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Description / Kemono Fox Girl Torso 17KG

Fox Girl Torso 17kg

This Kitsune-inspired sex doll torso is ready to give you an experience of truly fairytale-like proportions! With a luxuriously large size, super high-quality skeleton, exuberant curves, two great tunnels, and a fox tail, what else could you ask for? 

A high-quality sex doll torso

The Kitsune from Japanese folklore are clever, tricky spirits, especially known for shapeshifting into beautiful women - after all, what better way is there to trick a man? The Kitsune on the packaging only has one tail, indicating that she is relatively young and inexperienced… Perhaps this is the first time she’s trying out this whole shapeshifting business? 

Her body looks unbelievably good: with a bust-waist-hip measurement of 78-43-80 cm, she has the perfect hourglass shape, with round, perky breasts. A little bit of extra detail helps make it even more lifelike: a slender neck, collarbones, toned belly, and little back dimples.
What makes it even better is that the Fox Girl has a high-quality skeleton with flexible hip joints. This means you can put her in various interesting positions. 

A Fairy Tail

What fox is complete without its tail? Many companies don’t take the theme any further than the packaging, but Seiraku added a little extra: A fluffy foxtail. With a little lube, you can pop the attached butt plug into the Fox Girl’s butthole to give her that extra bit of foxiness. 

Durable design

Some bigger sex toys are made with all sorts of different materials: one material lining the pussy, another the ass, soft material in the boobs, and sometimes even extra cushioning in the ass. While this looks impressive, it has a big downside: durability. Every point where two different materials meet is a weak point, and materials may tear or split apart more easily. 

The Fox Girl is one material all the way through (except for the lightweight metal skeleton, of course). This means that it has much fewer weak points and will last you a long time if you take proper care of it. 

Two excellent tunnels

The Fox Girl’s pussy has a wide variety of textures waiting for you - but first, you have to pass through the gate! This tighter area just behind the entrance has a subtle organic texture and clamps down eagerly around your shaft, providing some nice stimulation and keeping lube from leaking out. 

What follows is a series of bumps and bulges of various shapes, each with its own texture: ribbed, lined or covered in smaller bumps. Thanks to the soft material, these protrusions all squeeze and slide around you, which feels incredible. 
Towards the end, another gate forms a tighter passage, leading you into the subtly ridged end chamber. 

Anal tunnel

You can use the asshole to hold the Fox Girl’s tail, but of course, you can also fuck it. 
The anal tunnel is a little more structured: it starts off with a tight, sphincter-like entrance, soon followed by four ridged pleasure bumps that surround you. After some structures inspired by the organic lines and folds in a real anus, you push your way into the end chamber, lined with massaging pearls. 

The two tunnels may not look quite like the real deal on the inside, but if women could really shapeshift this may very well be what they’d create for you to have a great time! 

Fox Girl in short

This beautifully designed sex doll torso looks great, feels great, and has a sturdy single-layer design. You can pose her legs to enjoy her in several different positions, and the cute fox tail adds a little extra to the whole experience - but you can leave it out if you prefer to! 

All in all, this torso has excellent value for money, as always with Seiraku Toys. 

Height: 70 cm
Chest circumference: 78 cm
Waist circumference: 43 cm
Hip circumference: 80 cm

Pussy tunnel length: 14.5 cm
Anal tunnel length: 12 cm

Material: single-layer TPE with a lightweight metal skeleton

Free extra: fox tail butt plug

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Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Based on 6 reviews
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    67% (4)
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    33% (2)
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i like it
Review by ThelVadam
I like it
Review helpful?
fair price for good quality
Review by WJ
overall it has everything you need for a good feeling and it's better then a small one
Review helpful?
Absolutely the best fuck I ever had
Review by Fox Fucker 3393
No doubt, this thing can make wonders, I truly reccomend it to anyone looking for a cheap doll that is good, just amazing
Review helpful?
Very Good Product to a handy Price
Review by Calicy
The Reviews from the previous two above a detailed enough and sais almost all. I have just to add one thing.

The breasts are very stiff. I like them soft an natural. Thats the only thing that dissapoints me. Beside this fact it is a good product and worth the price.

@Motsu: Keep up the good products and add more bodys with soft breats please :)
Review helpful?
Absolutely recommended overall
Review by dnn
What made this interesting is the 17 KG in the title. And rightfully so, the weight in this case is something that they should market.
Owning a few other torsos at 3-6 KG and a DH Irokebiijin 90cm as well as the, in my opinion, best hip onahole right now "Do You Like Perfect Hip Girl?", I can say that the Kemono Fox Girl is a recommendation for people who are searching for a free hands experience.

The problem with many torsos, especially lighter and smaller ones, is that at the end of the day you are still limited to specific positions that aren't exactly hands free or "real". For example most smaller torsos and hips (also my other recommended hip) won't work for stuff like missionary without a specific setup for enough weight / resistance.

This is the biggest plus for the Kemono Fox Girl, you can lay her down on a pillow and have the perfect height to go at it without having to hold the torso put your arms behind it in a weird way to stop it from sliding back with every thrust.

Another plus are the limbs, which make a huge difference compared to other torsos. This makes it easier to do other positions that require the torso to face down.

Given these pros, this is a one of a kind torso - for now.

What I would improve - or what I think is not perfect / optimal:

The upper body is too short. Given the breast size and hip size, the upper body could generously be about 10 cm longer. Even as a relative short person (1,77m) I would say the upper body is not satisfyingly tall enough for a proper hugging experience.

The holes are tight but are made of the same material. Now you could say this is a pro like the product description claims, but that also means vaginal and anal feels about the same - in comparison the Perfect Hip Girl has an extremely different anal tunnel which makes having 2 tunnels matter.

In contrary to the pictures, this is not a dual tunnel onahole!!!
Both tunnels meet towards the end, you will obviously notice this when cleaning since this makes it arguably easier.

Trying to keep this short and giving you the most important stuff that I've noticed I'd recommend this torso - I can see myself enjoying this longterm.
Review helpful?
An excellent toy, if you know what you're getting into.
Review by Xvdw
the best
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 2
Product weight 17,000.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 14.50 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
Bone structure With bone structure

International Reviews

I'm loving it!
Review by Peet_14
This torso toy is amazing! The feeling of the tunnels are very stimulating and nice. The Toy is more on the heavy side wich makes it perfect to try out all kinds of positiones. The banger of this toy is the legs. Many torso toys end around the waist (well it's the most important part for such a toy) but the addition of some part of the legst makes it way more fun to interact with the toy. The Tail plug included in the Toy is in terms of quality a little bit on the loser end since it is not as lush and fluffy as you might think it would be. But the plug it selfe is made out of metal, so that's a plus point. All in all its a very nice toy and definitely someting to reccomend
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Good but
Review by Ee44
Good but for price/quality the Ereshkigal Cherry 6.1KG is best ,
Sensation 4/5
Quality 3/5
Shipment 5/5
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The best Toy i bought
Review by Horny Jack
This Toy is perfect for doggy or froggy. The tunnels are soft but also have a good grip. I realy like this toy because i have it since a year now and it is stil in shape. Very good material. I can totally recommend it.
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