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KYO Skirt Girl - Dual Tunnel Pleasure Hip

Is there anything sexier than a girl in a skirt that's so short that every gust of wind threatens to expose her? If your answer is "yes", the Skirt Girl is definitely for you. If your answer is "no"... You should still keep reading, because few products can beat the KYO Skirt Girl!

Cute design

Shaped like a girl that's bent over, short skirt hiked up to offer herself to you, the Skirt Girl's openings are incredibly realistic and inviting. You can use this onahip several ways: you can bounce her up and down in your lap, have her ride you cowboy style, or put her on a table and fuck her doggy style. This 2.4 kg hip gives you plenty to hold onto!

Realistic pussy or tight ass?

skirt girl

The KYO Skirt girl gives you two very different options to pick from. Switching between the two mid-session is a great way to edge yourself or keep going for longer, but you can also put a vibrating bullet in one hole while fucking the other!

The pussy has realistic inner and outer labia and a detailed clitoral hood. If you close your eyes and let your fingers slide over this lubed-up pussy it’s very easy to imagine it’s the real thing. When you push past the labia you’ll slide in fairly easily, gliding past the subtly ridged walls. Then the tunnel tightens, pushing a pleasure bump against you from the top and then from the bottom. The rest of the tunnel is lined with small bumps that massage you from all sides, becoming narrower towards the end.

But what about that ass? It has a very tight entrance, and when you squeeze in you’ll find a completely different tunnel from the first one. Lined with folds, it widens and tightens several times. Pushing past these gates is enough to make anyone weak in the knees!

The KYO Skirt Girl is made out of a special TPE material, which has been optimized to feel soft like a real ass, without becoming shapeless or giving bland stimulation.

How to use and clean the KYO Skirt Girl

Like most sex toys for men, you should use a water-base lubricant with this onahip. A thicker lubricant will make the stimulation a little gentler, while a thin lubricant will make the textures stand out more.

After use, rinse the tunnels out under the tap or in the shower with lukewarm water. You can also use a vaginal douche to flush everything out. Use a little toy cleaner to get it completely clean, rinse it one last time and then dry the inside thoroughly. Drying sticks are the easiest way to do this. Do you want tome more information about cleaning sex toys for men, or do you need to restock on cleaning tproducts? Check out our sex toy cleaning page

In short

The KYO Skirt Girl is an onahip that offers amazing value for money: two completely different tunnels in a sizeable and beautifully designed toy.

KYO Skirt Girl Specs

Weight: 2400 grams
Length: 22 cms
Width: 17 cms
Height: 14 cms

Tight ass or stimulating pussy 

Shaped like a girl that's bent over, short skirt hiked up to offer herself to you, the Skirt Girl's openings are incredibly realistic and inviting. 

KYO used a semi-realistic tunnel design for her pussy, which has several pleasure bumps and layer design makes this a toy that will last a long time with proper care. 

KYO Skirt Girl Specs

Weight: 2400 grams
Length: 22 cms
Width: 17 cms
Height: 14 cms

Additional Information

  1. A little small, but still great. Review by SaltyBagel

    This Onahip has two amazing holes that feel great upon use, but it can be a little hard to position correctly, as it's a little small. When put upon a surface, I was hoping for a little space between the table and the vaginal entrance, but I found myself hitting the table too much. That being said, if you just carry it in your hands, you can utilize it just fine.

    Overall a great product, but i would like a bigger one next time. (Posted on 2/9/2020)

  2. God pussy Review by Bang2Dchicks

    Bruh this pussy is some lit sheit (Posted on 1/6/2020)

  3. Pricey, but luxurious onahole Review by Bang2Dchicks

    Bought this onahole with high hopes of it giving me a similar experience to real life sex, being easy to clean & easy to hide.
    And boy did it deliver in the pleasure part. I've had multiple smaller onaholes before buying this hip-sized one. The feeling of grabbing skin and weight from the onahole makes for a great masturbation experience & that alone makes this better than the smaller onaholes. The pussy is great in detail and so is the asshole, with plenty of space inside (atleast for me with a average dick size) to play around with. For me the skirt was also a nice & sexy detail to the onahole.
    There are some downsides with this onehole though.
    First off the maintenance of the onahole was quite troublesome. To clean it after every use got boring fast. Its tricky to clean the deeper part and drying it there as well. Smaller onaholes are much easier to clean than these bigger ones.
    Then we have the durability. I had this onahole for a year while maintaining cleaning it after each use and threw it away once it started to fall apart.
    It doesn't feel like i have been rough with it but i noticed while using it that it was slowly falling apart.
    The price for the onahole is decent i must say. But for something that you will have for half a year or more (depending how rough you are with it)
    is making it a bit expensive. The pleasure experience will for sure make it worth it though.

    So as a final verdict of this onahole,
    Onahole overall: 4/5
    Durability: 3/5
    Maintenence: 2/5
    Pleasure: 5/5
    Detail/Form: 5/5

    I hope this review helped you :) (Posted on 1/6/2020)

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