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Best onahole? 6 things to look at before buying

March 21, 2023

If you’ve looked around our shop, you have probably noticed that there is a huge variety of sex toys for men. While some are more popular than others, there is no definitive answer to the question “what’s the best onahole?”. Everyone likes different things, so what you should be asking is “what is the best onahole for me?”

In this blog post we’ll tell you about the most important aspects of sex toys for men, and how to figure out what will work for you.

  • What's an onahole?
  • 1. Best onahole material
    • 1.1 Soft and gentle or firm and stimulating?
    • 1.2 Single or multi-layer onahole? Special features?
  • 2. Tight tunnel or wide?
    • 2.1 What makes an onahole feel tight?
    • 2.2 The vacuum effect: why a wide tunnel can be more intense
  • 3. Best onahole textures
    • 3.1 Realistic onahole
    • 3.2 ‘Better than real’ onahole
    • 3.3 intense or subtle texture?
  • 4. Open or closed onahole tunnel
    • 4.1 Open onahole tunnel
    • 4.2 Closed onahole tunnel
  • 5. Best onahole tunnel length
  • Conclusion

What’s an onahole?

Onahole is the Japanese word for pocket pussy, though it’s sometimes used to mean “Japanese sex toy for men” in a broader sense. In this blog post we’ll only look at the smaller varieties, to keep it from being an overwhelming amount of information.

An onahole is a soft Japanese sex toy for men, small enough to use with one hand, designed to give the biggest amount of pleasure possible.

This means we won’t include sex toys with a hard shell (masturbation cups) or larger sex toys like onahips or mini sex doll.

1. Best onahole material

1.1 Soft and gentle or firm and stimulating?

The type of material that is used in an onahole makes a world of difference! So much so that some onahole manufacturers release their most popular models in different hardnesses, and Tomax even has the option to choose a firmness as one of their core selling points. Best onahole material: soft or firm

Soft materials...

  • Provide gentler stimulation, because all the textures squeeze, compress and slide away as you push past.
  • Stretches more easily, providing a less intense “squeeze”, especially in smaller toys like onaholes.
  • With cheaper brands, the super soft materials can feel a little oily to the touch.
  • Soft Japanese sex toys are often labeled Fuwatoro.
  • Soft materials are very well suited for those who like long sessions, easily get overstimulated, or are on the bigger side.

Firm materials...

  • Firmer material creates more intense stimulation, as all the textures stay rigid as you push past them. Because it’s more resistant to stretching, a firmer material will “squeeze” you more.
  • Firm materials can be a little more prone to tearing, be sure to use enough lube.
  • Many “crystal’ materials are on the firmer side.
  • If you enjoy more intense stimulation, firm material will give the best onahole for you. Do you masturbate with a “death grip”? Odds are you’ll love a more intense toy!

1.2 Single or multi-layer onahole? Special features?

Not all onaholes are made out of only one material. Many manufacturers combine several materials to make it feel even more realistic or to create unique sensations.

Single Layer onaholes are simple, cheap to make, and durable. However, they feel the same way inside as out.

Dual layer onaholes have a different layer on the inside. Usually, the inside feels like soft, smooth skin, while the inside is made of a grippier, more elastic material. Some onaholes have a very thin inner layer, in which case it is mostly aesthetic: a pink or red inside looks more exciting than a skin coloured one.

There are onaholes with special features, like teeth or a tightness ring. These can add a little extra sensation on top of the textures of the tunnel.

Best onahole: tightness ring example

2. Tight or wide onahole

2.1 What makes an onahole feel tight?

On almost all our onahole product pages we show the cut-through of the sex toy so you get a good idea of what they look like. How tight a tunnel feels doesn’t only depend on how wide it is, but also on the material: a softer material will feel less tight, while a firm  material will feel tighter due to the 'squeeze'. Thicker walls will make an onahole feel tighter for the same reason. 

2.2 The vacuum effect: why a wide tunnel can be more intense

Onaholes with a wider tunnel are often designed to create a vacuum or suction effect. Before you thrust in, you squeeze all the air out. The onahole will then try to go back to its original shape, but because it can’t suck any air in through the opening any more, it sucks your cock in, instead. This way, it will suck you back in after every thrust. 

3. Best onahole textures?

Textures are so varied and complicated that naming and describing them all would take pages upon pages of text, but we’ll give you a couple of things to keep in mind while looking at onahole: realistic onahole versus fantasy

3.1 Realistic onahole 

Realistic onaholes try to use textures that are close to a woman’s real pussy. Organic, gentle wavy textures and folds, with sometimes a nice bump to represent the g-spot.

Sometimes a realistic onahole will have a porn star as its muse, making it very easy to imagine that you’re fucking the porn star on your screen. If this sounds good to you, check out our JAV onahole selection!

3.2 ‘Better than real’ onahole

If it’s never going to be exactly like a real pussy anyway, why not get a little experimental with it? Some of the best onaholes around don’t look anything like a real pussy on the inside.

Whether it’s actually better than realistic pussy textures is up to debate, but this category of sex toys uses some designs and textures that feel incredible. Gates that grab around your shaft, whirling ridges, massaging nubs and pleasure bumps assail you from all sides, and they may even have a cervix that you can thrust through so you can cum in her womb! Sometimes fantasy is better than reality.

3.3 intense or subtle texture?

In the cut-through of an onahole you can get a good idea of how intense the texture is. Deep textures with well-defined edges and large protrusions will almost always feel more intense. The intensity of a texture is affected by the firmness of the material: a very deeply textured onahole made out of a very soft material will give fairly gentle stimulation.

Complicated? Maybe a little. The good news is that onahole lube makes a big difference: if you add a nice thick lube, an intense texture will feel much gentler. Texture is one of those things where it’s very difficult to know what you’ll like if you haven’t tried it before, but if you go for something that’s neither super textured nor nearly smooth you’ll probably have a good time.

4. Open or closed onahole tunnel

Some onaholes have a tunnel that goes out the other end, and others have a tunnel that has a dead end.

4.1 Open onahole tunnel:

An onahole with an open tunnel, or ‘through hole’

+ Easier to clean (flush it through under the tap)
+ Allows you to go balls-deep no matter how long your dick is
+ May be double-sided, with a different experience from either end
- Can’t give a vacuum or suction effect
- May get messy, with lube and fluids leaking out the back end

4.2 An onahole with a closed tunnel

Can create a vacuum or suction effect

+ Keeps lube and fluids from leaking out the back end
+ Allows for an exciting end chamber, like a womb or massage bumps
- More difficult to clean, we recommend using an onahole shower
- May be too short to go balls-deep in (but they stretch a lot!)

In this, it’s a matter of your priorities: do you mind spending a little extra time cleaning an onahole? Would you love to have a dual-function onahole, with a mouth on one side and a pussy on the other?

Best onahole length: stretchy onahole

5. Best onahole tunnel length

A mistake a lot of men make is to assume they need to get an onahole which has a tunnel at least as deep as their dick is long. But just like a real vagina, an onahole is stretchy and will adapt to your length - to a certain point, of course. Hitting the back of the tunnel and then pulling the onahole down makes all the onahole’s textures slide over the shaft of your dick, which feels great.

Almost all onaholes easily stretch 20%, and even 40% stretch isn’t that uncommon! Softer onaholes and ones with thinner walls stretch more easily, as a rule of thumb.

If you like having something bump up against and a little extra pressure on the top of your dick as the textures slide around you, don’t be afraid to try onaholes that are on the shorter side.


Picking out an onahole that suits your preferences may seem overwhelming at first, but you'll find that if you keep these 6 pointers in mind you can narrow it down a lot already. The main question is: how intense do you like it, as almost all the aspects in this blog post boil down to either making it more intense or less intense. To sum up:

Things that make an onahole more intense: Firm material, tightness rings, deep/defined textures, thick walls, vacuum suction
Things that make an onahole milder: soft material, gentle textures, thick lube, thin walls, open-ended design

Other than that, you want to put some thought into how easy to clean you want it to be, if you want to pay a little extra for a dual-layer design, and, of course, your budget. If you're ready to get started, check out our onahole selection

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