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Description / La Bocca Della Verita Perorin Hard

Have you been looking for that blowjob sex toy that has just that little bit more? This new edition of Magic Eyes’ popular Bocca Della Verita Perorin (also known as Mouth of Truth Perorin or Pelolin) has the same delicious design inside and out, but is tighter and more stimulating thanks to the materials used.

A Japanese blowjob sex toy: what is it like?bocca verita perorin hard

Magic Eyes has many years of experience making sex toys for men and you can see this in the quality of the sex toy: the material feels great to the touch and isn’t sticky or smelly like some low-quality toys are. The Bocca is 14.5 cm long and weighs 430 grams: perfect to use with one hand.

The Perorin (or Pelolin) has one very eye-catching feature: the tip of the tongue that pokes out between the lips. If you squeeze the sides of the mouth her lips part, eager to swallow you up, but letting this tongue slide over the tip of your cock also feels great.

When you have enough of that teasing tongue, glide in and feel the onahole’s textures all around you. In the first part of the tunnel you are sandwiched between the tongue on one side and the ridges of the palate on the other, while the teeth add a touch of realism. The teeth are a lot less hard than real teeth, so you don’t have to fear them scraping your skin in an unpleasant way.

Push deeper for an intense deepthroat experience: the tunnel narrows, you can feel the bump of the uvula press against you, and then the tight folds of the throat envelop you. At the very back, the throat tightens to a narrow point, and you probably won’t last long…

Bocca Della Verita Perorin

Blowjob sex toy with suction

Thanks to the well-designed tunnel and firm material the Bocca Della Verita Perorin Hard can generate quite a bit of suction, making this blowjob even more realistic.

  1. Apply plenty of water-based lube to help form a good seal around your shaft
  2. Squeeze the air out of the toy
  3. Slide in as deep as you can go, making the toy grab you firmly
  4. Pull back out - you’ll feel that the Bocca will try to suck you back in!

A harder, firmer sex toy for more intense stimulation

The difference with the original Bocca Della Verita Perorin lies in the material: this new version uses slightly firmer stuff. While it is still stretchy, you need a lot more force to push the tunnel open, which makes it feel tighter. This in turn pushes all the textures against you harder, upping the level of stimulation significantly.

Of course the material has the high quality we are used to from Magic Eyes: they hold themselves to the demanding Japanese safety certificates, so you can use this toy without worrying about anything.

La Bocca Della Verita Perorin Hard

Do you like blowjobs? Do you like things to be intense and stimulating? Then this is the perfect sex toy for you! Magic Eye’s reliable quality and excellent design make this a blowjob sex toy that gives great and varied stimulation.

Onahole length: 14.5 cm
Tunnel length: 13.5 cm
Onahole width:8 cm
Onahole height: 7 cm
Onahole weight: 430 grams
Material: Magic Eyes “Skin” TPE
Dual Layer onahole
Includes free lube sample
Made by Magic Eyes

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Amazing onahole
Review by Patchou
badge-check Verified Buyer
I've always been somewhat hesitant towards BJ onahole, and this was the first "quality" BJ onahole i have ever bought. I am always confident concerning Magic Eyes' products and I really love their generally loli aesthetics, and so I had great expectations from it.
But even then, this managed to satisfy everything I wanted from it and even more. The tunnel (especially the throat) is THIGHT, the teeth are teasingly pleasing and the tongue also pokes and teases the base when you deepthroat it. This is a very high quality product and with also a good quality box where you can stock it when not in use.
The only small gripe I might have with this onahole is maybe the cleaning, but this might be the case for a lot of BJ onahole: the cleaning is more of a chore compared to typical vagina onaholes due to the mouth and all its crevices, but the tongue adds some more complexity to it. But in the end it's not that hard, just grab a towel or a towel stick and dry the mouth, and then use a drying stick for the tunnel.
To conclude, this is a great recommandation for a BJ onahole, the teeth might be a little hard but they add to the experience
(PS: get yourself the Mouth of Truth lube from Magic Eyes, it mimics saliva pretty well which makes this onahole even better)
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A Great Blowjob Feel!
Review by D
badge-check Verified Buyer
I'm biased as this is my first onahole, but boy what a rush! Feels almost as good as the real thing! It is a hard and tight entrance so be sure to use enough lube, but once you're in there ooooooweeeeee!
Review helpful?
Needs some trial and error to get the best out of it, but delivers !
Review by Stilg
badge-check Verified Buyer
So, this is my second *real* good onahole.
First one being Lolinco Virgo, I was looking for an blowjob one with which I could get a deepthroat experience, as I was lucky enough to experience it in real life once and keep an unforgettable memory of it.

Material : the harder material from Magic Eyes is just right for this application and is a nice variation from the standard one. Perfect to mimic the tougher feeling of a girl's palate and throat compared to a vaginal ona, for which it might be too hard to be realistic. I just noticed that it had some small downsides ; this harder material is a bit more smelly (smell may get away with time tho) and is -more surprisingly- more sticky when washed but not yet re-powdered. Once powdered, no problem.

Teeth : OK for me. Sometimes I find the top teeth just a bit uncomfortable, sometimes not. If they bother me, using the toy upside down just gets rid of the harshness for some reason. However, I've got the impression that they would be to only problem regarding durability, because of how they are attached to the inner layer. Would'nt be surprised of they came off by their own after 1 or 2 months of use. Also be sure to clean well around the teeth as some moisture could get trapped here untoticed.

Feeling : the first 3 or 4 uses were actually not that great. I used to toy sitting on my back, the mouth being in the "normal" position, nose up tongue down. In this position the teeth were a bit annoying sometimes, so I used the toy flipped upside-down (69 style) while still being on my back. Helped with the teeth but still had two problems : the rather thin "bocca della verita" saliva-like lube kept flowing down because of gravity, making a mess on my pubic hair and needing me to refill very often, and the overall fact that I had to use the toy by stroking it with my hand didn't feel natural for a blowjob. I don't mind this with heavier vaginal toys because due to material thickness I can't feel my hands and can pretend beig riden cowgirl-style, but with blowjob type onas this just doesn't trick your brain enough.

Ended up finding 2 adequates firm pillows, making a "mouth of truth sandwich" with them, placing it upside down at the edge of the bed and fucking it while standing. And that definitely worked the best ! Then my brain was finally tricked into thinking I was being given an upside-down deepthroat, which is mind-blowing !

If there was just one improvement to be made, for a even more realistic feeling, I think I would like the mouth part on the tunnel just one more inch deeper before the beginning of the throat part, so you could pretend to be receiving a normal blowjob by making small strokes in this part, and then go for the throat when you can't hold back anymore. With the mouth part as it it, it's just deep enough so your tip sits there, but you can't really move backward without going past the teeth, neither move forward without going in the throat

Cleaning is fairly simple, being given that I already purchased the adequate tools (onahole shower, lint-free microfiber cloth, drying sticks and maintenance powder) with my Virgo. Just be sure to check around the base of the teeth as well and you'll be good.
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Hard as a rock
Review by Khrone
If you like it as hard as a rock then it's for you. It's not my type extremely hard and tight, but.. I can say it's durable.
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Hard and firm
Review by Darren
The depth is short but the teeth and tightness is great. The best part is it is very sturdy so the lips and the end does not tear easily like the normal version which I hated due to how easy it tears.
Review helpful?
Review by jax
Premier avis en français qui servira pour les francophones.
Voilà j'avais déjà essayé des masturbateurs . Le game est au dessus . Des sensations très agréables avec le lubrifiant du même nom . Trop agréable après mon premier essai j'ai eu un moment d'hebetement et j'y ai pensé toute la journée suivante avec une seule hâte recommencer.
Maintenant pour être plus précis la langue est super bien faite , les dents sont un peu durs par rapport à des masturbateurs types bouches. Mais c'est exactement ce qu'il faut !!!!
La longueur est peut être courte mais je crois que l'objectif est de clairement aller dans le fond. Je crois que j'aurais aimé encore plus de résistance. Mais je crois que je suis trop exigeant sur quelque chose qui est au top dans son domaines .
Par contre ne prenez que le lubrifiant du même nom qui augmente considérablement l'excitation ( vous pouvez me faire confiance !!!)
Review helpful?
The best
Review by Misu
One of the best there is! Looks good, and also feels nice and thight. If you looking product that gives you a little stroke and deliver the throat fuck, this is perfect choice. Cleaning is painful, but that is expected for a thight toy.
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Great product, very realistic for a harder blowjob
Review by micheal
great sturdy outside and inside. inside is harder so it;s very thight. feels like a real blowjob when you use it either half way or go all the way down.
Review helpful?
More than meets the eye
Review by Arthur
Straight out of the box mine was bit tacky, but a wash and baby powder takes care of it. If you have the regular perorin then you know what this is, but its like a step tighter and feels more like a throat fuck than a blowjob. The good thing about the hard version is that you can go HARD at it slamming in full force like you would be in some porn movie or something, the toy can take it, but definitely need to be at full mast to enjoy it fully. What would truly make it a hard version would be hard teeth from the original bocca, but these aren't bad either.
Review helpful?
Like the real deal
Review by Loggi
It's so realistic it's scary. Better at sucking than most girls I know. Bit of a pain in the ass to clean, you have to literally scrape the cum and lotion out of the bottom. Still feeling it sucking on my hand while I was cleaning it tempted me to immediately use it again. Would recommend.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 430.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 135.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

Très bonne sensation !
Review by Rom73
J’ai choisi la version hard de la gamme Perorin, le tunnel est très bien dessiné et il procure de très bonnes sensations très agréables. Je ne suis vraiment pas déçu du résultat, un très bon rapport qualité/prix la textures et très agréable, c'est très bien réalisé, foncez car il est vraiment à la hauteur
J’avais envie de tester un masturbateur en forme de bouche, le coté dent m’a fait de l’œil et cela me procure quelques sensations supplémentaires.
Matériau de qualité ! "La Bocca Della Verita Perorin" est vraiment l'un des meilleurs masturbateurs hard !
Je recommande !
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Clay Mouth
Review by Funky Fumo
A Mouth-type Onahole
Prior Knowledge: I used the NUPU Onahole (Both Vaginal and Blowjob Type) before and Notice the Difference with the Softness - this one is way Tighter since the TPE is Harder and feels way different.

As Described, the TPE feels different and more Hard than your Usual TPE. Texturewise it also feels "different".
The Package is a Nice Chest which has some Elegance and "Luxury" Feeling to it, instead of just a Cardboard Box.
The Onahole is not in a Plastic Bag but instead put in a somewhat Hard Plastic Chest within the Cardboard Main Chest.
The Tongue is very Soft and Arousing if used since it really looks like youre getting a Blowjob (Feelwise I didnt notice anything) Though its nice to play around with it.
Since the TPE is Harder than Usual, entering the Throat might be very Hard as its pretty Tight. Use Enough Lube.
The Teeth are very Sturdy and you will feel them - I wouldnt suggest this as a Beginner Onahole because of that.
The Onahole Inside is very Detailed and has some nice Tight Spots, giving you just the Right Sensations

Positive Points would be the Quality of the TPE, the Detail, a Free Sample of Lube aswell as the Package having some Elegance to it. It also fits nicely in your Hand to grab.

Negative Points would be that, even if just slightly, has a certain Smell and Feel to it... like some kind of Plastic "Clay" Not directly something Bad but noticeable.
Since its Harder, it isnt as Oily as other TPE but also not as little as Silicone Toy - Oilywise somewhere between the Two

Overall its a Nice Onahole and for 50 Euros its a Nice Purchase. Would Recommend.
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Erwartungen übertroffen!
Review by J.T.
Die super süße herausstehende Zunge bereitet eine Menge Spaß beim Küssen und daran Saugen, und kann mit viel Fantasie auch zum “Lecken” deiner Eichel benutzt werden. Ein Kritikpunkt sind die einfachen Lippen, die im Vergleich zu anderen Blowjobtools keinerlei Rillen und Details besitzen, was sie ein bisschen langweiliger aussehen lässt und weniger interessant beim Küssen anfühlen lässt. Die Zähne gleiten trotz Härte angenehm über das beste Stück und sorgen bei Besitzern einer Vorhaut dafür, dass sie beim Eindringen immer schön zurückgeschoben wird. Die Tiefe des Rachen ist weder gut noch schlecht: Manchmal wünschte ich, es wäre etwas tiefer, da man beim tiefen Stoßen schnell am Ende ankommt. Wenn man das Produkt deepthroated ist die Zunge nicht bemerkbar, hängt aber am anderen Ende heraus, was einfach nur geil aussieht. Auch empfehle ich, was ein anderer Kunde in seiner Bewertung erwähnte: das Mundstück in ein Kissen einwickeln, damit man eine etwas Kopfähnlichere Form zum Anfassen hat, wenn man es mit starken Hüftschwüngen penetriert. Die Mundhöhle selbst ist definitiv das Highlight dieses Onaholes!

Mein erstes Blowjobtool war die NUPU 3 Sujiman Onahole. Nur begann das Ding nach einigen Benutzungen und Pflege mit Puder stark an Fussel anzuziehen. Nach dem Reinigen ist das dumme Ding erst recht fusselig. Das ist mir mit noch keinem anderen Produkt passiert. Die La Bocca Della Verita Perorin hat das Problem überhaupt nicht, da das Material aus viel besserer Qualität zu bestehen scheint!

Die La Bocca Della Verita Perorinist wirklich eines der besten Blowjob Masturbatoren, die man haben kann!
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Amazing onahole that earned its fame.
Review by N3at
First off, the teeth, they are hard, just as a warning, if you are a bit above average size or even just average, the teeth are most likely gonna scratch your skin while using it. They feel really good though. If i had known they would scratch that much i might have bought the soft version. I personally cut the upper row of teeth down to half and now its great.

Anyways, this Onahole has earned its fame, as all versions of the La Bocca Della Verita probably do. It's not very deep but tight in just the right places, penetrating the hole after the tongue does a good job emulating the entrance of a throat. The tongue while good looking isn't very noticeable though, sadly. Being the harder version should also make it more durable. I haven't tried the soft version, and probably never will, but if you want a nice and tight deepthroat experience, you can't go wrong with this sleeve. If you're looking for a more sloppy blowjob like experience, you're probably better off with the soft version. Not an Onahole to edge with because this will bring you faster to the edge than you might expect.

All in all i can only recommend this Onahole.
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Au top
Review by Laurent
J’avais envie de tester un masturbateur en forme de bouche. Celui-ci m’a fait de l’œil. Déjà pour le design qui est plutôt bien. Le coté dent m’a fait de l’œil et j’avoue que cela procure quelques sensations supplémentaires. J’ai opté pour la version hard et j’aurai peut être pas du car les sensations sont fortes et on a vite fait de jouir rapidement. Le tunnel est très bien dessiné et procure des sensations très agréables. Foncez car il est vraiment à la hauteur
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Très bonne sensation
Review by Co
Vraiment pas déçu du résultat, un bon rapport qualité/prix et des textures très agréable, j'ai lu que certains se plaignaient des dents, personnellement elles ne me dérangent pas car je ne les sens pas tellement. Le côté deepthroat est bien réalisé, je recommande.
Et un gros pouce vers le haut pour le SAV qui a su se mobiliser très vite suite à un défaut lors de ma première commande.
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bester Mastubator den ich je hatte
Review by MCM
Die harten Zähne sind eine geniale Designentscheidung gewesen und stimulieren unübertrefflich. Das Außenmatierual ist qualitativ und gibt nicht wie bei anderen Produkten direkt nach. Das Innenmaterial ist sehr angenehmn und stimulierend. Verschafft intensiven Orgasmus und ist sehr Realitätsgetreu. Der Anblick einer Nase am Mastubator war für mich gewöhnungsbedürftig, jedoch sind die Lippen und Zunge dafür sehr detailiert und mit Können gestaltet.
Kritik: Hauptstimulation kommt von den Zähnen und dem aktiven Zusammendrücken des Mastubators um die Stimulation zu perfektionieren würde ich vorschlagen den Gang mehr zu mustern und die Zunge aus härterem Material anzufertigen, da diese leider sehr unauffällig bei der Nutzung ist.
Zusammenfassung: empfehlenswert, hohe Haltbarkeit, stimulierend. ungeeignet für: Männer die sehr sensibel sind, ein sanfteres Material bevorzugen oder Piercings haben.
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Schön intensiv und die Zähne können richtig ein Gesetz zu einem schnellen intensiven Orgasmus führen.
Review by Attila
Der Mund von La Bocca Della Verita Perorin Hard ist Schön eng und wen man die Zähne langsam und vorsichtig uber dir Penis Spitze gleiten lässt spritzt man bald ab ich kann es sehr empfehlen.
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To hard
Review by Seabass
I previously owned the La Bocca Della Verita Perorin regular before buying this.

For me, the onahole is to tight, and thus the feeling is to rough, seeing as its hard, it does not stretch much and thus is not really pleasureable to use.
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Sehr angenehme
Review by Maximilian
Das Produkt fühlt sich sehr gut an ist sehr angenehm in der hant zu halten nur die Zähne sind etwas unangenehm aber sonst super Produkt
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