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Description / Face Hole Taimanin Asagi Yukikaze

FaceHole Taimanin Asagi yukikaze

Rather than a disembodied mouth, the FaceHole Taimanin Asagi Yukikaze presents you with a sexy, beautifully shaped replica of Yukikaze Mizuki’s head and upper body. This demon-fighting ninja kneels before you, mouth open, eager to be used by you!

Taimanin Asagi Yukikaze blowjob onahole

This blowjob sex toy weighs about 484 grams and feels very solid in your hand, with thick walls to give a little bit of extra squeezing power to the tunnel. It is beautifully detailed, with Yukikaze’s signature hairstyle and outfit clearly visible. The material is a medium firmness, stretchy but not too soft.

Yukikaze’s mouth provides a deliciously tight entrance, with her lips wrapping tightly around your shaft, moving up and down with every stroke. When you push into her mouth and down her throat you will feel a series of ridges sliding past you, and as the tunnel angles down sharply a texture of small massaging beads appears. From the chest down you’ll encounter a series of gates, tight areas interspersed with wider ones. Some resist you as you push in, others as you pull out, creating an absolutely amazing sensation.

The end of the tunnel is a small end room where tiny beads will kiss your glans as you build up to a climax and shoot your load down Yukikaze’s throat - or across her face and tits!

FaceHole Taimanin Asagi Yukikaze in short

This blowjob onahole combines the visual appeal of a mini sex doll with the price and convenience of a regular onahole. The excellent tunnel design with the varied gates delivers some amazing stimulation! This onahole definitely isn't just for fans of the series: it's a great sex toy! 

Onahole length: 16.5 cm
Onahole width: 8.5 cm
Tunnel length: 13.5 cm
Onahole weight: 484 g
Brand: PPP
Includes free lube sample

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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 484.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 135.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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