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Description / Geki-Fera Indecent Maria Nagai

Blowjobs are always pretty great, but what about a blowjob from one of Japan’s hottest porn stars? Let Maria Nagai pleasure you with her long and dexterous tongue, using this “indecent” blow job sex toy by NPG.

Maria Nagai realistic blowjob sex toy

This Fellatio toy is a reproduction of Maria Nagai’s perfect mouth, tongue and lips. While most blowjob sex toys have the mouth closed, or the lips only slightly apart, this one has her mouth wide open, eager to wrap her lips around you.

Of course, this isn’t just a boring average onahole that uses Maria Nagai’s face on the box: NPG went out of their way to make the design fit the porn star. The full and beautifully shaped lips look just like hers, and the tongue is extra long and strong, just like Maria’s. Maria nagai blowjob sex toy

The use of different materials helps this sex toy look and feel more realistic: the outside is made of a soft, skin-like material, while the red inside is made to give more stimulation. The teeth, while firm enough to feel like teeth, are soft enough that you can thrust at full speed without being afraid she’ll scrape or bite you.

Apply a little water-based lubricant and the inside of her mouth looks even more lifelike, just begging you to play with it!

Deepthroat blowjob to remember

You can start by teasing yourself: slide her sexy lips and the tip of her tongue over the side of your shaft, lightly grazing it, maybe even kissing your balls or the tip[ of your cock before sliding in…

The first part of this toy feels just like a mouth, with the lips around your shaft and your cock sandwiched between Maria’s tongue and the ridged roof or her mouth. If you gently squeeze and massage from the outside you’ll feel her tongue move, sliding from one side of your shaft to the other.

But why stop there? Push deeper inside for a deepthroat experience. The throat is a bit tighter than the mouth, and the first part had a uvula at the top and ridges covering the rest, guiding you further in. After that there are thick, whirling bumps like throat muscles, with small suction cups on them for a little extra grip and stimulation. The deepest part of Maria Nagai’s throat has more of those delicious ridges and a thick pleasure bump at the bottom which will “kiss” the underside of your dick every time you thrust in.

Geki-Fera Indecent Maria Nagai specs

Onahole length: 18 cm
Onahole width: 7.5 cm
Onahole height: 10 cm
Tunnel length: approximately 15 cm
Weight: 410 g
Brand: NPG
Includes free lube sample

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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 410.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Porn
Tunnel length 150.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

Meest realistische blowjob masturbator
Review by Manuel
Dit is bij ver de meest realistische blowjob masturbator die ik ooit geprobeerd heb. Komt kwa formaat en monddiepte het dichtst bij het echte werk. mooie diepe mond welke ook open is door de holle gehemelte. Stevige, realistische lange tong, aan het eind van de mond een huigje en de keel. Kan me vinger bijna volledig in de mond steken zonder al in de keel te zitten. Dit ter vergelijking met andere toys van deze categorie, is de mond van realistische diepte en de tong van realistische formaat. Hierdoor voelt de blowjob het meest als de echte.
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Review by sebastien
Maria Nagai's mouth is fantastic, it squeezes well around the cock and the internal texture is very soft. The sucking effects are really good, I have a lot of pleasure with this mouth
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