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Big Lolinco Virgo

The popular Sujiman Kupa Lolinco has a sister!  The brand new Sujiman Kupa Big Lolinco Virgo is bigger and better. We have called her the Big Lolinco.

As usual with Magic Eyes, the packaging is the first thing to enjoy. The Japanese certificate of declaration of marriage that is printed on the inside of the box makes the Big Lolinco Virgo a real collector's item.

For those proud owners of the first Lolinco, this is a great upgrade at excellent value. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the Sujiman Kupa series, the first thing to explain is the name, which refers to the pronounced labia. “Sujiman Kupa” stands for "camel toe”. The large lips of the artificial pussies in this series form a camel toe. Once opened, a detailed vaginal tunnel awaits you.

The Big Lolinco is twice as heavy as her sister. It is an onahole of considerable size, and weighs 900 gram. The new tunnel is tight like a virgin.

Big Lolinco Virgo vs Kupa Lolinco

Of course, this Magic Eyes artificial vagina has been made of the purpose-developed Magic Eyes Skin with AG+ material, which has antibacterial properties.

Hybrid dual-layer structure

The Big Lolinco is a dual layered artificial vagina. The outer layer is smooth, and feels like a woman's skin, while the inner layer of the tunnel is firm and more stimulating.
Magic Eyes call it a hybrid dual-layer structure. At the entrance of the tunnel, the firmer layer is thick. As you go further inside, it gets thinner.
Towards the end of the vagina, the stimulation you experience is softer and smoother.

Big Lolinco Virgo

The start of the tunnel is equipped with a number of 'doors' that alternate with so-called lube-grooves. Each door creates the effect of a hymen, and there are a few of them!
While every hymen adds to the sensation, your penis is lubed by the alternating grooves.
The structure of the tunnel is bended, and the bend is a lot sharper than that in the original Sujiman Kupa Lolinco. 
The tunnel is covered with studs, ridges and grooves. This combination creates a lot of variation every time you thrust, and it feels very life-like.

The last door in the tunnel opens up to the cervix.  This last part feels soft and smooth. Because it is very tight, your penis is stimulated in a smooth but very effective way.

cut Big Lolinco magic eyes

To sum up, this new artificial pussy is a real sensation. You have to try the Big Lolinco! A 900 gram onahole at this price is unique. Order the Big Lolinco Virgo before stocks run out!

Big Lolinco Virgo Product Details

Weight: 900 gram
Length: 20 cm
Width: 11 cm

 - Soft Magic Eyes Skin with antibacterial properties
 - Dual layered
 - Tight virginal entrance
 - Free sample Magic Eyes lubricant comes with the Big Lolinco

Additional Information

BrandMagic Eyes
  1. A verry nice one but you have to get warm with it Review by Subaru

    This is my first Toy, which is a bit more on the large side.
    At first i was struggling with getting used to it. You have to be full erect to enter it.
    At the beginning, the sensation is kinda low but after some time, i got used to it and it felt pretty good (especially if you use it for Dakisex, its awesome).

    I totally recomment it but if you buy it, but for starters: You may need some time to get used to it)
    (This is my first Review. Sorry if i didnt explain well) (Posted on 4/26/2020)

  2. Best Onahole I have purchased so far! Review by Nub

    I have tried quite a lot (10+) of Onaholes by now, this one is my favorite for now. The entrance is extremely well done and the end of the tunnel hugs your glans really well. I usually end up staying in the end of the tunnel for longer sessions because if you thrust in too fast you will end up finishing (too early). it's also weirdly the only toy I have that lets me keep pumping up and down as I am cumming. (dunno if others have this problem) This alone makes it worth it for me because it enhances the sensation quite a lot. Other onaholes over stimulate me so much that I just idle in the tunnel as I am cumming.

    5/5 Buy it! (Posted on 4/22/2020)

  3. Feels perfect! Review by Jk

    For anyone on fence about this - get it, it's really worth it! No defects or use tears so far, cleaning is also not really that difficult. (Posted on 2/9/2020)

  4. Great Product! Review by birdie

    Shoutout to Motsutoys for the really fast delivery! It arrived within 2 days after my purchase, which is really great.

    Top-notch onahole, the tightness can be a little bit too stimulating the first time, but after a few uses it feels just right. Just like the real virgo experience. owo

    I also really like the weight this thing has, feels great to use. Thinking about cleaning it can be a real turn-off tho, I purchased the cleaning sponge sticks and it works okayish I guess. But in general you should only use this if you can invest some time for cleaning it, it does take quite a while compared to Fleshlights. (Posted on 9/15/2019)

  5. Holy moly, its tight and nice Review by Sneak

    This onahole was my first "proper" onahole, and i do not regret it at anytime, its soooo nice and tight. I will gladly recommend this product for anyone who is into lolis and wants to try a onahole for the first time. 10/10 (Posted on 8/28/2019)

  6. My best go-to toy Review by JohnathanDoe

    There are no words to describe this one!
    This takes me to heaven each time I use it and never lets me down.
    It gets a great grip one your member and hugs it like there is no tomorrow.

    Unfortunately the tip ring broke and I don't remember how it was and
    the ring when entering also has a rip in it but I don't feel the difference,
    or at least it doesn't change the feeling. But I have had this one since
    November 2018 or so and used it almost daily or at least every other day.

    I can highly recommend this one and if mine will break, I will buy a new one. (Posted on 8/26/2019)

  7. Soft yet tight Review by Liche

    Superb toy in this price category! It's soft but yet maintains tightness. Can feel the inside of the tunnel clearly + suction. Cleaning is a hassle because the entrance is so tight. Have to use fingers and a lot of water to clean in thoroughly. (Posted on 3/23/2019)

  8. Best Review by NA

    Best among the toys I have. (Posted on 11/24/2018)

  9. Good things don't last Review by Barro

    While the first uses of this onahole are heavenly and the reason why i'm buying it again, don't expect this to last if you're a bit on the thick side. (Posted on 11/23/2018)

  10. Good product and top service Review by ThatGuy

    Owned it for about 4 month. The product overall is good, a bit on the pricey side but fit for the size and weight.

    As noted in other reviews (here and other sites) expect the wanna-be-hymen to tear after a few use: don't take this as a stopper, I think its somehow part of the "virgo" experience and if you are really really carefull when cleaning up the tear will stay just at the hymen without subtracting to the overall sensation.

    Sensation: TIGHT. Rock solid is mandatory on this one, less than that and it will push you out. (Posted on 4/29/2018)

  11. Great Review by Bu

    Service is great, i dont live in the same time-zone but its more of less answer on the same day.

    The product is really great if you ask me, but it has a fatal flaw in my eyes... The Hymen tore after 1-3 uses meybee and i took good care of it but the little tear will just become bigger and bigger, but i've had mine for a while and i wouldnt hesitate on buying a new one. (Posted on 8/20/2016)

  12. Excellent Review by DDU

    First of all, Motsu service is top notch, email answered in less than 3hours after sending, packaging was tight sealed, well protected and the goods came in perfect condition just 2 days after the order.

    About the product itself :

    Great onahole, better than the previous version, heavier and longer. It's a bit hard to clean off, they didn't get rid of the smell when you unpack it but it goes away when you wash it with soap.

    (Posted on 6/3/2016)

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