KYO Plush Doll

Stop fapping,
start f*cking

Turn any pocket pussy into a real sex doll, without spending real sex doll money...

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kyo plush doll
This lightweight sex doll has the perfect body and will turn any pocket pussy into a life-size sexual experience.
kyo plush doll

Onaholes are amazing, but in the end they still feel like you’re jerking off. Expensive sex dolls might be a solution but they’re heavy, difficult to clean and they don’t last long...

KYO Plush is a plush sex doll with perfect dimensions, material that is soft to the touch and she is compatible with all your favourite pocket pussies or onaholes!

When searching for a real life sex doll alternative, the KYO team looked at everything from foam dolls to high end blow-up dolls… But they didn’t feel real and were easily damaged. So when they came across the plush material we started the development of a plush doll.


KYO Plush Doll can take anything you throw at it

The KYO Plush Doll’s outside is made of a soft plush material, and the inside is filled with a high-quality synthetic fiber which makes the doll feel real while still keeping her lightweight. Thanks to the special construction and filling techniques used, the KYO Plush Doll is incredibly strong!

You can use the KYO Plush Doll for a cuddle session, and when you are aroused by her soft body she’s ready to accept any pocket pussy and get naughty with you.

Have sex the way you like it

Thanks to the KYO Plush Doll’s adjustable entrance you can use almost any pocket pussy, from a small pocket pussy to a big Fleshlight. The adjustable drawstrings at the entrance and the filled interior will make sure your pocket pussy will stay in place during use.


Cleaning never
has been easier

One of the main benefits of the plush material is that it’s super easy to clean: just use a wet wipe with some soap. If the lining of the entrance gets dirty you can turn it inside out and easily clean it and let it dry! The synthetic fiber dries very quickly.


Spice things up
with lingerie or cosplay

Another benefit compared to sex dolls made of silicone or TPE is that you don’t have to worry about staining the material. Put some sex lingerie on the KYO Plush and live out your fantasies without worrying about staining or damaging your doll.


So what are you waiting for ?

After its initial launch the KYO Plush sold out quickly, so grab this 2.0 version while it’s in stock!

KYO Plush Doll

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KYO Plush Torso Specifications

Please note that measurements might differ a little due to seam allowances and distribution of the stuffing.

Total height: 79 cms
Head circumference: 68 cm
Chest circumference: 75 cm
Arm circumference: 25 cm
Back to leg: 40 cm

Onahole tunnel:
Depth: 22 cm
Diameter: 6 cm
Circumference: 18.8 cm

Note: onahole, outfits and wigs pictured are not included. The onahole pictured is the KYO Bound, which can be ordered separately.