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Description / KYO 7 Sins - 7 kg Masturbation Hip

KYO 7 Sins - Seven kilograms of pleasure

You deserve to treat yourself - and a pleasure hip like the KYO 7 Sins is the perfect way to do that! Thanks to the huge size and hefty weight it’s easy to imagine you’re holding a real girl when you grab this ass. The realistic size gives you something to hold onto and because the walls of the tunnels are so thick the experience becomes much more realistic than any smaller masturbator can provide. 

Doggy Style sex toy, Cowgirl or something else?

The KYO 7 Sins is a 360 degree hip: it’s shaped realistically on all sides. Some onahips have one flat featureless side to make the fabrication process easier at the expense of realism. With an onahip like the 7 Sins it’s sexy whichever way you look at it: the round ass, toned belly and spread legs all look equally appealing.

This design also means the 7 Sins is suitable for pretty much every position you can think of. You can bounce this hip up and down in your lap while you’re sitting down, lay her on her stomach for a “prone bone”, or put her on your desk to fuck her doggy style - it all works, and thanks to the weight this hip will stay put without issues.

Two holes, two different sensations KYO 7 sins onahole

Like most onahips the KYO 7 sins has two different tunnels: a pussy and an asshole. Both tunnels are extra long so you’ll never “bottom out” and hit the back wall.

The sinful pussy starts with the invitingly pink labia: after applying some water-based lubricant you can easily slide yourself inside past these. The opening quickly narrows, turning into a meandering, nub-covered tunnel. Thanks to this tunnel’s gentle curves the onahip will press against you from different directions.

The 7 Sins’ asshole has a classic design: after the tight entrance the ridge-lined tunnel narrows and widens several times, making for very realistic stimulation.

Towards the back, the two tunnels merge into one smooth tunnel, though this is so far in that most people won’t reach this point.

Finally: an onahip that’s easy to clean

That tunnel at the back is there for a different reason: to let you clean this 7kg onahip more easily. Cleaning big sex toys for men is always a bit of a pain, but with this design KYO makes it as easy as possible: simply put the 7 Sins in your shower or sink and rinse water through it. Because both tunnels have a fairly straightforward design there are no places where lube or fluids can easily get trapped.

Cleaning, drying and storage are important if you want to get as much fun out of your onahip as possible. If you want to read more about cleaning sex toys for men please check out our cleaning page.

The KYO 7 Sins summary

This onahip offers great value for money: beautifully designed inside and out it’ll feel great in your hands and around your dick. As an added bonus, it’s easy to clean!

Kyo Seven Sins Specs

Weight: 7 kg
Length: 27cm
Width: 34cm
Material: TPE
Made by KYO

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Customer Reviews

4.8/5 Based on 10 reviews
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Realism and value
Review by draco
Great toy with a good weight-price ratio and a very realistic shape, like a real woman. The feeling is great, not too tight or loose. You can feel the difference of the two holes.
Cleaning is easy, but you have to wash it several times to make it clean in the beginning. The softness of the toy is medium.
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Hecking Chonker
Review by J
the best
Review helpful?
Quinte Flush Royale
Review by FAB
the best
Review helpful?
Ne pas hésiter, c'est le meilleur pour se faire une idée définitive des bienfaits d'un onahips
Review by FAB
the best
Review helpful?
Do it / Ne pas hésiter à faire le grand saut, c'est le meilleur toy pour savoir si c'est fait pour vous ou non
Review by FVB
the best
Review helpful?
Ne pas hésiter à faire le grand saut, c'est le bon onahole pour savoir définitivement si cela est fait pour vous ou pas
Review by Fa. Ks.
the best
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First expensive hip with amazing feeling
Review by MinotaurLover
The rating is about 4,75/5.

Best things:
The pussy and ass feel surprisingly natural when lubed up and warmed. Instead of masturbation it actually feels like a good fuck.

The price is in my opinion great for the quality.

After first wash and applying corn starch / toy powder with make-up brush the skin feels surprisingly lifelike.

The spine area looks very realistic. Props to the designers.

Bad things:

The pussy color was at first vibrant red and actually partially liquid as I received the product. It stained the side of the ass cheek making a red mark. It's not too bad but annoying. The color is almost washed out completely after few washes.

I purchases a warmer and cum syringe, but coating the warmer with enough lube is enough making the syringes useless.

Cleaning the pussy is still a bit tricky. Water flows from exit hole to butt easily, but pussy needs a little work.

A supporting inner bone structure would be nice but that would increase the price.

I can fully recommend this product. Life is too short and I recommend trying out this experience!
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Review by David
This is an incredibly stimulating product. Absolutely first rate, I love the weight, softness and versatility. Arguably the best large toy I have ever purchased!
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Best yet
Review by Onamen700
After owning several onaholes i wanted to spoil myself with something lifesize. The 7 sins is really life size, very nice to grab and even better to f*ck! The material is really high quality and the product is easier to clean than i thought. If you are looking for something lifesize... get this one you wont regret.
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exelent masturbator
Review by erobaka
exelent masturbator, a little too tight, very realistic a feast for the eyes
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More Information

Number of holes 2
Product weight 7,000.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Neutral
Tunnel length 270.00 mm
Open/Closed Open
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

Génial !
Review by Python 357
Le tpe est de tres bonne qualité, ainsi que le moulage qui rend hommage au forme féminine ( contrairement à d autres modèles que j ai pu acheter). La prise en main est instinctive quelque soit la position ou l oriffice utilisé. Le poids n est en aucun cas un problème, au contraire il ajoute au réalisme. Nettoyage facile, bref pour conclure avant de trop faire l éloge de ce produit je dirai : le meilleur rapport qualité prix de tous les fessier que j ai pu m offrir, et de loin. Un grand merci aux fabricants et à toute l équipe de motsutoys !
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Review by Daniel
Ich habe die Hüfte schon eine Weile in Benutzung und ist es jedesmal ein Vergnügen. Mit dem richtigen Gleitgel und dem KYO holewarmer ist das Gefühl unbeschreiblich!
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Review by Anoniem uiteraard
Wat een ding zeg, zo ff ing realistisch het enige wat mist is het kreunen en kronkelen van een vrouw die klaar komt. Maaruh echt een top product wie het langer dan 1 a 2 minuten volhoud is echt goed. En om het nog beter te maken even een half uur van te voren de una hole warmer erin en dan is echt een super lekker heet kutje
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Review by Harlock
sehr geil perfektes gefühl
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