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Magic Face

Do you want to be deepthroated in a way no regular toy can match? The hefty Magic Face by PPP will fulfill every anime blow job fantasy you’ve ever had!

Large size

When the Magic Face arrives, you’ll feel that this is no regular onahole. Weighing in at 1320 grams this is not just a masturbation sleeve - it’s an entire head! The size isn’t just for aesthetics, however: it also means that the “walls” of the tunnel are very thick and will press back against you, making it feel extra realistic.


The Magic Face is shaped like an anime character’s head with large eyes, a pointy nose and a small mouth. The pose is very enticing: she lifts her head up, loose hair cascading around her face, opening her mouth and offering it to you. Who could resist that?

It is not just a generic face, however. This large masturbator is based on Omigawa Nadeshiko, one of the characters from the erotic game “Kiss x 800”. In this short eroge you can talk to and seduce a number of different girls. While the game features some great art of Omigawa Nadeshiko and her friends, you might have a hard time playing it, since everything is in Japanese.

Whether or not you play the game, the Magic face looks great!

Ultimate blowjob

The Magic Face allows you to do something that you can’t do with most oral holes: enjoy it hands-free! Put it on a low table and slide inside, and you’ll be able to picture a girl kneeling in front of you, taking you in her mouth. If you thrust inside gently the head will rock back and forth, making it seem almost as if she is moving all by herself. If you prefer a less gentle approach, grab the back of her head and force yourself down her throat, pushing as deep as you can.

Of course this isn’t the only way to use the Magic Face! It also works very well when lying on your bed or sitting back in a comfortable chair.

The Magic Face’s tunnel is very well designed. Just like a real head, it starts out horizontal and then curves down into the throat.
When you slide inside you will feel her “lips” sealing around you, which not only feels great but also keeps lube from leaking out too much. The first part is shaped like the inside of a mouth, narrowing towards the back and with a bulge for the tongue on the bottom. The entire inside is lined with an organic texture, which feels especially great when the tip of your cock hits the roof of the mouth and is pushed down.
When you hit the narrow opening at the back of the mouth you can push through into her throat for a deepthroating experience. When you thrust in and out, the tight opening here will slide across your most sensitive parts! The Magic Face’s throat is lined with ridges and bumps which press against you from all sides. This chamber opens up a little towards the back, making room for the sensitive top of your dick, but if you want you can push through even further. For the really dedicated fans, you can push through into the incredibly tight end tunnel, which will squeeze you tightly and bring you to a shuddering climax.

In Short…

You have to try it to believe it! The head shape looks beautiful and feels great, and the tunnel is a perfect combination of realism and the type of stimulation only a great onahole can give.


Height: 15 cms
Width: 15 cms
Tunnel length: 10 cms
Weight: 1320 grams
Material: TPE
Includes free bottle of lube
Includes free erotic computer game
Made by PPP

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