KYO 7 Sins - 7 kg Masturbation Hip


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KYO 7 sins - Seven kilograms of pleasure

If you really want to treat yourself, a full masturbation hip is the way to go. The realistic size gives you something to hold onto and because the walls of the tunnels are so thick the experience becomes much more realistic than any smaller masturbator can provide. 

Feminine curves and two realistic holes

The KYO Seven Sins has a beautifully realistic shape, like a woman that's bent over at the hip or sitting on top of you, with a nice slim waist, cute belly and round ass. This shape is easy to grab onto and can be used in a multitude of ways: Lying down, standing up, sitting or whatever you prefer. 

Her vaginal tunnel curves up and down and is lined with dozens of small nubs, which rub past you and give surprisingly realistic stimulation. With the Seven Sins hip you can go as deep as you want thanks to the extra long tunnel

Her ass starts of with a deliciously tight entrance. After that, the ridge-lined tunnel narrows and widens several times, making for a very realistic stimulation. 

Easy to clean

One downside of larger masturbators is that they can be tricky to clean. KYO Seven Sins makes it easy for you: the tunnels join together near the end and penetrate throguh the top of the masturbator, which makes it incredibly easy to flush it out. The internal design contians no deep crevices or folds to trap dirt. 

Kyo Seven Sins Specs

Weight: 7 kg
Length: 27cm
Width: 34cm

Additional Information

  1. Best yet Review by Onamen700

    After owning several onaholes i wanted to spoil myself with something lifesize. The 7 sins is really life size, very nice to grab and even better to f*ck! The material is really high quality and the product is easier to clean than i thought. If you are looking for something lifesize... get this one you wont regret. (Posted on 10/31/2019)

  2. exelent masturbator Review by erobaka

    exelent masturbator, a little too tight, very realistic a feast for the eyes (Posted on 8/11/2019)

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