Meiki 7 Sarah Sun's Carnaval

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Meiki 7 Sarah

The seventh generation of Meiki onahole has arrived! The Meiki 7 is made after the image of the young exotic Japanese-Brazilian porn start Sarah.
Sarah is a half Brazilian, half Japanese goddess that made her debut in the 2010 SOD Porn Paradise. Born in 1991, Sarah is on her way to achieving legendary status. With a lovely F-cup chest, her thin waist, her beautifully shaped bottom, and her warm face, she is rapidly becoming an international star at a very young age.
She already has a big group of fans. This is why she follows in the footsteps of previous Meiki stars.
This Meiki 7 - Sarah - Sun's Carnaval lets you enjoy the perfectly copied wet vagina of a young woman.

This Meiki artificial vagina has 2 layers, like other Meiki models. The outside is soft and smooth. The inside layer has a perfectly copied structure. The inner labia are very detailed. They are shaped beautifully and surrounded by the outer vulva. Only when you enter her, or open the outer labia, can you see and feel her lovely pussy.

Meiki 7 interior:

Open Meiki 7's vulva with your fingers and you will be amazed by this perfect replica. You won't get enough of her!
The interior is soft like velvet, and it is a true masterpiece. Check out her small lips, the clitoris and its hood, the entrance... all feel sensational!

The Meiki 7 exterior is made after the image of Sarah's butt (see the picture) With the Meiki 7, the Meiki series manages to reach a higher level again. The 60 ml bottle of lubricant that is supplied is the finishing touch for this experience: It smells like Sarah and makes this extremely realistic experience with Sarah complete!

Meiki 7 Sarah Characteristics:

- Weight 615 grams, Length 17 cm
- High end artificial vagina made after the image of Japanese porn star Sarah
- 60 ml bottle of Sarah's love juice lubricant include
 - Dual Layer: The interior and exterior layers are made out of different materials.

Additional Information

Brand NPG
Number of holes 1
Number of layers 2
Open/Closed Closed
Reusable Is reusable
Bone structure No
Theme Porn
Tunnel length 140mm
Product weight 615gram
  1. Great! Review by Kamer

    I bought this a year ago, and although I threw it away since I wanted to stop masturbating, I still masturbate, although not anywhere near as much as I used to (I used to masturbate several times per day. I now masturbate around once a week), so i thought I'd write a review.

    Pros : It is incredibly stimulating, and the material is good quality. There is real structure to it, which makes it interesting to explore and feel the bumps and curves.

    Cons :The onahole itself came with deformation on the skin when it arrived. There were lines that caved in the material, probably due to being in a bad position i the box for a long time, and that also mad a dent in the shape of the onahole.

    Although incredibly stimulating, and why this is both a pro and a con because it is an achievement for what it is... this toy for me is too stimulating. A real vagina is nowhere this stimulating. I trained for a long time when I received it and I could never get more than a few to several minutes in using it, and that at very short bursts, like one or two or three strokes max. Most of the time, one or two, because I would otherwise need longer pauses in between, which makes the experience more bothersome than anything else.

    At this price, I've tried onaholes at a 3rd of the price that were more enjoyable.

    All in all, I understand that this is meant to be the next level in onahole technology, with the the extremely sensitive material on the inside and the 3d scanned canal, although what it comes off as to me is just too much in general... If I didn't train to hold and pause before ejaculating everytime, a session would be over in less than half a minute if it was warmed, and half a minute or less than a minute if the onahole wasn't warm.
    (Posted on 3/22/2021)

  2. One of my top3 Review by Martin

    One of my top3 onaholes.
    Interesting texture, Good quality materials, Nice size.
    Slightly expensive onahole but I think that it is worth it. (Posted on 7/28/2018)

  3. Great value, feels ...... Review by Puniholeman

    Ok, this feels like heaven! I just tried it and I need to admit that I was quite horney and did not come for 3 days.
    But I will use this one tonight again.

    I had a cheap onehole before, but this is a different world comparing to that one.
    The inside layer feels amazing and my penis is in love with how the tunnel hugs him.

    I did not got a tracking right away, but Motsutoys will fix that.
    They where friendly and helpfull. (Posted on 11/27/2015)