Dakimakura DX Hug Pillow case #5

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Dakimakura DX Hug Pillow case #5

DX stands for Deluxe, and these dakimakura pillow cases are definitely extra luxurious! 

A more realistic experience

The DX body pillow, which this case is designed to fit around snugly, measures 75x45 cm. For reference, that's about the size of a human torso plus head. This not only means that the illustration is easier to see than with the smaller pillows, but also that the pillow is much easier to hold and hug, and the whole experience is much more realistic! The inflatable pillow has two openings to put your onaholes into: one is suitable for small onaholes, the other for bigger ones. This means that these pillows work with 99% of onaholes. 



The slightly stretchy fabric fits around the inflatable DX body pillow nicely and is super easy to clean. It doesn't crease easily and folds up compactly, making it easy to store. 


Gorgeous illustration

This gorgeous, high-quality pillowcase has two different illustrations, one on the front and one on the back. On the front you see a beautiful voluptuous woman in a black and pink maid outfit, with long gloves, long stockings and a cap on her head. Sweat is streaming down her body in rivulets and she is ready for you! The back of the pillowcase features the same woman, lying on her stomach and offering her ass to you. 

Note: does not include the inflatable DX body pillow

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