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Description / KYO Toy Sack Small

KYO Toy Sack - Small

This toy sack is the perfect size for most onaholes and pocket pussies! It is 30 centimeters long and 15 centimeters wide. 

  • Drawstring closure: the drawstring at the top is safer than a zipper, since there are no hard ridges that might damage your onahole. 
  • Breathable material: the storage sack's material is made out of sturdy but breathable fabric. 
  • Double-sealed edges: All edges have been double-sealed rather than stitched. This results in a sturdy bag with no loose threads.
  • Not too big, not too small: if your toy bag is much bigger than your sex toy the material can fold or bunch up, leaving an impression on your onahole's soft outside. The largest circumference you can squeeze into this bag is a little under 30 centimeters. 
  • No lint: of course the KYO toy sack's material is 100% lint free. 

Why should I use a sex toy storage bag?

Using a sex toy storage bag is the best way to safely store your toys. The breathable material ensures that the last bits of water can evaporate after you've washed it, and that no condensation can form - this matters, because a moist onahole is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria! 

While it is possible to use the original packaging as storage, it usually isn't ideal. A cardboard box will pull the oil out of your onahole, leaving it stiffer and more brittle. The plastic pouch many onaholes are wrapped in when you get them might prevent this, but is far from ideal as it isn't made of breathable material. A plastic inset might support your toy well, but has the same issue of trapping moisture. If you'd still like to use the original box, we recommend putting your onahole in a toy sack and putting that inside the box. 

Toy Sack sizes: what will fit? 

Due to the bag's construction very little space is eneded for stitching or the drawstring cord. This means that onaholes with a length of a little under 30 cms and a diameter of a little under 15 centimeters will fit. That means a circumference of 30 centimeters at the widest point. Of course, the closer to that size the tighter the squeeze, but with a little effort it will fit. 

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Customer Reviews

Good Quality
Review by Noob
I was suprised as to how small it was, i should have payed more attention. Its size is probably good enough for some accessories such as cleaning equipment or lube, but is way to small to house any onahole.
Broke instantly.
Review by Joshua
I was putting my onahole in and it broke instantly.
great product but be careful with sizes and lenght
Review by hakimi
this toy sack seems to be made of good quality material, the product is really basic and doesnt stand out, but be sure to take measures right for your own onahole. Apart from that i approve.
It's a bag
Review by AZ
Well, it's a bad and store your onahole, main diffrent with the XTC Japan Toy Sack is that, this one have the opening at the top and it made with fabric, the XTC one have the opening in sideway and it feel like made with some plastic composite.
Review by HCCK
It may not be suitable for some larger ones, but smaller ones are very practical
Not very lasting, but keeps your toys protected
Review by Perry the platypus
I got 2 a few weeks ago. 1 of them just got a small ripped on one side after a few uses. Still, for the price, it's a good option to protect your toys
Good material and visual design, but too small for me
Review by FrostyZone
The toy sack has a visually pleasing design and uses a material, that allows for air flow, which comes in really handy for storage when drying out left over residue moisture. However the toy sack really is small, so be careful when choosing it, since even my Mouth of Truth Perorin was barely able to fit into the toy sack, really streching out the toy sack and damaging the seams on the sides after first usage.

My recommendation would fall to the Toy Sack by Rends, since it has a zipper opening on the side, making it way easier to put in the onahole.
Not much to say
Review by CCS
The bag is made out of a material that lets air through which is good as the toy can still breathe and dry inside of the bag. The fabric is very durable but the string that closes the bag feels slightly cheap. However, for the price, this is definitely a must have item. The only downside in my opinion, is the japanese characters on the bag meaning "toy bag" which is a little suggestive to the content inside.

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