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Description / Ereshkigal Cherry 6.1KG

This beautiful onahip by Seiraku toys has high-quality material, a stunning 360 degree design, and of course two very enjoyable tunnels.

A goddess waiting for you

Ereshkigal is the goddess of the underworld, according to Sumerian mythology. Ancient and powerful, she presides over the realm of the dead and takes care of souls.ereshkigal hentai art fate onahip onahole

But even powerful goddesses want to have a little fun sometimes! Ereshkigal has taken possession of the body of a young woman and wants to enjoy some mortal pleasures while she’s here… Will you show her a good time?

Seiraku’s packaging has two beautiful pieces of art, both showing off Ereshkigal’s main asset: her cherry-shaped ass. The luxurious box is very sturdy and has beautiful gold foil print, making it clear that you’re about to get a premium pleasure experience.

A perfect ass

The Ereshkigal Cherry onahole weighs a little over 6 kgs and is about 30 cms wide. This makes it big enough to feel realistic, but not so big and heavy that it becomes difficult to move around. The design looks great from all sides, whether you have her bent over in doggy style, lying on her back with her legs spread, or riding you cowgirl style.

Seiraku went for a very lifelike design, with realistic shapes and proportions. The belly is nicely toned and the back muscles stand out as she arches her lower back. Two subtle dimples are placed above her beautifully round butt. Lastly, Ereshkigal Cherry’s pussy looks almost uncannily like the real deal: the high-quality elastomer material holds a lot of detail and you can see all the little bumps, lines and folds real skin has.

Two well-defined tunnels

Ereshkigal Cherry’s pussy isn’t just beautiful on the outside! The inner textures on this onahip are very well thought-out and really shine thanks to the thick walls and nice material.

When you slide into Ereshkigal's pussy you first pass the two gate structures which will grab around your shaft and help reapply lube with every stroke. What follows is a combination of bumps and shapes too complex to describe, with different textures pushing against you and hitting all the right spots. Towards the back you’ll find a longer section with some textures which are like a string of pearls, leading you into a small end chamber with a subtly ridged womb… Wow!

But Ereshkigal is happy to offer you the pleasures of her “underworld” as well, of course. After you squeeze through the tight asshole there are several blocks of stimulating textures waiting for you, with a bit of spacing in between. Because the material is soft and stretchy, the blocks move back and forth with every thrust, treating you to an amazing massage. The back of the anal tunnel has several long bumpy ridges that feel great as they slide over your shaft and glans.

Grab Ereshkigal’s round asscheeks as you slam into her soft flesh again and again!

Ereshkigal Cherry onahip in short

Seiraku once again gives us an amazing sex toy, with beautiful design inside and out. The great material and varied tunnels feel absolutely amazing.

An ass this good deserves to be worshipped!

Onahole width: 30 cm
Onahole height: 18 cm
Onahole length: 27 cm
Weight: 6.1 kg
Vaginal tunnel length: 14 cm
Anal tunnel length: 12 cm
Material TPE (Elastomer)
Brand: Seiraku Toys

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Customer Reviews

Best buy you can do (MY FAVORITE WAIFU)
Review by rohan-kun
if you dont know what first onahip buy you can definitevely buy this one you wont regret it i already buy a seccond one ( but be warned the new box got censored art !!!!)
Great feeling
Review by Arata
You can do it in a few Positions and all feel great my favorite is taking it from behind because then you get a very nice suction effect and that feels Just perfect as If it wants your juice, both Tunnels are great the suction and thightness is better in the Anus but i prefer the Feeling of the Vagina
Review by Sandevistan
Amazing butt, it's great to grab, slap, squish or just to put on your lap and chill. I found myself playing around with it for a while before I decided to do some penetration tests.
And oh boy those felt great. Both canals feel meaty, reminded me real sex for a second. It's hard to have a long session because it feels so itense you just burst.
I'm throwing out tengas, the size of this hip makes me really happy and replaces every other experience I had with sex toys to a much better one.
This may be a gateway drug to a sexdoll.
For now, I feel satisfied. Great product, pure excellence.
Best Onahip?
Review by Federik
Ok I must say this, it's hard to get used to and find the correct position that suits you, but when you find it, you hit the jackpot, I have 2 torso and 4 onahips, but this one beats them all, the pleasure overall on both holes it's amazing, the way you can change the position it's why this one wins over them, the only thing that didn't convinced me at the begging was the material, but after few months I'm quite sure this type of material it's really great, the stimulation it offers it's top notch.
The cleaning part... yes, I use it like 3 times in a row (yes it's that good) and then clean it, and use again the next week because cleaning it more than 1 time per week it's a bother..
The price, compared to other onahips and torso, it's the best, totally worth it a full price!
Pleased as always by the shipping and customer service offered by MotsuToys <_<
A nice hip but not that intense
Review by Toshi112
The size and how it jiggles is tier 1 stuff, however the tunnels barely feels like anything. It's a bit odd as when you see the tunnel texture it's quite a few nubs.
If you are looking for longers sessions it definently works, but if you want to some more pleasure during the session, look for something else.
crazy good
Review by Louis
To put it simply, this product is very very good. It was my first hip ever, and I had been watching a lot of review of a ton of products because it is a big investment, that’s for sure. (You should probably do the same, to make sure you’re buying what you really need.) if you want a product with great durability and great feeling, this one might be “the one”. Great exterior look, with durable material. Even the thinner parts that you’d expect to be fragile are in fact made with quite a thick plastic, so don’t be scared about them breaking. Two holes is a must have with hips onaholes, and those two are great. While the asshole is a bit tighter than the pussy, it can be a bit less stimulating, so you can switch between the two and make the playtime a bit longer. The two canals feel great, and are relatively easy to clean ? I recommend the KYO shower, because it really facilitates the cleaning process. A bit of baby powder between 3-4 uses, and you’ll have a toy that’s not sticky. Keep something in mind: if you only had pocket pussys or small onaholes to this day, hips onaholes are big. If you want to be discreet with it, I’d recommend ditching the box (a bit sad since it’s such a pretty box), and buy an opaque bag to store the toy. On the heavy side, you’ll get tired if you only use it standing up, so don’t hesitate to use it freehanded while on a surface, or cowgirl style. The ass feels greaaat, thanks to the attention they put on it. Really soft, tou can give it a good squeeze because it stays firm, without being wobbly like jelly. It really adds to the experience. Take your time with this toy, because it’d be sad to just use such a great product for a quickie. It can be a bit noisy, making an “air” sound, when some air is trapped inside, so try not to use it when people are in the next room as you if you want to be discreet. I really recommend it, it has changed my fap game by a LOT.
Definitely a goddess
Review by Nabee
Good points:
-Nice box
-Visually great
-Both holes feel great in every position
-Heavy and feels natural

Bad points:
-Wish it was a little bit bigger for the price
-No lube in the box
-Not the easiest to clean

Honestly, I just removed a star because I can't put a 4.5 and it's not the perfect hip but definitely a great one, especially for my fellow FGO players.
If you need a hip toy and if you have the budget, definitely go for it!
Review by Succ
A wank and a workout
Review by Marcin

More Information

Number of holes 2
Product weight 6,100.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 140.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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