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Description / 4th Gen Arina Hashimoto Hip 7KG

This 7kg(!) hip reproduces one of the finest butts in JAV: that of Hashimoto Arina at life size. With great material and two tunnels this pleasure hip by NPG has a lot to offer

Hashimoto Arina’s real size onahip

Working with the stars of Japanese Adult Video is one of the core businesses of NPG and their line of products has become known for its faithful, high-quality reproductions with lifelike tunnels.

This onahip measures 28*29*18 cm, which is a direct copy of Hashimoto Arina’s real hip. The material is soft and squishy, making it feel realistic to the touch: it even jiggles when you slap it! The pose they picked is that of Hashimoto Arina bent over with a hollow back, offering her pussy and ass to you.

This onahip features a flat underside, which means it will stay put very well. The flat bottom grabs onto whatever surface you put it on so you can thrust into it without it moving around too much.. You can put it on your bed, but you could also put it on top of a desk or table if you want to fuck her standing up.

The tunnels Hashimoto Arina onahip

This onahip has two tunnels, both angling down slightly.

Anal tunnel

  • This dual-layer tunnel is lined with a special material called glossy material. It’s a stretchy, jelly-like material that offers quite a bit of resistance, and it helps make this ass a pleasantly intense experience
  • The ass starts off with a sphincter, a tight entrance that closes firmly around your shaft.
  • What follows is a series of rings and nubs, like a series of countless gates to push through. With each stroke they slide over you, stretching a little as they do so.
  • The tunnel tightens towards the end and culminates with a massaging bump at the very end.


  • Also dual layered, the vaginal tunnel is lined with a grippy material that clings to your shaft a little, just like a real pussy.
  • It starts off with a series of mild gates, mimicking the membranes of a pussy.
  • Then you pass the G-spot, a stimulating bump
  • The rest of the tunnel consists of a very varied wavy structure, tightening and twisting around you, creating many different points of pressure. We bet you won’t last long here!

4th Generation Nippori Ban Shinsei Gokujo Nama Goshi Hashimoto Arina in short

Having sex with the real Hashimoto Arina isn’t possible for most of us, but with this onahip by NPG you can get pretty close! The 1:1 scale reproduction is absolutely spectacular and due to the different lining materials and textures the two tunnels offer a lot of variety.

Measurements: 28*29*18 cm (real size)
Weight: 7 kg
Tunnel length: approximately 15 cm
Made by NPG

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Bigger ASS than Ereshkigal Cherry
Review by Anon
badge-check Verified Buyer
Alot bigger ass than Ereshkigal Cherry although not as firm meaning that handling it can be tricky and sensation diminishes if not held correctly when used midair. Correctly held your arms should be located roughly on the other side of the tunnel, I’ve found the easiest way is to flip the toy and have hands placed on both cheeks.

Very satisfying weight feeling when using both hands to simulate woman on top, although the not as firm material makes one fearful that it tears (after a couple of tries like this it hasn’t, but the fear is always there).

While my piece came with some excess material still on both ass cheeks the product otherwise was of excellent quality. After couple of uses the one small tear has appeared on anal entrance, but it hasn’t gotten bigger even after many months.

Due to the material being not as firm as Cherry the tunnels feel softer but with intricate details. Overall, this onahip is best when placed on solid enough surface.

In the first picture on the right is Arina onahip on top of KYO Toy Sack Big whilst on the left is Ereshkigal Cherry as a comparison. In the second image the toy order is reversed.
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Its a very realistic one
Review by T
This is a very realistic onahole. It has very good inner structure. Especially the Vagina. Its quite heavy so it does not move away if you put it on a surface. It has no bad smell and seems quite good material. Good to have this one
Review helpful?
Pretty good in general
Review by Kyt
Pretty good onahole hip, the tunnels feel pretty good in my opinion, I might like the pussy hole better because of its texture. Good quality toy, the material feels pretty good. Cons might be it makes too much noise while the two holes are lubed at the same time. Its size can be a problem while cleaning. But if you don't mind this its a pretty good toy.
Review helpful?
Pretty good in general
Review by Kyt
In overall its a pretty good onahole hip toy, maybe it makes too much noise when the two holes are lubed, another problem might just be the outside, it gets dusty pretty easily and might be tedious to clean while finished using because of its size. If you don't care about all this factor in my opinion it is a good toy that feels incredible both holes specially the vagina one.
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More Information

Number of holes 2
Product weight 7,000.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Porn
Tunnel length 15.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers
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