Monster Wet Chimera Onahole Hard


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12 Aug 2020 - 14 Aug 2020

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Gucho Monster - Wet Vagina Chimera Onahole Hard

Are you getting a little bored with regular onaholes? Try something that’s completely out of this world! MagicEyes and Ride Japan worked together on this Gucho Monster onahole, which combines unusual materials and textures to create an intense experience that’ll bring you to your knees.

Monstrous Pleasures: the Chimera Onahole

You might know the Chimera as the creature from Greek mythology: a powerful monster with the body of a goat, the head of a lion and the tail of a snake. However, “chimera” can mean the fusion of all kinds of creatures, and this pocket pussy features a curvy woman with a bat’s wings and goats horns. She may not have fangs or claws, but this girl is still dangerous… You might never want to leave your room again! Chimera Hard onahole

The onhole itself has a fascinating design: the transparent, crystal-like material has flowing ridges with a couple of textured bumps, which make it comfortable to grip: this pocket pussy won’t slip out of your hand easily. At the front, several labia-like ridges curl around the smooth entrance, looking slightly alien but very inviting nonetheless.

You’ll also find a free onahole lotion sample in this box: not a single-use sachet, but a small 50ml bottle which should last several uses.

Air Touch Material

The material used in the Gucho Monster onahole has been developed by Magic Eyes in order to deliver more intense stimulation while still feeling great to the touch and not becoming too intense. The Air Touch material is perfect if regular onaholes are a little too mild for you. Even if you enjoy onaholes with average materials, the Cimera Hard is still worth a try: use plenty of lube and take it slowly; feeling the different textures slide past you one by one is a tantalizing experience.

The transparent material has another, more obvious benefit: you can see yourself slide in, filling this pocket pussy up and stretching her out. It’s not for everyone, but it definitely adds a little something extra!

Chimera Hard: Inhumanly good textures

Since it’s based on a mythological creature, Magic Eyes had no issue going for a design that’s pretty far from a human woman’s vagina. Is this even better than the real thing?

The open area around the opening easily guides you into this pocket pussy. Push through the tight opening and you’ll feel the Chimera Hard eagerly swallow you. The entire inside is covered in a wide variety of textures, ranging from organic ridges to raspberry-like clusters of bumps. One of the most prominent features is the ridge that spans almost the entire length: it is covered in Ride Japan's signature micro ridges and coils around you with every thrust. Turning the Chimera Hard upside down or twisting it while using it gives different stimulation, making this a versatile onahole.

As with any onahole, you’ll have to use some [water-based personal lubricant]. The type you pick affects the experience: a thinner, runnier lube will allow you to feel every detail, making the experience even more intense. A thicker, more viscous lube will mellow the textures out a little and make the experience less stimulating. The free lube sample included with the Chimera Hard is a good place to start!

The Chimera Hard in short

The Gucho Monster - Wet Vagina Chimera Onahole Hard is another great onahole by Magic Eyes, and it’s absolutely perfect for you if you like things to be on the intense side. Try these inhumanly good textures and we promise you’ll want to sell your soul to the Chimera.

Weight: 400gr
Length: 17cm
Width: 6,5cm
Tunnel length: 16cm
Material: Elastic Hard Touch
Made by: MagicEyes & Ride Japan

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BrandMagic Eyes