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Description / Meiki no Shoumei 9: Rola Misaki

Meiki 9: Rola Misaki

Finally! The eagerly awaited Meiki 9 is available. The new masterpiece in the popular Meiki no Shoumei series.
Rola Misaki was the model for this Meiki. Her pussy has been copied perfectly, inside and out.
This gorgeous woman, who is mixed Russian-Japanese, was born in Japan. She is living in Tokyo and is a porn star.

In Japan, Rola Misaki is one of the tallest porn stars, measuring 1,72 meter.
With her sizes of 83-58-84 she has the perfect playmate figure.

But let's focus on her pretty pussy!

The "Meiki no Shoumei 009: Rola Misaki" is 17 cm long, with a diameter between 8,5-10 cm and a weight of 540 gram. As is the tradition with all Meikis, she comes together with a bottle of lubricant. 
She has a beautifully developed clitoral hood, which is clearly visible. Below, her luscious lips spread open invitingly, ready to swallow your penis. 

The Meiki 9 vagina is very detailed. Its weight of 540 gram makes it very comfortable to handle. 
The Meiki 9 is closed off, creating strong suction power when you move it up and down. This vacuum adds to your pleasure.

Meiki 9 interior:

Let's have a good look at the interior. The image above shows a cross section of the Meiki 9. The diameter of this onahole is zero; the walls fit together tightly. The penis is always massaged and stimulated. Some onaholes are equipped with a preformed hole, but with the Meiki your penis really has to penetrate the vagina.
A real vagina is not shaped like an open tunnel, even if it is often drawn like that. The walls of the vagina create a snug fit, and are pressed aside by the penis.
This is the same with this Meiki; the experience is more realistic, and you can feel the various structures all around your penis. You can feel this extremely well if you penetrate the Meiki slowly.

The funnel shaped entrance is covered with countless small suction cups. After this segment your penis reaches the narrower part with the G spot.

Next, you get to an even narrower part (figure 2), where you meet two hills covered with suction cups. This is an absolute pleasure zone for the underside of the penis. The frenulum and the surrounding area receive extra stimulation, which drives most men wild with excitement. Of course you can turn the Meiki over to stimulate the top of the glans.
But we are not there yet: there is another segment aimed at stimulating the underside of the tip of your penis (figure 3). This hill, that is shaped differently, lies at the end of the Meiki 9. A surprising, incomparable experience, stimulating and smooth!

Above left you see the entrance of Rola's pussy. Imagine the structure widening slowly as you enter. Don't use too much lube if you want to feel it all! The tunnel expands, and fully envelops your penis.
To the right, a picture of the G spot. It was not easy to take this shot, since the tension in this segment is substantial. It's a unique and very stimulating structure, but you will probably experience this yourself soon.

Besides the complementary bottle of lubricant, the Meiki no Shoumei 9 Misaki Rola also comes with a two-sided poster. This glossy poster is nice to keep around when you're enjoying the Meiki.
With the Meiki 9, a new masterpiece has been added to the series. This is an excellent onahole. The combination of the smooth material and the relatively strong stimulation is absolutely wonderful.

You can't do without this Meiki - made after the beautiful Rola Misaki.

Cleaning the Meiki 9:

This Meiki is easy to clean. Because of the flexible material, it can be turned inside out easily (just like a sock). Next, rinse the Meiki with lukewarm water, let it dry, and turn it back over.
All connoisseurs know how soft and smooth the models in the Meiki no Shoumei series are!
We dispatch your Meiki 9 today, if you order on workdays!

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Customer Reviews

4.7/5 Based on 3 reviews
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A favourite
Review by RolaMisakiReview
This is one of my favourites, slightly tighter and more stimulating than the Maria Ozawa, but not overly so. Soft, snug and just the right amount of stimulation for a pleasant experience.
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So soft!
Review by Pepe
Love the way this feels, the internal texture is irregular and more realistic so you get quite a satisfying sensation compared to some more gimmicky onaholes. The material is so soft, which is very nice but maybe too soft for some. Overall, feels great and not too intense, so I feel it is suitable as your easy reach onahole. 5* for service even though originally bought years ago from different supplier
Review helpful?
heaven on earth
Review by bk
These meiki toys may seem pricey but they are very well designed ; please Motsu, do an effort on prices :)
Extremely smooth and tender ; yet full of sensation, feeling is quite close to the real thing.

Only bad thing is the material, it does not seem very durable, already has teared and split a bit.
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 540.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Porn
Tunnel length 160.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

Pour jouir en douceur
Review by Fan de MEIKI
C est mon deuxième meiki 9 et c'est toujours que du plaisir bien que celui-ci semble un peu moins robuste à une fougue incontrolée... Pas de regret. Ce meiki est fait pour ceux qui aime un plaisir montant en douceur. Mosutoys toujours au top pour la logistique !
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Super produit
Review by Lulu
Excellent produit que je conseille. Une merveille. Jouissance assurée. Livraison sous 48 heures. Parfait.
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Valt wel mee
Review by Kaki
Ik vind dit produt wel lekker maar niet super ik vind tenga was beter
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Review by Keswin
De service was perfect, vragen werden goed beantwoord op de chat.
De Meiki had ik de volgende dag in huis, geen spijt van, waar genot.
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Review by Paul
als alleenstaande man had ik nood aan iets wat op echt geleek.
met deze meiki heb ik gevonden wat ik zocht
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Review by Michel
Lang heb ik gezocht naar een Kunstvagina die de beleving van een echte zou kunnen evenaren, en die vond ik! De Meiki 6 was mijn eerste ervaring (zie laatste recencie Meiki 6).
Nu heb ik de Meiki No 9 mogen beleven en deze overtreft echt alles in mijn stoutste dromen! Deze Meiki is wat lichter en ligt nog beter in de hand. De opening van de vagina is iets meer naar buiten gericht zodat je beter naar binnen glijd. En als je eenmaal in de superstrakke ingang naar binnen schuift, dan voel je rondom je penis superlekkere spanning, Zó STRAK en Zó ZACHT, een waar MEESTERWERK! Ik zou met recht, iedereen aan willen raden deze Meiki te proberen. Wat een genot, en wat een plezier zal ik hier nog van hebben...
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