Neko mom breast milk perfume


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The breasts of the blushing beauty on the packaging are so swollen with milk that they are almost bursting out of her bra. It looks very uncomfortable… Maybe you could help herewith that?

This erotic perfume by Tamatoys smells sweet and very feminine; a mixture of the smell of a clean woman’s body with breast milk and some soap or perfume. It is meant to invoke the sensation of burying your head into that cleavage, squeezing and playing with the swollen breasts.

To use it, apply a very small amount to something, like a bra. Give it a couple of moments to soak in and develop. The smell will spread and enhance your fantasies! This one in particular is great for use with tit sex toy sex toys for some paizuri. It’s a very concentrated perfume though, so be sure to use a small amount to start with - sometimes subtle is better.

Additional Information

Brand TamaToys
Number of holes No
Number of layers No
Open/Closed No
Reusable No
Bone structure No
Theme No
Tunnel length 0mm
Product weight 50gram
  1. Sweet nice Review by Lunex

    The product has a little sweet smell which is hard to describe. As far as I think it smells exactly like it should! (Posted on 11/22/2021)

  2. Its okay Review by Miruku

    Smells like, caramelized condensed milk, not feminine at all but okay i guess.
    Also the smell vanishes too fast. (Posted on 4/20/2021)