate it properly.

There's also a nice little window where you can see the scary purple light doing its thing. The window is designed to filter out the harmful spectrum out, but it's still a bit spooky to know how much stuff its killing from the things you shove your dick in, or stuff you shove inside of you.

I'd say something around 9cm is the pain threshold here, anything bigger is just a fight to get in. Otherwise, combining this with the dry stick and some talk powder, you get a good combo on how to keep your toys lasting long enough without any worries in the world.
Review helpful?

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Product weight 500.00 g

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Sehr gut für verschiedene Toys
Review by VegaAlpha
Gerade Sex Toys brauchen richtige Sauberkeit, da kommt der Beutel nach der Benutzung gerade richtig.
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