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Description / Extreme Pleasure Hip Mini 2 Rika Mari

Extreme Pleasure Hip Mini 2 Rika Mari

Mini hip: the perfect balance between utility and realism?

Small sex toys and big ones each have their own benefits and drawbacks. If you ask us, this mini hip provides a great in-between option, combining the strong points of each. While it is much smaller than a real woman’s hip and ass it still looks and feels lifelike thanks to the beautiful design: this mini hip has a flat belly, a cute round butt and very detailed genitalia. The pussy has puffy outer labia and slightly wavy outer labia, each with a realistic skin texture. The tight butthole has little lines in a “star” around it.

Other benefits of a mini onahip include the price as well as the ease of handling and cleaning. While many people love the original Extreme Pleasure Hip by NPG, its 5kg+ weight made it a little unwieldy.

A copy of JAV star Rika Mari all to yourself rika mari onahole

If you’ve already seen some of Rika Mari’s videos you’ll know exactly why she’s so popular: her adorable, youthful face and beautiful body are very eye-catching. She often plays the role of the innocent (or naughty!) schoolgirl, and looks great in a uniform and pigtails. The Extreme Pleasure Hip Mini 2 brings Rika Mari’s sexy body out of your dreams and into your bedroom, so you can have her all to yourself.

There’s an art to making sex toys based on porn stars, and NPG has mastered it. This manufacturer has literal decades of experience working with JAV stars to make beautiful, lifelike copies of their body. NPG’s materials are always top-notch: durable, safe, and an absolute pleasure to fuck.

Two tight holes in one mini onahip

With two delicious holes it might be hard to pick which one you want to fuck first - maybe it’s best to just switch between the two, alternating the stimulation and slowly bringing yourself to an amazing climax. Be sure to apply some water-based personal lubricant!

Rika Mari's Pussy

Rika Mari’s cute labia slide over your shaft as you push into her wet pussy. Here, many different organic shapes and textures are waiting for you. It starts off with several gentle beaded rings, which then turn into rows of massaging nubs. Delivering a little more pressure. The next section has several pleasure bumps, which feel great when you twist side to side in addition to just thrusting in and out. A tighter, cervix-like gate follows, rewarding those who push through it with entrance to the womb, where tiny ridges provide gentle, lifelike stimulation to the sensitive tip of your dick.

Tight asshole with a tighter ending

But wait, there’s more! Rika Mari’s asshole has a completely different series of textures. Overall, it’s a little tighter and more stimulating than her pussy. There are several narrower, gate-like rings which are covered with bumps or even little triangular flaps which deliver a lot of stimulation. The small nubs and ridges that cover the areas in between are much more gentle, which creates a big contrast between the features. Towards the end, the ass narrows further and further, the sides covered with small but well-defined nubs.

Dual layer design

The Extreme Pleasure Hip Mini 2 Rika Mari makes the experience even better by using a dual-layer design: the red material lining her pussy and ass is stretchy and stimulating, while the outside mimics a woman’s soft skin.

Extreme Pleasure Hip Mini 2 Rika Mari in short

This mini onahip is a great sex toy for men who love realistic looks, but don’t want to buy an unwieldy and expensive life-sized hip. The two tunnels have two very different designs, and NPG’s excellent materials and dual-layer design make them feel even better.

Length: 18cm
Width: 19 cm
Height: 12.5 cm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Made by N.P.G. (Nippori Gift Shop) Japan

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Good For Price
Review by Someone
Was my first hip and didn't want to go with the bigger ones. Feeling isn't amazing but there is a really big difference between this and small onas.

You should give it a try if you can
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More Information

Number of holes 2
Product weight 2,500.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Porn
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

Great entry Hip!
Review by I guess
My first Hip, the experience is just different compared to hand sized onaholes.
The added weight makes it a very pleasent experience overall.
Has 2 holes, ~2.5kg and a small bag of lube.
Both holes feel good and soft.
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