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Kupaa Trip Mattari Soft - Renewed and improved Onahole

Are you looking for a pocket pussy that is soft and gentle, but not boring? The Kupaa Trip Mattari Soft by Magic Eyes has luxuriously soft material and a fascinating “Five Core” structure.

Steampunk themed onahole

Isn’t steampunk a little 2015? Not if it’s up to Magic Eyes! And if we see this packaging we’re more than willing to let it have a little revival, too…

The Kupaa Trip’s packaging features art of a cute female mechanic in a steampunk outfit, lying on her back with her shapely legs spread. Did she fall while working on an airship? Is she trying to clear her head before working on complex equations again? Was she the one who designed this onahole, with its new techniques? We might never know.

Soft, realistic onaholeKupaa Trip Mattari Soft Onahole

The Kupaa Trip Mattari Soft is an onahole with a slightly unusual look. The outside layer has a soft red colour which we don’t see often. It is shaped like a rounded-off cylinder with a slightly thicker front, but also has a number of cogs and ridges embedded in it. Not something we see often, but it definitely gives some extra grip. At 340 grams, this onahole is perfect for using with one hand.

Triple layer design:

  • The red outside layer of this onahole is made of a very soft and supple material. Not only does it feel soft to the touch, it also stretches very easily.
  • Dark red middle layer: while not visible without cutting your onahole open, this dark red layer keeps the inside and outside together, creating a strong bond.
  • Light pink inside layer: The material on the inside of the Kupaa Mattari Trip Soft is luxuriously soft and yielding. When you penetrate the pocket pussy, you’ll feel it mould around you, adjusting its shape and clinging to you gently.

Five Core Design: tighter and tighter

This steampunk engineer’s pussy has been designed in order to give you optimal pleasure without becoming overstimulating.
As you open up the entrance of this pussy, the first major thing you will encounter is the tight hymen. As you enter through this tight stimulating hole you will get to the main attraction. The inside of the tunnel is covered with countless bumps that work together like a well-oiled machine to pleasure your glans with each passing!

As you continue along the gears of this pleasure machine, the path of bumps takes you left and right, up and down. You will notice that the bumps and stimulations repeat with each gear you pass, but get smaller the deeper you go. This means that the stimulation from the bumps will actually get more and more precise, meaning more pleasure for you. Another great thing about the Kupaa Trip Mattari Soft is the fact that, even though the tunnel might be 13,5 cm long, you’ll be surprised at how much pussy can stretch out. The stretching is both over the length and the width, so no matter your size, you will be able to enjoy this nice onahole.

How to use and clean the Kupaa Trip Mattari Soft

Inside the box you will find the Kupaa Trip Mattari Soft inside a plastic tray perfect for storing onahole after usage. Below the plastic tray you will also find a small package of lube, but we still advise you to get some more for the future if you don’t already have some! Check out our collection of personal lubricant and choose your favourite lubricant.

After you are done with each session, be sure to clean your Kupaa Trip Mattari Soft properly. This way, you can ensure the durability and longevity of your new onahole. Be sure to check out our pocket pussy cleaning products if you want to clean your sex toys properly.

The Kupaa Trip Mattari Soft in short

The Kupaa Trip Mattari Soft is a triple layered onahole with a lot of flexible softness. Covered with massaging pleasure bumps as you go deeper, the tunnel of this steampunk onahole zigzags to a pleasurable end.

Weight: 425gr
Length: 15cm
Width: 6,7cm
Tunnel length: 13,5cm
Material: MagicEyeSkin
Made by: MagicEyes

Additional Information

BrandMagic Eyes
  1. Soft enjoyable Review by Edwin

    Though the shape isn't as useal, the feeling is amazing if you like soft toys.

    From start to end of the tunnel there are a lot of different enjoyable moments.
    Short strokes, long strokes, it invites to try them all. (Posted on 6/8/2020)