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Description / KYO Microfiber Drying Sticks 8x

Reusable - 8 Sticks - Improves hygiene - Microfiber - Extra Long

KYO Microfiber Onahole Drying Sticks 8x

These microfiber drying sticks for onaholes, pocket pussies and Fleshlights allow you to quickly and easily dry your sex toys. Cleaning and drying onaholes after use is no one's favourite part, but if you want to enjoy your pocket pussies again and again it's important to spend a little time on this task. If you don't want to risk getting mold in your onaholes, make sure to dry them well. Do you want to make it easier on yourself? Grab some KYO Microfiber Drying Sticks!

These drying sticks are suitable for all hole-style sex toys for men and thanks to their length they will reach the end of nearly any toy’s tunnel.

How to use the onahole drying stick

Using these drying sticks is very easy.

 After you’ve washed and rinsed your onahole, gently insert a drying stick all the way to the end.

 Now, squeeze and massage the sex toy around the toy a little. This ensures that all parts of the material touch the absorbent fabric.

 If your onahole's tunnel is particularly large or textured, you might want to use another one - and that won't be a problem, since there are eight drying sticks in every package!

 The KYO drying sticks are reusable. Take the microfiber cover off the wooden dowel and wash and dry it, and it’s ready for the next use.

Note: before the first use, shake the microfiber cloth around a little and use your hands to remove any little pieces of fabric that have gotten left behind during the manufacturing process.

Why should I use an onahole drying stick?

Under the right conditions, bacteria, viruses and mould can multiply rapidly in your sex toys. Washing is an important step if you want to avoid this, but so is drying: most common microorganisms prefer a humid environment.

Using heat to dry your sex toys is not a good idea: being exposed to high temperatures for a long time can cause the onahole’s material to deform or become more brittle.

KYO Microfiber Drying Stick specifications

Contents: 8 drying sticks
Total length: ca. 25 cms
Base: Wooden dowel
Cover: Microfiber fabric 

Washable and Reusable

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Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Based on 6 reviews
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    83% (5)
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Very useful for Hips and Onas with deep tunnels.
Review by Gergő
So far they are holding up pretty well.
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It's a really good article for the price
Review by Anons
It's a really good article for the price, I'm using them for 4 months, they are really worth the price.
Review helpful?
They dry without issues
Review by FatStickMan
I've used them a couple times now and honestly, these beat using paper towels any day of the week. They dry the holes well, easy to insert and pull out. Nothing more to say than pretty much must own for anyone who is into the hobby.
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one, two and it is dry
Review by Arthur
If you got bigger toys with detailed tunnels or toys than can't be turned iside out then this must be in your toy care arsenal. Simply insert inside the toy till the needed lenght, massage your toy, pull out the stick and then gently pull out the fabric sleeve. No more hassle of scrubbing with the towel and letting air dry for ages.
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No issues - Recommend
Review by A
I've been using these sticks for over a month now and I have to say these definitely make drying easier and faster. I guess what would make these better is the fabric being just a little longer, it's not a massive problem at all but sometimes I've found the fabric coming off when trying to dry because of how long the toy is.
Review helpful?
Exactly as advertised.
Review by Anon
A simple, robust solution for drying your onas. Much more convenient than inserting a microfibre cloth with your fingers since it is of consistent length. The cover is about 16 cm long, which is large enough to fit pretty much all onas. The covers are sewn, not glued, which is a plus for me. The tip of the sticks is covered fairly well, you won’t be able to puncture your holes with these on accident.

Definitely better price-performance than the ones made from diatomite, too, as you get eight times as many for the same price. I can imagine they’ll last me forever. Overall a clear recommendation from me.

I bought these drying sticks for the SPDX, which is difficult to dry due to a U-shaped tunnel and bone structure, and the sticks fit the bill perfectly. A tip for the SPDX and other curved holes: Press down on the “belly” of the toy to straighten out the canal on the inside; makes inserting these sticks much easier.
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International Reviews

Review by Mr.Nobody

Also dieses Produkt ist auf der einen Seite nicht verkehrt, aber es ist leider auch nicht das beste.
Man kann damit zwar sehr tief ins Onahole rein um es zu trocknen aber beim rausziehen muss man am Stoff greifen sonst zieht man nur das Holzstäbchen mit raus. Außerdem fusselt das Ding aus.
Leute, spart euch lieber das Geld für diese Teile und kauft euch da doch lieber was besseres zum trocknen.

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