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Description / Beautiful Legs - Nakadashi Life - PINK

The new Seiraku Toys' Nakadashi Life is a true feat of artistry with a more pink-toned skin than the previous version - designed to perfectly recreate the female form. From her slender legs and their delicate musculature, all the way up to her curvaceous posterior, feel for yourself how this lifelike lower body brings you closer than ever before. Run your hands over each carefully crafted detail in admiration!

♥ Luxurious Softness: Indulge in the comfort of its gentle caress able material.
♥ Simulated Skin Texture: Incredible attention-to-detail for a realistic touch.
♥ High-Quality Joints; Pose however you'd like so it feels just right!
♥ Dual Sensual Tunnels; Enjoy two incredibly stimulating options!
♥ Beautifully Sculpted Feet and Toenails – For amazing detail down to the tiniest features.
♥ Lightweight Metal Skeleton: Robust support without weighing you down

Beautiful Legs - Nakadashi Life

Do you like
Stockings - Panties - Legs - Ass - Feet - Suspenders - Skirts - Dozens of positions
then this toy is for you...

Pussy: how many cervixes?

The Nakadashi Life's Pussy is a stimulating combination of textures and sensations - from the subtle ridges to the ribbed pleasure bumps, and small massaging beads, not to mention two cervix-like gates. Your glans will rub against its soft protrusion as you push your way through into an incredibly narrow tunnel with smooth but well-defined ridges that lead up to another even bigger, fleshier second gate. Conquer this delightful challenge for yourself and be rewarded by tight "womb" chambers around your shaft while feeling all other textures come alive! She'll take you on a wild journey toward explosive bliss like no other…

Her ass

Experience a tantalizing experience with Nakadashi Life and its tight-beaded asshole! Dive through three intriguing areas - the first one full of teasing bumps, then pass by sliding gates made up of rings and finally reach an exotic tunnel lined with plush massage beads. Let it grip your shaft as you explore deeper!

Get ready for the most luxurious construction ever!

Discover your wildest fantasies with the Nakadashi Life! This stunningly crafted sex toy is built to fulfill all of your desires. Featuring lightweight metal rods for superior strength and flexibility, you can move her into any position imaginable - so let yourself get creative in the bedroom tonight!

Discover Nakadashi Life - Unlock Gorgeous Legs and Unbelievable Pleasure!

Beautiful Legs - Nakadashi LifeDive into pleasure with Seiraku's Nakadashi Life - an unbelievable, multi-positionable sex toy that'll have you entranced and coming back for more. Featuring amazing textures and tunnels specially crafted to provide the utmost satisfaction, the ultimate luxury awaits...

Total length: 90 cm
Inner leg length: 66 cm
Foot length: 18 cm
Waist circumference: 45 cm
Hip circumference: 70 cm
Pussy tunnel: 12 cm
Anus tunnel: 14 cm
Weight: 10.55 kg
Brand: Seiraku Toys

Clothing in product pictures is NOT included. Used as an example only.

Remember to always keep her on a soft surface and don’t put too much pressure on the knees while she's in a kneeling position or feet when standing, as this can potentially damage her delicate skin.

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Product weight 10,550.00 g
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