Mature Woman's Smell Kyoko Ichikawa Dirty Part


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JAV Actress Onahole - Mature Woman's Smell Kyoko Ichikawa Dirty Part

Older women are experienced and know much more about their bodies. That’s why they can offer men the ultimate sexual pleasure. This dual-layered JAV actress onahole is Mature Woman's Smell Kyoko Ichikawa Dirty Part Complete Replica. Order it now and enjoy the mature kind of experience!

You will get a superb toy that is a 100% reproduction of Kyoko Ichikawa’s vagina. Kyoko is a JAV actress who debuted at 40 years old with immense success.
Her l-cup on a 167 cm height body looks fantastic and gets men going in no time. As she rocks and shakes her plump body, you can’t wait to see what her dirty parts have to offer. And with this onahole, you can now even feel them from inside!

MILF Onahole With Sexy Smell

Masturbation gets so much better when you can add all the senses to it, right? What if you could feel yourself inside the mature vagina but at the same time see the sexy body move on the screen and smell her nasty smell of ripeness? Sounds too good to be true? Nippori Gift turned this into a reality!

When you order Mature Woman's Smell Kyoko Ichikawa Dirty Part Complete Replica, you get more than just an onahole! With the actress’s lewd-smelling lotion and two fresh photos, it’s a certain guarantee that you are going to enjoy great pleasure. Turn on the video with Kyoko to complement the setting, and you can imagine yourself with the real port star.

High-quality Realistic Tunnel

Mature Woman's Smell Kyoko Ichikawa's Dirty Part Complete Replica is a premium quality onahole for your excellent satisfaction. It features a rich textured tunnel that is eager to invite you inside whenever you are ready. The inside of the sex toy has multiple protrusions and bulges, together with a gorgeous entrance to the uterus.

This tunnel is a perfect reproduction of the mature woman’s vagina, so it feels exactly like sliding inside Kyoko’s plump body. You will feel wriggling folds wrapping around your shaft and then squeezing you just in the right places to reach the climax. Order the toy today to experience this amazing MILF masturbation.


Outer package size: 210 × 155 × 100 mm
Outer package weight: 795g
Product size: 155 x 105 x 90 mm
Product weight: 550g
Includes: Kyoko Ichikawa's lewd-smelling lotion & 2 fresh photos

Additional Information

Number of holesNo
Number of layersNo
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length0mm
Product weight0gram