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Description / Meiki no Shoumei 4: Aoi Chihiro

Meiki no Shoumei 4: Aoi Chihiro (Virgin Meiki)

The gorgeous Japanese porn star Aoi Chihiro was born in 1990. She was the model for this beautiful virginal replica.  This medium-sized hip from the Meiki No Shoumei series has a number of remarkable features.
The Meiki No Shoumei series is produced by Japanese sex toy manufacturer NPG, who have built a solid reputation for beautiful products that simply feel fantastic.

NPG was one of the first producers that started making natural tunnels with curves, ribs, G spots and nubs. Earlier artificial vaginas (like the Fleshlight, for example) had simple, straight tunnels that hardly stimulated the user.
The difference in sensations is, well... sensational. But the Meiki Aoi Chihio has more special characteristics.

Two tunnels

The Meiki 4 Aoi Chihiro has two tunnels, an anal and a vaginal tunnel. 
The tunnels are long; they almost reach the end of this hip. They have stimulating bends and, as pictured in the cross-section below, finish in an end chamber.  The vaginal tunnel is covered with ribs and nubs.

Meiki no Shoumei 4: Aoi Chihiro

The anal tunnel is a little straighter, but offers a lot of stimulation as well. The narrowings and its structure will give you a great climax.


The Meiki 4 Aoi Chihiro is a so-called virginal artificial vagina. She has an actual hymen that is of course still intact when you take her out of the packaging. 
 Upon penetration, her hymen will tear, and a red lubricant appears like virginal blood! Besides the wonders of her hymen and the red lube, her skin feels exquisitely soft and smooth.

The Meiki 4 Aoi Chihiro comes with the special red lubricant, a tin of talcum powder, and a transparent pouch to keep this Meiki in a virginal state.

Meiki No Shoumei 4 Aoi Chihiro dimensions

Meiki no Shoumei 4: Aoi Chihiro

This hip is 20 cm tall 15 cm high, and 18 cm wide. She weighs 2.6 kg. This weight makes her stable, so that you can thrust away without having to hold her in place.

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More Information

Number of holes 2
Product weight 2,600.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Porn
Tunnel length 180.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

Review by J.
Echt een hele andere ervaring die eerste keer. maar zelfs daarna voelt ze nog heerlijk.
Het is nog een hele opgaaf om hem er in eerste instantie doorheen te drukken, maar als dat lukt is het genot groot.

Een regelrechte aanrader!
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