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Magic Face 2

Didn’t think blowjob onaholes could get any better? THINK AGAIN! This sizeable Yukikaze onahole from PPP doesn’t just look great, it also feels amazing.

Realistic experience

So-called “sleeve” masturbators feel good and allow for a great degree of control, but at the end of the day you’re still using an enhanced version of your hand. If you want to experience the next level of realism, you have to try this! The Magic Face 2 is over twice as big and more detailed than its popular predecessor, the Magic Face.

This masturbator is based on Taimanin Asagi, a popular character from Yukikaze Mizuki. She is, of course, featured on the packaging. She has long, purple hair, a beautiful body and she is very eager to please! If you want some extra visuals while using this toy, be sure to look up the character, since there is tons of art of her.

One of the many things you can do with this masturbator is prop it up on a chair or low table, so the head is at the same height as your crotch. Like this, it will be like a girl is kneeling in front of you. With the slightest movement the head will bob back and forth, so if you get her going with some gentle thrusts or with your hands it will almost feel as if she’s moving all by herself. Alternatively, grab her pigtails and force yourself down her throat - we won’t judge ;)

Internal skeleton

The Magic Face 2 has an internal structure to keep the head upright and give some solidity to the head. This skeleton is flexible enough to make the head bob easily, but sturdy enough to keep it from flopping over - a problem which the Magic Face 1 sometimes had.
The Magic face 2 also has pigtails, which give you something to hold onto.

Two happy endings

When you slide inside you will feel Yukikaze’s lips wrap around you. This not only feels great but also keeps the lube from making too much of a mess, as the seal between her lips and your member will keep it from leaking out.
The first part of the tunnel mimics a mouth, lined with subtle yet stimulating organic ridges. Towards the back there’s a large round bump representing the uvula which you can use for some precision stimulation. Push beyond this and you’ll feel her tunnel tightening, tapering off towards the back.
Push through into her throat and you’ll feel the tunnel angle downward. This area has some great stimulation, with more defined ridges as well as the tighter gate between her mouth and throat. You might want to explore this area for a while before thrusting even deeper!
The final area of the Magic Face 2 shows that PPP doesn’t settle for “good enough”, they always try to make something special. After a couple of centimeters, her throat splits into two different tunnels. We are not sure how this works anatomically, but it works for us! The frontmost branch is tight, lined with closely spaced nubs that give relatively intense stimulation. The other branch is angled a little further back, and is the one you’ll probably slide into most easily. It is a little wider than the other end and is lined with deep ridges and fold.
Whether you prefer to stick to one tunnel or switch between the two, they both give some great stimulation!


Face-off: Magic Face 1 versus Magic Face 2

The Magic face 1 was a great hit and continues to be a popular product. This new version is more than a copy to coast off of the success of the first one. Here are the differences:

Magic Face 1:
1320 grams - less realistic size but easier to use hand-held
No internal skeleton, head can fall forward
Single tunnel

Magic Face 2:
3000 grams, closer to real size
Internal skeleton for sturdiness
Tunnel splits at the end
Pony tails as handholds

In short

The Magic Face 2 will give you a more realistic blow job experience than any other oral toy on the market. Use it hands-free or grab on to those pigtails - however you use it, you’ll have a great time!


Weight: 3 kg
Material: TPE
Height: 25 cms
Width: 20 cms
Includes free bottle of water-based lubricant
Includes free blindfold for costume play
Made by PPP

Additional Information

  1. A good product Review by Azure

    The internal skull gives the product nice solid feel, also the weight adds to it. In my case, the stand was too flimsy to support the head upright without holding it,but I would mark it as a slight issue. The packaging was nice plastic and serves as storage, no Styrofoam as with some products. The lube and blindfold were nice extras.

    Texturewise it could be improved, but it's still way above average. And if you can reach the back of her throat, it makes nice sounds with the internal structure. (Posted on 2/23/2020)

  2. nice molding Review by Den

    Very nice toy i recommend using this in 69 position than it gives a very good feeling like a deepthroat. In normal position its also fun cause it jumps up and down when you put it on the table you dont have to use your hands if you want to do that. Downside is drying deep inside is a must and is a little bit more difficult but managable. Also it only comes with a very small sample of lube. A nice add is the blindfold for rolpeplay and the packaging is simply awesome with this toy. I can recommend it. (Posted on 1/10/2019)

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