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MEGA HIP - Juicy Narumi’s Thicc Ass

Most sex toys for men are scaled down… But what if we scaled them up instead? Seiraku Toys is a new brand on the market, but their first toy is sure to make a big splash… Narumi’s Thicc Ass is a huge toy, but thanks to the special design it doesn’t weigh all that much. Read on to learn more!

mega hip sex toy Narumi: The girl with the ass

The side of the box has a short comic explaining the toy’s concept: Narumi, a girl in your class, has an amazingly developed body. You can’t keep from staring at her big ass, and you think you’ve been sneaky about it… But one day she confronts you. She knows you’ve been checking her out… And she likes it! Your stares turn her on and she wants you to fuck her as soon as possible - it’s a dream come true!

The Biggest Ass on the Market: BBW Sex Toy for Men

There are few onahole out there that cater to those who like their women with a little more meat on their bones: most box art is of skinny girls with no tits or skinny girls with big tits. There are some BBW sex toys out there, but because they are so scaled down they don’t convey that feeling of size.

Narumi’s Thicc Ass is a huge improvement both in shape and size if you like your women thicc: it is bigger than any other onahip. A LOT BIGGER. It is larger than life, and beautifully shaped, with a big, round ass, puffy outer labia, and delicate inner labia.Seiraku Toys knew that making a toy larger-than-life toy would make it extremely heavy, so the inside of the toy is filled with lightweight foam. Thanks to this, the mega hip weighs "only" 15 kilograms. The circumference is a whopping 155 cms!  There is a nice layer of soft, skin-like material covering the toy to make it feel lifelike. Of course, the tunnels are also surrounded by a generously thick layer of squishy material. 

Two holes to pick and choose from

In this bent-over pose you have two holes to choose from: will you go for her pussy, her ass, or switch between the two? They each have a unique texture on the inside, creating two distinctly different types of stimulation. Her ass is a little less deep than the pussy, but not by much.

Both holes have a thick layer of squishy, elastic material around them. The material pushes back against you as you thrust inside, making it feel like a real woman’s body.

Deep and intense pussy mega hip sex toy

A big, beautiful woman needs a big, beautiful pussy. With a depth of 20 centimeters, pretty much everyone will be able to go balls-deep in Narumi. For the best experience, add some good personal lubricant and heat it up with a sex toy warmer: now the pussy is hot, wet and ready for you!

Slide into Nazumi’s pussy and you will feel it eagerly swallow you up. Waiting for you inside is a combination of many different textures, which after the first few strokes, combine into a blur of bliss. The tight entrance forms a seal around you, keeping the lube inside. What follows is a tunnel which might not look natural, but nonetheless creates a very lifelike experience: small massaging beads and ridges cover the sides, stimulating you from all sides and inviting you to plunge in deeper.

The second half of the tunnel ramps up the intensity. Protruding bumps and rings are arranged in asymmetrical patterns, keeping you on edge. The very end of the tunnel tightens and finishes with a flower-like structure.

Offering her BBW ass up to you

Like the pussy, her asshole also starts off with a tight entrance, forming a secure seal around you. Directly after that is a section with many massaging pleasure bumps, each covered in ridges. These will envelop the base of your shaft once you are all the way in.After this, the tunnel widens slightly, making room for the thick-well-defined textures. Thick, whirling fins and flexible massaging nubs cover the tunnel, leading you towards the final part of the tunnel, which has a typical anal-toy structure: rings wrap around you from all sides, simulating the tissue and muscles of a girl’s ass. The tunnel measures 17 cms, which is a little shorter than the pussy but still long by onahole standards.

Keeping Narumi’s Thicc Ass in shape

Don’t worry, you won’t have to exercise her on the treadmill and ensure she eats enough calories - this section only has some cleaning and storage advice.

Some big toys are very hard to clean because their tunnels are full of curves and folds, but Seiraku Toys clearly kept this in mind when designing this megahip: the tunnels are straight and contain no spaces which trap water or fluids. The section with the deepest textures is at the start of her asshole, and this can easily be cleaned out with your fingers.

After each use, flush out the tunnels you used with plenty of water and some mild soap or toy cleaner. You can use a vaginal douche to get into the deepest parts of the tunnel if necessary. Then, dry it well. It is easiest to use some onahole drying sticks for this, but you can also grab some absorbent, lint-free cloth and wrap it around the blunt end of a pencil. Wash and dry the outside if necessary, and every now and again use some renewing powder to make the skin feel soft again and prolong its lifespan.

Narumi’s Thick Ass is best stored sitting on the flat side (top). If you set her upright on her butt, this might cause it to become a little flat after a while, and that would be a shame!

Mega Hip Sex Toy: Worth it or not?

This enormous hip literally and figuratively rises above its competition: there’s nothing quite as big as Narumi’s ass! The foam inside helps keep its weight down, and the extra-long tunnels are stimulating and well-designed.

If you love big women, big sex toys, or both, you’re not going to find anything better than Narumi’s Thicc Ass.

Narumi’s Thicc Ass: the numbers

Circumference: 155 cms
Width: 50 cms
Height: 38 cms
Vaginal tunnel: 20 cms (extra long!)
Anal tunnel: 17 cms
Weight: 15 kgs

mega hip bbw sex toy

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